Neil Ross' "Vocal Recall"

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Neil Ross' "Vocal Recall"

Post by marklungo » Fri Jan 25, 2019 4:37 pm

We all know Neil Ross as the voice of Mac Mange (and a zillion other characters). Now he's published a memoir titled Vocal Recall which covers his entire career, from his adventures as a Top 40 DJ to announcing the Academy Awards. I haven't gotten it yet, so I don't know if Neil mentions SWAT Kats, but I'm sure it will be an interesting read regardless. Buy a copy before Mac and Molly steal them all! MKIcon
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Re: Neil Ross' "Vocal Recall"

Post by LadyStormcrow » Sat Jan 26, 2019 2:16 am

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Mark! :D I downloaded the PDF version, and I'm already a few hundred pages in.

I'm afraid he doesn't mention SWAT Kats, but the memoir is still a fun read! He has lots of stories about other shows he's worked on, especially the original GI Joe and Transformers, and speaks very highly of his voice acting colleagues (including a number of fellow SK cast members).

The stories from the beginning of his radio career, when he was traveling all over the US to different stations, are really neat too. Some are funny (there's a great bit from when he was in working in Hawaii, and did an on-air callout of some newlyweds who were getting too frisky right outside the station), and some are painful (having to break the news to a coworker's wife after the guy died suddenly at work).

So yeah, even though it doesn't involve SWAT Kats, it's worth reading just on its own merits.
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