learning to draw

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Re: learning to draw

Postby Jiesi » Thu Aug 10, 2017 10:18 pm

Yeah but this was a masters class in an art university. they really didn't care about what you can do. They just regurgitated stuff I learned in high school and I know not everyone was lucky enough to be in the HS of art and design but these were still really good artist. I had a friend go there for cartooning got her BA and decided to go for her masters. It was almost the same thing. So she dropped out.... Great for Associates bad for masters.
It was kinda ironic on the opposite end at a different school I went to, a drawing 101 class the teacher refused to show a friend how to draw because he thought she wanted an easy A. But she wanted to be a kindergarten teacher and thought it would be good to do with kids so I'd giver her pointers and when she started to get better he got mad.
It's a lot of eye hand coordination, knowing what your looking at and problem solving on how to break it down. MOST IMPORTANTLY, HAVE FUN!!
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Re: learning to draw

Postby Cait » Fri Aug 11, 2017 12:34 am

Prettyshadowj26 wrote:I've to draw something like that but I stopped drawing I'm not good like the rest but that advice will help me
Not being good can't be an escuse to stop drawing! RazAnnoyed Get back to it, now! FeralBullhornIcon

You already have your style, you showed me that when I was looking for refs in your DeviantArt account for the secret santa for you. You just need to practice and you will see yourself improve with the time. TurmoilIcon
Ty-Chou wrote:As someone who is self taught, I can very much understand that everyone learns in a different way and just because someone learned how to draw one way, doesn't mean you can't learn another way. Our brains all work differently, we all learn differently. Part of the journey of honing your talent is to know how you learn and play to your strengths.
SinianThisCait This is very true, and the explanation for why there are so many art styles out there. I would dare to say that an art style is a reflection of one's cognitive world (Persona 5, go, go, go! crazymadkat ), it is different for everyone and yet works the same.

Find your style, and you are already an artist. RazorHappyCait
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