Discord Server Separation

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Discord Server Separation

Post by MoDaD » Sun Feb 03, 2019 12:01 am

There have been several people in the fandom who I've spoken with behind-the-scenes over the past month, and some of the exchanges have been cordial, and others have not been. It's caused me to realize that I need to publicly clarify a few things.
  • I am not anyone's leader, nor am I any kind of "official" authority on anything.
  • I am just like any one of you, a fan of a show.
  • Everything I have done has come at personal expense. I do not get paid. I am not on the Tremblay Bros. Studios payroll. I have not signed an NDA. I am not secretly working on official SWAT Kats projects. I am not a writer for a new SWAT Kats show, nor any kind of professional industry content creator.
  • Anyone can contact Christian Tremblay via the Tremblay Bros. Studios website. This is what I originally did. He is not uniquely accessible only to me.
  • I don't keep secrets from you (though I do occasionally forget things) about SWAT Kats. I do keep things confidential that are told to me in private with the intent for them to be private. When it comes to SKR, you know as much as I do.
  • I don't like to theorize too greatly about "official" things in public, as I don't want to insinuate something as a fact when it's only a rumor or my own ideas.
  • I don't think the Tremblay Bros. are con artists.
  • I will not participate in any attempts to levy a class action lawsuit, or direct a negative social media/call-to-action campaign. If that is something that fans want to do they are welcome to do so, but I will have to politely decline your invitations.
  • I have no plans of participating in further podcasts due to a number of technical hurdles and logistical conflicts.
  • I am not "quitting the fandom," though it's become apparent that my tolerance for certain things has reached its limit, and if I can't keep my cool then that means I need to walk away for awhile.
  • This forum, SWATKATS.info, and other website projects will still be kept online, though my participation may be lessened.
  • The purpose of this post is for disclosure: to answer the previous items in such a way as to politely obfuscate the various people they originated from
  • This is not a pity post to attract public statements of support, hence why it's locked.
  • This is not a post designed to incite drama, hence why it's locked.
  • Anyway, to get to the point, I have realized that Discord is not a platform that I am suited to participate on. Rather than deleting a server that a community has grown around, I've recused myself from it.
MegakatCity.com forum moderator Cait has been given ownership of the SWAT Kats Discord Server. He has full authority to do with it as he will. If he wants to preserve the current moderator hierarchy and rules there, it's up to him. If he wants to change the rules, it's also up to him. The SWAT Kats Discord Server is disassociated with the SWATKATS.info network, and is now an independent entity. The SWATKATS.info network is not responsible for any content, actions or activities there.

Thank you to everyone in the SWAT Kats fandom for your time, support and shared enjoyment of our favorite cult-hit animated show.
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