Death References

Talk about the most awesome show in the world, SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron.
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Death References

Postby Kooshmeister » Fri Jun 30, 2017 5:36 am

I figured I'd cover how the show handled mention of death, i.e., whether they actually say "die," or if they use euphemisms. Note, to count it must explicitly refer to a desire to kill someone or be in reference to someone who has been killed.

The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice:

1. "You have the right to remain buried!"
2. "These bones ain't movin' now."
3. "Eat afterburner!"

The Giant Bacteria:

1. "Although we believe he may have drowned in the bay."
2. "And now that you've had your breakfast, it's time to begin our commute into Megakat City!"
3. "French-fried bacteria!"
4. "Hey, you know a better way to cook a giant bacteria?"

The Wrath of Dark Kat:

1. "One more shot and Dark Kat is history!"
2. "Take care of him!"

Destructive Nature:

1. "Destroy the SWAT Kats!"
2. "Blast it!"
3. "Is there no way to destroy these things?"
4. "Blast 'em!"
5. "Eat my backwash, you lettuceheads!"
6. "Barbecued cabbage, my favorite!"
7. "It's oblivion for you, SWAT Kat!"
8. "You'll be joining him!"

The Metallikats:

1. "We heard youse drowned."
2. "I think youse two shoulda stayed dead!"
3. "You guys are history!"
4. "We're dealin' all a' you out!"
5. "Like rubbin' out that crud Mayor Manx!"
6. "Mac and Molly have been dead for months."
7. "No, they ain't dead!"
8. "They're back from the dead to get revenge!"
9. "I thought we bought the big litterbox for sure that time!"
10. "When my robots found you, your bodies were destroyed."
11. "End of story, end of you!"
12. "Think you can handle the Mayor while I go after them?"
13. "'Think you can handle the Mayor?'"

Bride of the Pastmaster:

1. "We're doomed!"
2. "Destroy the sorcerers!"
3. "Finish them off!"
4. "Destroy them!"
5. "My cyclops will destroy them!"
6. "It will be your final resting place!"
7. "My cyclops will pound you into eternity!"
8. "Then I will destroy you and your precious Megalith City!"
9. "We gave that one-eye the one-two!"
10. "Alas, now you both must perish!"
11. "He's gonna fry you for sure!"

Chaos in Crystal:

1. "You're doomed anyway! You hear me? Doomed!"
2. "They'll shatter Shard like a big pane a' glass!"

More to come.
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Re: Death References

Postby marklungo » Fri Jun 30, 2017 7:41 am

Nothing in "Night of the Dark Kat"?
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Re: Death References

Postby Cannon Dancer » Fri Jun 30, 2017 12:05 pm

It is a good day to die.
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Re: Death References

Postby Kooshmeister » Fri Jun 30, 2017 12:44 pm

marklungo wrote:Nothing in "Night of the Dark Kat"?


1. "I want the SWAT Kats destroyed!"
2. "I don’t want them destroyed so quickly."
3. "This machine will mash the SWAT Kats into litter bits."
4. "But make no mistake, this is the end."
5. "I still say you should’ve let me fry those two!"
6. "Not only have I destroyed the SWAT Kats, but I’ve destroyed their reputations as well."
7. "Fire at will! Blast them out of the sky!"
8. "You heard him, Hard Drive! Blast them out of the sky!"
9. "I knew I should’ve fried you when I had the chance!"
10. "End of the line, SWAT Kats!"
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Re: Death References

Postby Kooshmeister » Fri Jun 30, 2017 10:03 pm

The Ghost Pilot:

1. "End of the line, Manx!"
2. "But the Red Lynx is dead!"
3. "Maybe his hatred for the Blue Manx never died, even though his body did."
4. "How do we kill a ghost?"
5. "This dead guy is some flyer!"
6. "This guy’s dead meat!"
7. "Time to clip his wings, Razor!"
8. "And now, Manx, you will join me in the grave!"
9. "I think I found out how to destroy the ghost pilot."
10. "On second thought, how do you kill a ghost?"
11. "I was almost sorry to see the Red Lynx go down."
12. "That ghost means to kill me, Callie!"
13. "Then we're doomed! Doomed, I tell you!"
14. "Over my dead body!"
15. "Mine's already dead!"
16. "He's history."

Metal Urgency:

1. "Time for a little tuneup!"
2. "They're history!"
3. "I call 'em finished!"
4. "But the SWAT Kats destroyed them months ago!"
5. "No one could have survived this crash!"
6. "Looks like we are going out in a blaze of glory!"
7. "I’m sending you two rivet-heads back to the scrap yard for good!"

The Ci-Kat-A:

1. "He's finished."
2. "We'll take care of them!"
3. "If you don't mind losing one of your offspring."
4. "Guess that should take care of Megakat City’s bug problem."
5. "Bite this!"

Enter the Madkat:

1. "Rest in pieces, Madkat!"
2. "I wanna make sure we finished the job!"


1. "Now that you've had your dinner, let's get down to business."
2. "I insist you help destroy the SWAT Kats."
3. "We'll crush them like flies!"
4. "I thought we disconnected them for good!"
5. "We were this close to flattenin' her, Molly!"
6. "Let’s finish him off before the others get here!"
7. "Yeah, but not for long!" (re: "Are ya happy now? He's still alive!")
8. "Fortunatly I have another plan to lure the SWAT Kats to their doom."
9. "I have your Mayor and Deputy Mayor, and they will be destroyed unless the SWAT Kats surrender to me at sunrise!"
10. "The SWAT Kats are right on time! For their own funeral!"
11. "Why can’t we finish ‘em off?"
12. "Destroy all four of them!"
13. "Metallikats, give Viper his share now!"
14. "Yes, and with those villains gone, guess Megakat City won’t be seeing you SWAT kats around much anymore."

Season two to come. ViperLaughCait
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Re: Death References

Postby Kooshmeister » Sun Jul 09, 2017 8:40 pm

Mutation City:

1. "What's the big deal? Pretending to drown so I'll lose?"
2. "Too bad you didn’t live long enough to see Megakat City become Dr. Viper’s Mutation City!"
3. "If you drown, I'm gonna kill you!"

A Bright and Shiny Future:

1. "I helped you take over the city so I could destroy the SWAT Kats for all time!"
2. "But it can't be! The robots destroyed 'em!"
3. "We all thought you and the Turbokat were destroyed."
4. "I saw it with my own eyes! Your jet exploded!"
5. "We thought you two were dead!"
6. "My Enforcers tried that, and we’re all that’s left!"
7. "Let’s get rid of 'em!"
8. "We will destroy the Mayor and Deputy Mayor!"
9. "Resistance will be met with termination!"
10. "Ready to be destroyed in front of a live TV audience, along with Manx and Briggs?"
12. "Good mornin' Metallikat City, goodbye Pastmaster!"
12. "My robots’ll destroy ‘em!"
13. "Destroy those non-metallic SWAT Kats!"

When Strikes Mutilor:

1. "And if this world perishes in the process, it’s just business."
2. "Eat bazooka, you space scum!"
3. "Time to fry these insects!"
4. "I'm sorry, Sir. Lieutenant Feral's craft was completely destroyed. They only found her bazooka."
5. "I thought we destroyed those two!"
6. "Looks like someone on this pathetic planet has claws after all. But they will be clipped!"
7. "Just find them! And destroy them!"
8. "I’m almost sorry you won’t live to see me drain your planet dry as a bone."
9. "Finish them!"
10. "It’s a shame I must destroy you. I will make your demise painful, but quick."
11. "I will knock you from the sky and destroy all of you!"
12. "Now, you can watch as I destroy the ship, and your world!"

Razor's Edge:

1. "You were so worried about hurting someone else you almost got us killed!"
2. "Too bad you won’t survive to tell anyone!"
3. "Dark Kat will pay us extra to get rid of you permanently!"
4. "The SWAT Kats are finished!"

Cry Turmoil:

1. "It would be a waste to destroy such a fine pilot!"
2. "Lead me to that ex-partner of mine, and I’ll toss him off the ship myself!"
3. "Consider our partnership dissolved!"

SWAT Kats Unplugged:

No direct or indirect references to death or bodily harm (none I noticed, anyway). A first! :lol:

The Deadly Pyramid:

1. "Get him!"
2. "Destroy them! Destroy them all!"
3. "Let’s give these mummies a cement sarcophagus!"
4. "Now go find Mayor Manx and destroy him!"
5. "He’s going to rip us to shreds!"
6. "Those infernal SWAT Kats must’ve found a way to destroy the mummies!"
7. "It's all over... my street!" (re: "It's all over.")
8. "I’m going to destroy those infernal SWAT Kats for all time!"
9. "Razor, they’re not disintegrating!"

More to come. ViperLaughCait
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Re: Death References

Postby Kooshmeister » Mon Jul 10, 2017 7:54 am

Caverns of Horror:

1. "But she'd need more than nine lives to stand a chance against those things."
2. "I'm going to be breakfast!"
3. "I'm afraid not." (re: "Any other survivors?")

Volcanus Erupts!:

1. "Now he will destroy us all!"
2. "The water’s put out the fire demon, yes."

The Origin of Dr. Viper:

1. "When it all spilled on him, the shock to his system must've been too great."
2. "His own greed did him in."
3. "And to think Purvis perished for nothing."
4. "I want that body found!"

The Dark Side of the SWAT Kats:

1. "This Deadhead Missile is just for you, sweetheart!"

Unlikely Alloys:

1. "Let 'em have it!"
2. "Eliminate SWAT Kats!"
3. "No, don't blast it, 'cause you'll finish me, too!"
4. "Pull the plug!"
5. "I won't let you destroy it!"
6. "'Cause that means we're gonna unplug both of 'em!"



1. "The mysterious disappearance last night of Geno Furness, a Megakat Shipyards dockworker, could make him the sixth victim in a string of bizarre crimes."
2. "Five large male kats were reporter missing until their mummified remains were found scattered in various parts of the city."
3. "These temporary solutions are so tiresome."
4. "Then I shall need only one lifeforce to sustain me for the next hundred years."
5. "Do you really think Katrina Moorkroft could have anything to do with these hideous crimes?"
6. "In her quest for eternal life, she drained the lifeforce of her male victims, leaving behind only parched, lifeless husks."
7. "Just like the remains we've been finding."
8. "My face will soon be eternally beautiful, thanks to you, Commander!"
9. "Your niece can witness my rejuvenation, before we destroy her!"
10. "By the end of the eclipse, he'll be totally drained!"
11. "Destroy her!"
12. "Destroy them, my pet!"
13. "In a minute, he'll be finished, and I will be rejuvenated!"
14. "Another few moments and it will be all over 'dearest!'"
15. "If we don't get Feral away from that ugly she-demon, Feral's history!"
16. "He might be too far gone."



1. "Destroy them!"
2. "They got each other!"
3. "Now that's what I call a termite infestation!"
4. "Perhaps as a team we could eliminate the SWAT Kats once and for all!"
5. "We have a truce, just 'til we grease the SWAT Kats!"
6. "The lives of your Mayor and Deputy Mayor depend on it!"
7. "They'll get here, or they know what's gonna happen to the Mayor and his favorite troubleshooter!"
8. "When the SWAT Kats get here, you're going straight to the scrap pile!"
9. "After we waste the SWAT Kats, you two are next!"
10. "Break off your pursuit, SWAT Kat, or I will detonate this craft."
11. "I recruited and armed the three of you to eliminate the SWAT Kats."
12. "We only cooperate because destroying the SWAT Kats serves out needs well!"
13. "You get your biggest rival and your toughest enemy to eliminate each other."
14. "When I'm through here, they'll be scrapped just as fast."
15. "Let's waste this stooge!"
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