Cartoon Network and used car salesmen

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Re: Cartoon Network and used car salesmen

Postby Prettyshadowj26 » Sun Sep 10, 2017 4:36 pm

Rusakov wrote:
Prettyshadowj26 wrote:I agree with you Cartoon Network could've at least say Yes they could put SK Revolution on Adult Swim or Boomerang but Noooooooooo They love Teen Titans Go the most and Power Puff Girls (2016) XP but at least they aired the Original Teen Titans which I like it

Yeah, they're airing classic Teen Titans as well these days.

They might be learning their lesson... very slowly.

Yeah you're right this Might teach the younger viewers who love Teen Titans Go! learn about the Original Teen Titans and other Classic CN show watch it and they might like it
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