SWAT Kats SNES Nintendo Articles

Any fandom news about the SWAT Kats, Kats Eye News wants to know!
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SWAT Kats SNES Nintendo Articles

Post by JordanGenesis24 » Wed Oct 12, 2016 9:58 am

I found high quality articles from an issue #74 of Nintendo Power that features a review of the SWAT Kats video game for the Super NES. Hope you guys enjoy these finds.
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Re: SWAT Kats SNES Nintendo Articles

Post by MoDaD » Wed Oct 12, 2016 10:34 am

That's a great find, thanks for sharing! Is this the correct issue of Nintendo Power this was from?

https://www.amazon.com/Nintendo-Power-M ... B0085OG5Q6

And, here's the text transcribed:
SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron

Super NES
Feline Flyers!

Based on the popular Hanna-Barbera cartoon, SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron chronicles the exploits of T-Bone and Razor, two high-tech superheroes. Hudson Soft has managed to capture the look of the show, if not the pace. Though enemies are tougher at the higher difficulty settings, the action feels much slower than you might expect for a came in this category. Serious action hacks will find little challenge here, though fans of the show will probably have fun.


In this strictly one-player game, you can choose your favorite Kat before you begin. T-Bone is the powerhouse of the pair, armed with short-range blaster and a heavy grenade launcher. The launcher is not effective against enemies, but it can be used to demolish walls and other obstacles. Razor also has a blaster, but not second weapon. He is the better jumper, and what he can’t destroy he can evade using his jet pack. The pack is handy for short hops, but prolonged use will temporarily burn it out. Both Kats can climb on some of the walls, and wall jumps (a la Super Metroid) are a good way to search for items, life replenishing food and 1-Ups. The stages are timed, and the higher the difficulty setting, the less time (and lives) you have. The stages aren’t very long, but you may have to pass up some bonuses to reach the goals in time.


More common to role-playing games than to action paks is the ability to gain experience. The more enemies you defeat, the greater your experience, weapon power and life meter capacity. Every time you gain enough experience points to advance a level, your life meter is fully charged. Your character’s level is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen, but if you need to check all your stats, just hit Start to pause the game.


Just like the Mega Man games, you can play the stages in any order. The high-numbered stages are tougher than the lower numbered ones. For an added challenge, you might consider playing a high-numbered stage right away, just to see how far you’d get with low experience and poor shot power.


Doctor Viper

The not-so-good doctor has unleashed an army of giant bacteria on MegaKat City, and it’s up to the Kats to do some cleaning and disinfecting! This stage includes Mode 7 sequences where you track and attack scrolling targets.

Mad Kat

Mad Kat’s amusement park is anything but amusing! Find the missing youngsters among the mazes, platforms and monstrous rides. This stage features more varied scenery than the last, and there’s just a tad more the explore.

The Pastmaster

This stage opens with another Mode 7 sequence as you try to rescue a cargo ship from a mysterious sea monster. The monster is actually being controlled by the fiendish Pastmaster, who sends you on a journey through time!

The MetalliKats

The MetalliKats think that crime does pay, and they’ve just robbed a bank to prove their point. Your mission is to track them through the subway system and prove them WRONG! This stage features the toughest opponents in the game.


Here’s an easy way to rack up extra lives. Once you find this shaft, grab the 1-Up at the bottom, then shoot the flying bug. Make your way up to the next 1-Up as quickly as you can. As soon as you grab it, you’ll fall into the deadly jaws. You’ll then start over at the bottom of the shaft, but with an extra life!
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