Cybertron and His Replacement = Hackle's Original Robots?

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Cybertron and His Replacement = Hackle's Original Robots?

Postby Kooshmeister » Fri Sep 30, 2016 11:28 pm

Mac and Molly's robot bodies were originally those of the two worker robots who found them. But I had a thought. There's been discussion of what Hackle did with Mac and Molly's bodies, but what about the original robots' heads/brains? Admittedly, they looked fairly simplistic compared to the ones Hackle made for Mac and Molly, being little more than eyes and antennae, but I randomly considered the possibility that Hackle preserved their minds and used them as the basis for Cybertron and the other, larger robot he proposed replacing him with. He would've had to have expanded greatly on their original programming, of course - Cybertron, at least, was arguably sentient - but Hackle struck me as someone who doesn't let anything go to waste, so the end result, a pair of sentient protector robots to allow him to succeed where he failed with Mac and Molly, would be well worth the effort. Thoughts?
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