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Forum Rules

Post by Felony » Wed May 07, 2014 7:15 am

Every forum needs rules to keep things running well and to ensure all members have an enjoyable experience. We expect everyone, including moderators, to abide by these rules. Don't make us bring chopper back up. ;)

1. This board has a PG rating. Posts should not contain material that would be considered inappropriate for this rating. Profanity, heavy violent and sexually explicit materials are not allowed.

2. Post topics in their proper section. A moderator will relocate inappropriately located topics to their proper sections if a mistake is made.

3. Stay on topic. If a thread is discussing why the Pastmaster was so in love with Callista, don't randomly post about Chance's favorite sandwich.

4. Respect other members. Follow the "Golden Rule:" treat others how you wish to be treated. Do not be rude to other members. If you have a problem with another member, try to solve things in a calm and civil manner.

5. No spam. This includes starting threads or posting in threads which do not add any real discussion in the forum. This also includes advertisements to unrelated sites and/or products, making multiple threads or posts with images without text, or random posts where few words are used (like "yeah" or "this*" or smilies).

6. Write coherently. We don't expect everyone to be English majors here, but there should be no text speak. Please use proper grammar and punctuation in your posts. An occasional typo is fine, but if others cannot understand what you're trying to communicate, it becomes frustrating for all parties involved.

7. No trolling. Comments or threads made solely to cause arguments will not be tolerated.

8. No role playing. This is not a forum where RPGs will be hosted. If you are looking for SWAT Kats based games then try Google or make a post inquiring about where you can find games or RP partners.

9. No posting of anything illegal. This isn't restricted to just basic law abiding stuff, this also includes links to torrents or where to download the SK series (or anything else).

10. Do not post artwork or stories that are not your own without clear and obvious attribution. Include a link to the source and the name of the author or artist. If the author or artist has a policy against sharing their work in this fashion, then it cannot be posted and it will be removed.

11. New Rules will be added as the life of the forum progresses and its community develops. When they are, moderators will notify the board of their addition.

12. Members of Megakat City must be at least 13 years of age and must confirm this when registering for an account.

NOTE: We have a three strikes and you're out system for those members who do not comply with the rules:

First offense - member is given a warning.
Second offense - member is given a warning and suspended for 3 days.
Third offense - member is banned permanently from the forum.

If you do not like these rules then you do not have to stay. No one is forcing you to be here and we will not be offended should you choose to leave. If anyone has any questions or concerns, please contact one of the moderators.
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