Talk about the most awesome show in the world, SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron.
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Post by Kooshmeister » Wed Mar 07, 2018 8:37 am

Basically vehicle and building damage and various other bits of violence and goofiness. A WIP.

1. The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice (9303)

Vehicle Damage and/or Losses:

-The Megasaurus rex crushes the Enforcer Sergeant's sedan.
-The Megasaurus rex sends a parked car flying, hitting another Enforcer sedan.
-The Turbokat's fuel line is ruptured.
-The Megasaurus rex crushes another Enforcer sedan.
-A fleeing car crashes into a parked van.
-A motor scooter hits the crashed car.
-Two Enforcer choppers are destroyed fighting the pterodactyls.
-Feral's chopper crashes into Manx's office.

Buildings Damaged and/or Destroyed:
-The sabertoothed tiger destroys the museum's stairwell door.
-The museum's rooftop drainpipe is bent under Callie and Dr. Sinian's weight.
-Feral's chopper crashes into and completely destroys Manx's office.
-Razor jams a missile between the hour and minute hands of the City Hall clock, stopping it and damaging the clock face.

General Mayhem:
-Jack and Tom deface an important historical site with their graverobbing.
-The museum guard knocks over and smashes a dinosaur skeleton.
-The Pastmaster smashes a chemistry set.
-The Pastmaster eats (!) Callie's lipstick.
-The sabertoothed tiger bites Callie's communicator in half.
-The sabertoothed tiger, a living stuffed museum piece, is encased in cement killed/ruined.
-The Pastmaster smashes a glass display case.
-The Megasaurus rex destroys the fence surrounding the tar pit.
-The Tome of Time is sucked into the Turbokat's air intakes and shredded.


2. The Giant Bacteria (9301)

Vehicle Damage and Losses:
-Morbulus shoots down three Enforcer choppers.
-Razor uses a Cookie-Cutter Missile to cut a hole in the bottom of Morbulus' jet, losing its seat (with Morbulus sitting in it!) and its steering stick (with Morbulus holding it!).
-Morbulus' pilotless jet crashes into the ocean.
-Chance overloads and destroys the engine in Callie's car.
-Two bacteria monsters eat Manx's limo.
-A bacteria monster eats an entire subway train.

Buildings Damaged and/or Destroyed:
-Morbulus blows up an oil refinery.
-Morbulus' jet dodges an Octopus Missile, letting it hit and destroy a balcony.
-The subway will require cleaning up after the electrocuted bacteria monster melts.
-A bacteria monster smashes through a small building approaching Megakat Labs.
-The bacteria monsters destroy at least two of Megakat Labs' automated defense cannons.
-The street in front of Megakat Labs will require cleanup due to powdered bacteria monster and sundry debris.
-The final bacteria smashes one of the lab windows.
-The bridge running under the powerlines will require cleanup, again due to melted monster.
-The Turbokat smashes through another window.
-Dr. Viper blows up at least part of one floor of Megakat Labs.
-Various buildings are seen partially damaged during Burke and Murray's cleanup operation.

General Mayhem:
-Morbulus loses his clothes.
-Chance smashes the TV, wasting his can of milk in the process.
-When Chance overloads Callie's engine, it melts the turboplugs and also burns Jake's hat and coveralls (but they're fine in the next shot!).
-Chance breaks Murray's pencil.
-The bacteria monster eats a cow (hey, livestock is expensive!).
-The bacteria monster eats the farmer's pitchfork along with the farmer (egads!).
-The SWAT Kats cut some powerlines, blacking out half of the city.
-The Turbokat destroys a lot of expensive-looking scientific equipment when the SWAT Kats fly into the lab.
-Several canisters of Katalyst 99 and various other chemicals and scientific brick-a-brack get smashed and burned up when Viper blows the room up.
-Megakat Labs is also out a big dose of antibiotics and one cartoonishly oversized syringe.


3. The Wrath of Dark Kat (9305)

Vehicle Damage and Losses:
-Dark Kat blows up two security Jeeps.
-Dark Kat blows up two Enforcer Peacekeeper tanks.
-Dark Kat shoots down three Enforcer jets.
-Dark Kat shoots off the Kat's Eye News chopper's rotor blades.
-The Turbokat is damaged by Dark Kat's heat beam.
-Dark Kat shoots down another Enforcer jet.
-Dark Kat's jet has its weapon system damaged in the flashback.
-Feral accidentally (?) bumps against Chance and Jake's Enforcer jet in the flashback, causing it to crash.
-The Cyclotron plunges into molten lava.
-T-Bone shoots down the Fear Ship.

Buildings Damaged and/or Destroyed:
-Dark Kat cuts a bridge in half with the Fear Ship's heat beam.
-Dark Kat melts the guard booth at the security checkpoint.
-Dark Kat blows a hole in the side of the nuclear plant's exterior.
-The Creeplings bust down the door into the reactor room.
-The Creeplings use their carrying case to smash the glass surrounding the reactor.
-Chance and Jake's pilotless jet hits and destroys the partially built upper floors of Enforcer Headquarters in the flashback.
-Razor uses a Mole Missile to burrow into the side of the volcano lair.
-The Doomsday Device lands undetonated on the Enforcer Headquarters runway, severely damaging it.

General Mayhem:
-The Megakat Nuclear Plant is out several nuclear fuel rods.
-Steel flicks Feral's nameplate off of his desk (the fiend!).
-The SWAT Kats shoot up a lot of important-looking equipment and doo-dads in the lair.
-The Creeplings rip up the net holding Dark Kat.
-Steel pukes in the backseat of Feral's jet.


4. Destructive Nature (9304)

Vehicle Damage and Losses:
-The flying Plantimals severely damage two Enforcer choppers with acid spit, including Feral's.
-The acid excreted by the giant Plantimal guarding the entrance melts an Enforcer Peacekeeper ("Like butter!").
-Razor leaves his Ejektor seat inside the Megakat Tower and never recovers it. It's likely destroyed along with the entire building.
-The Turbokat receives some minor exterior damage from the flying Plantimals' acid spit.

Buildings Damaged and/or Destroyed:
-On the exterior of the Megakat Tower, giant, thorny vines burst up through the concrete courtyard and grow up to at least the tenth story.
-In the tower interior, various mutant plantlife grows everywhere, pretty much rendering the entire building uninhabitable, but intact.
-Dr. Viper smacks a Plantimal into the penthouse window, cracking and sliming the glass.
-Razor smashes through a window in his Ejektor seat.
-Razor uses several little buzzsaws to cut a hole in the wall to escape a gauntlet of Plantimals.
-The spore pod in the penthouse grows and grows throughout the episode, eventually rupturing through the roof and destroying the room entirely.
-The giant Plantimal at the entrance sprays acid everywhere, creating huge melting pits in the courtyard.
-The tank of super rocket coolant smashes into the roof. The force of the explosion destroys the entire upper portion of the building, along with the spore pod.
-The rush of cold air throughout the building freezes everything solid. When seen afterward, it appears to have simply buckled in under its own frozen weight and partially collapsed.
-In addition, frozen debris and plant parts rain down from above, covering the entire courtyard and surrounding streets.
-All told, Megakat City is out $1 billion ("Half the city treasury") according to dialogue from Manx and Callie.

General Mayhem:
-Callie drops a lot of important-looking paperwork by the front door and never reclaims it. Whatever it was, it was probably ruined beyond legibility by everything that happened to and around the entrance.
-All the nice decorative plants throughout the Megakat Tower are destroyed by being first horribly mutated and then mass frozen.
-Callie loses and never recovers her communicator. Presumably it suffered the same fate as her paperwork.
-Viper hits and presumably breaks a typewriter.
-Manx makes a bad swing and loses his golf ball.
-Feral smashes his walkie-talkie (ignore that it's suddenly fixed in the next shot).
-Callie breaks a pot over Razor's head.
-Callie needs new glasses because she thought Razor was a Plantimal.
-The Plantimals bust through a bookcase Razor erected as a flimsy barricade.
-Feral snaps his baton in half.
-Acid spit from a flying Plantimal frays (and eventually breaks) the cable holding the giant rocket coolant canister.
-Viper's precious spore pod is exploded before it can, well... explode. He also presumably lost all the chemistry equipment he had set up in the basement.
-Manx loses Mr. Young's business.
-"The chemical factory" is out a thousand gallons of industrial-strength weed killer.
-MASA is out one equally heaping dose of super rocket coolant ("Enough to freeze a whole city block!").
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