What if there was a new SWAT Kats-videogame?

This is a place for OOC hypothetical discussions on the show.
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Re: What if there was a new SWAT Kats-videogame?

Post by Cait » Sat Jul 01, 2017 3:34 pm

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Re: What if there was a new SWAT Kats-videogame?

Post by Ty-Chou » Tue Aug 01, 2017 8:26 pm

I am not a well-educated gamer. I have a lot of old systems and games, but only very limited experience with newer games and consuls. So forgive me if I'm a little out of touch with what's going on with games these days. There's probably easier gamer lingo to help explain myself that I'm not aware of, but please bear with me.

If I could make a Swat Kats game any way I wanted it, this is what I would choose:

I'd like it to be in a story format where there's an overarching plot that goes from beginning to end. The Swat kats get word or a feeling that something big and bad is going down in Megakat City. Most likely one of Dark Kat's plans. Possibly something that would destroy the city for good. T-Bone and Razor have to go around the city looking for clues and trying to track this down while time is running out. On this journey, we get to fly the skies of the Turbokat over Megakat City, we get to drive the Cyclotron, we get to hoof it around the city in the dark, avoiding Enforcers, maybe running around down in the sewers. We run into different villains as we're nosing around the city. Maybe end up at Pumadyne or the museum, or even city hall at some point, following the trail. You're really just running around, exploring the world, meeting all the characters and trying to save the city.

I recently played a game for the PS4 called Until Dawn that's like a choose your own adventure type game play. Every little decision you have the characters make changes the direction of the story. So you can play the game several times and end up with several different scenarios. You never get the same game twice. I'd like to see that going on in this game, too.

OR, another idea would be a monster rail-shooter game like Resident Evil or Dead Space. Only Viper has mutated the entire the entire city and you can play this two- player shooter game as you go around hunting grotesque monsters around the city, looking for Viper and the anti-mutagens. ViperLaughCait
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