Darker side ofDarker side of Professor Hackle

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Darker side ofDarker side of Professor Hackle

Post by Jiesi » Sun Sep 10, 2017 11:38 am

What if Professor Hackle had a split personality? Explaining why he took jail birdsthat most likely been on the news at Some point and used them as lab rats as well as keeping all the weaponry not to mention rebuilding them befor he reprogramed them. And maybe thats why he keeps trying to fix them, as a way to fix himself in the future. I would also love t see an episode of when he finally reprograms them and Hard Drive just ruins it, maybe even uses Mac as a suit since he does have that ability to be inside machines and computers
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Re: Darker side ofDarker side of Professor Hackle

Post by marklungo » Sun Sep 10, 2017 12:17 pm

Interesting ideas, although I'm not sure about the "Hackle reprograms the Metallikats and Hard Drive ruins it" thing. While that premise has potential, poor Hackle has been through so much that I'd love to see him happy at last. Maybe Hard Drive's re-reprogramming would be temporary? Or possibly Hackle could create a pair of anti-Metallikats who are what Mac and Molly should have been.

For that matter--and I just came up with this literally seconds ago--maybe this is how we bring Dr. Zyme back! Hackle puts him in a robot body, and he becomes a force for good! Thoughts, anyone?
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