2017 Secret Santa Art Exchange

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Re: 2017 Secret Santa Art Exchange

Post by Swatkatfan21 » Tue Jan 02, 2018 12:39 pm

Felony wrote:I received Lady Stormcrow for this year’s Secret Santa. She has so many neat characters it was hard to choose! So I went with one of her newest, Miriam Shahal, a physical therapist.


She and Feral meet when she's assigned as his therapist after he undergoes a life-changing injury, which leads to a very inconvenient mutual attraction (since a therapist getting involved with a patient is a huge no-no).” I guessed on the injury as a major leg injury, and this scene takes place after a lot of healing time where the pair are really smitten. ^_^
NeeKnight wrote:I got our resident super villain, Felony and as such, it only felt right to come up with a Christmas Criminal Caper with Dark Kat Clause ChristmasManx and his "Elfling" ChristmasCallie Protocol using the latest security risk in interactive toys. ^^
BWHAHA! I absolutely love this, Nee! THANK YOU! *huggles* All the detail to the scheme, it’s wicked awesome! LOL The kid is a kat version of Dipper too! XDDD. Poor Protocol has done many a mission for Dark Kat, some on this humiliating level lol (tho I think her elf outfit is cute!).
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