Guess Who's Back! And with Juicy Stuff

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Re: Guess Who's Back! And with Juicy Stuff

Postby Xanatos4 » Mon Jul 10, 2017 3:25 am

Thanks Guys! thanks Kristen =D
It took me a whole week just to draft and trash that Glovatrix until I came with a design that was convincing enough for me XD

Yes Rusakov I've definetelly been XD, in fact I apologize for not being around much, but Im really working on this obsesively 24/7 because I have a deadline for this project, so gotta keep going and well one of my priorities is try to keep you guys updated with some progress.

So I think the following is gonna keep you excited for a while since, I'm aaaalmost theeere ;P


I still need to do work on the fur Obviously but well wanted to show something at this stage ;P

also, last time I just threw a fast render of the necklace with a plane metal material without any work at all.
but now I have already textured the DogTags the proper way ;P


Hope you like this guys, I will keep working on it, and hopefully I can have this all done by December, yeah, its a long time but I can tell you its a LOT of work, and I have to take advantage of this temporary "Vacations" I'm having at the moment.

Btw I think the next renders that I'll be posting would take a while but dont think I bailed from this or anything, I'll just be on my cave XD

Well I'm leaving again for now, thanks again guys! and stay tuned! =D
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Re: Guess Who's Back! And with Juicy Stuff

Postby MoDaD » Mon Jul 10, 2017 10:20 am

Looks great! And, don't feel bad for taking time off from things. Work/life/online balance can be really challenging when trying to accomplish those "for fun" projects - especially ones that are super involved, multi-step tasks occurring across a long period of time.

Thanks for sharing!
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