Below is a list of threads, topics and posts highlighting some of the great things Megakat City citizens have put together. It's a great place to browse for some of the older threads you may have missed. Think there's something from the forum that should get some special attention here? Send MoDaD a PM to see about getting it added.

Featured Areas of MegakatCity.com:

Social Media

  • Tumblr / Agracite In My Cereal - Highlighting some of the best stuff the fandom has been up to.
  • Twitter - Updates about official news, fan projects and other cool stuff. Follow today!
  • Facebook - Page dedicated to SWAT Kats - make sure to Like It!

Awesome Fan Projects

  • Nova Squadron - Ongoing original fan comic by MegakatCity.com's Poecat and Felony detailing a future group of SWAT Kats.
  • War Games - A completed story by Walter Heil with illustrations By Jan Rathje, with ongoing reflections here.
  • The Descent - A highly detailed comic adaptation of Kristen Sharpe's and Sage's They That Walk In Darkness by Betaruga.