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Mailing List

Postby MoDaD » Wed Jul 06, 2016 9:55 pm

Most people are hesitant to add themselves to email lists for understandable reasons. With that in mind, I was wondering if I could get a sense of whether or not there would be interest in an email update / quasi-newsletter, where various forum and other SWAT Kats-related items can be sent to your email inbox on a semi-regular basis. If you are interested in something like that, what topics would you like to see a part of it? New fan art? New fan fics? Challenge announcements/updates/winners? Special fan projects? New videos? How often would be acceptable intervals (once a month, etc.)?
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Re: Mailing List

Postby NeeKnight » Thu Jul 07, 2016 5:00 am

I think once a month would be best, any more and the newsletter may become a bit light on the news side of things. On the flipside any less would make the news no longer news but olds.
As for content, what you've already got sounds good. Perhaps the top five board topics for the month list or a "look back" at a random old topic that might deserve another look. Birthdays of the coming month in our little commuinity or a welcome to new arrivials when we get 'em. These are just ideas, no clue if they are any good ideas X3
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Re: Mailing List

Postby Cait » Thu Jul 07, 2016 3:51 pm

I like how it sounds and I'm agree with NeeKnight, one month is perfect, at least for now as we seem to be calming down a lot from posting lately and there aren't to many news. NeeKnight ideas are nice too. ᶘ ^ᴥ^ᶅ
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Re: Mailing List

Postby Kooshmeister » Fri Jul 08, 2016 3:00 pm

Sure, why not?
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