Felony’s SK Fan Chara Box

SWAT Kats related fan art goes here.
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Re: Felony’s SK Fan Chara Box

Post by Felony » Tue Feb 27, 2018 9:21 am

Jiesi wrote:lol I love the Daddy O'lanterm DarkKatIcon
Wait maybe Dark Kats background is similar to the cabbage patch kids but instead he's a pumpkin patch kitten?
LOL! Well there are purple cabbages. XD
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Re: Felony’s SK Fan Chara Box

Post by Felony » Wed Feb 28, 2018 11:34 am


No, this isn’t a shameless plug for my comic. XD Byyr originally came from a crazy #altskrpg plot as an alternate dimension version of Alexandria Manx. She was all of Lex’s worst traits manifested - constantly drunk, had a temper at the drop of a hat, ready to fight... She was also opposite bizzaro Lex with avoiding responsibility, promiscuity and making a spectacle of herself. Later on the idea of Byyr being not the alternate dimension Lex but an ancestor was formed.

Byyr’s story goes she was once a clurichaun, a magic being of Irish origin. Clurichauns can be found guarding winestock to mortals they like or decimate of those they don’t. Her name was Kaleigh and she fell in love with a mortal inn keeper Rory Manx but because of what each was, it wouldn’t work. She made a deal with a demon to become mortal and she and Rory were able to be together. They were happy, they had kids, things were good, until she made a grave error which caused her sudden demise. She ended up in the service of the demon she bartered with as a demon herself with her clurichaun abilities restored to obtain souls.

Byyr isn’t quite right, her time in Hell messed her up mentally. She is a friendly demon (sometimes too friendly), not wanting to get souls so obtains her powers through ales n such. In the #altskrpg she was more of an annoyance to the good guys and someone to be used by the bad guys. Her best friend is a sock named Socky which another character had accidentally brought to life.

In the NSK, I had to change her up as the Manx relation wasn’t allowed. I tried her out as a villain but she wasn’t much of a threat, she just went after souls more. After a reset in the NSK, I had her back to her regular goofy self. She wanted to avoid collecting souls so an older part demon Muddy helped her out. She joined up with Dr. Strange’s freak show to earn her keep with Muddy. She went by the name Dragon Woman and was the strong man attraction, using her unnatural demon strength to lift heavy objects.

It wasn’t long after the NSKs ended when I decided to feature her in a comic. She was a well liked character and I’ve a whole story around her so she is now in her own universe without any ties to the SKs or RPGs.
Socky, Sonne and Aria Birman belong to Ariakitty. Syn belongs to Klawzie. Ray Lupyne belongs to his player. Vincent Sole belongs to Mike the Vile. Muddy belongs to Nee Knight.
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Re: Felony’s SK Fan Chara Box

Post by Swatkatfan21 » Wed Feb 28, 2018 10:58 pm

I took a look at your comic about Byyr and it was a very enjoyable read! I hope you are going to continue the series. BroFistIcon
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Re: Felony’s SK Fan Chara Box

Post by Poecat » Thu Mar 01, 2018 3:46 pm

Swatkatfan21 wrote:I took a look at your comic about Byyr and it was a very enjoyable read! I hope you are going to continue the series. BroFistIcon
I agree! I'd like to see this comic continue as well.
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Re: Felony’s SK Fan Chara Box

Post by Felony » Fri Mar 02, 2018 3:23 pm

Swatkatfan21 wrote:I took a look at your comic about Byyr and it was a very enjoyable read! I hope you are going to continue the series. BroFistIcon
Poecat wrote:I agree! I'd like to see this comic continue as well.
Maw thanks guys! I do plan on continuing it, just gotta schedule the time to. <3
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Re: Felony’s SK Fan Chara Box

Post by Felony » Wed Jul 24, 2019 1:32 pm

Been awhile since I posted here... I have so many SWAT Kats fan characters from over the years but I decided I’ll only post my main ones. I do have a list, though I’ll need to post it with small clipped pics as it’s nearly 100 characters. X_x Anywho, my next character is Josalyn “Josie” Lyons. I first played her in the MBI and later in the NSK ArtPG and SKR. Josie is a hard core by the book Enforcer who has no patience for slackers, poor eating habits, distractions at work, not following SOP etc. She admires Commander Feral and someday wanted to work her way up in rank to be his Lieutenant Commander and then Commander herself.

In the MBI, she was an Enforcer booted off the force by Steel... for accidentally blowing up his Enforcer Sedan with a Peacekeeper Tank round. He wasn’t in it, but was nonetheless angry and didn’t care that it was a malfunction with the tank and not a pilot error. She learned about the Megakat Bureau of Investigation and was accepted as one of its agents.
4CBD48BF-F612-41FB-89AE-4088388ED291.jpeg (18.71 KiB) Viewed 3344 times

It was to be a fresh start for her but after awhile the lax atmosphere and strange goings on began to frustrate her. There was also the SWAT Kats which she didn’t care for at all. She grew increasingly annoyed with the way things were ran, even though she respect and even dated the Director Mark Sulfur. She even fought with a couple of the other agents... sometimes physically. >_>

At one point she got an offer from an adversary of the MBI, Jack Spinner of the NSA (Negakat Security Agency). He offered her the chance to work for him and keep an eye on the agents and their friends. In exchange she’d have a position waiting for her in an environment more to her liking. Through a mess of events, Josie ended up becoming Director of the NSA. She left the MBI, and Mark, to take the position and try to turn its negative reputation around to one of good but the MBI and NSA remained at odds and Josie found herself sacrificing her morals doing whatever it took to get things done.

In the NSK ArtPG, Josie was with the Enforcers as a lower ranked officer while waiting for an opening higher up at a different department.

She volunteered for things and was in charge of a program for new recruits who just graduated the Enforcer Academy. Known as a no nonsense woman, she had few friends on the force and gave the rookies a hard time if she felt they deserved it.

She was sometimes pranked... >_>

Even by Madkat once. XD

The SWAT Kats were a constant nuisance and she felt they had an unfair advantage. Josie would stop at nothing in her attempts to apprehend one, even using lethal force.

In the SK Redemption RPG, she was an Enforcer Sergeant and head of the homicide department.

She was ruthless against criminals and SWAT Kats alike. She was still strict and by the book but if she felt it was necessary she would cross the line.

Thing was, time and again the SWAT Kats interfered with Enforcer business and she felt more hatred for them than criminals. She ended up joining the Amrit, an ancient cult of Dark Kat’s that seemed to be involved in many things in many places. Think Illuminati, only the leader transferred himself into a new body every generation for over a couple thousand years.

Josie thought she would just use them to take down the SWAT Kats then turn them in. She was given the name Jayashri and soon learned that there would be no way out of the Amrit.

She’s been a favorite of mine to play over the years as the character everyone loves to hate. XD Not every Enforcer likes the SWAT Kats and Josie loathed them with a passion.
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Re: Felony’s SK Fan Chara Box

Post by Kooshmeister » Wed Jul 24, 2019 8:14 pm

Tsk, joining evil cults never quite works out...
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R.I.P. Gary Owens (1936-2015)

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Re: Felony’s SK Fan Chara Box

Post by Felony » Fri Aug 02, 2019 5:40 pm

So yeah, the past week I’ve compiled a list of all the characters I’ve created over the years for the SWAT Kats universe. There’s 103 of them! X_x These all were either from fiction or SK RPGs, mostly RPGs and are in order by appearance kindasorta. I may’ve forgotten a few cause this is over a couple decades worth. I will update with clips of ones I have drawn at a later date which aren’t main ones.

*= ones I’ve posted about already

*1. Alexandria “Lex” Felicia Manx - #skrpg/#altskrpg/MBI/NSK ArtPG/side RPGs/fic - Manx’s daughter
*2. General Manx - #skrpg/#altskrpg/sides/fic - older alternate future version of Lex
3. Felicia Manx - fic - wife of Mayor William Henry Manx, Lex’s mother
*4. Kaleigh Manx aka Byyr - #altskrpg/NSK/sides - ancestor of Mayor Manx
5. Rory Manx - sides - Kaleigh’s husband, ancestor of Mayor Manx
* 6. Jenna Marie Clawson - #altskrpg/MBI/SKR/sides/fic/Nova Squadron - Jake’s older sister, Dark Kat’s second wife, Kyle’s mother
7. Lt. Samuel Clawson - #altskrpg/sides/fic - Jake’s father
8. Kara Cole Clawson - #altskrpg/sides/fic - Jake’s mother, former girlfriend of Ulysses Feral before she dated Samuel
9. Brian Furlong - #altskrpg/sides/fic - Chance’s father
10. Sally Furlong - #altskrpg/sides/fic - Chance’s mother
*11. Felony Kat aka Renegade - #altskrpg/MBI/NSK/SKR/sides/fic - Dark Kat’s daughter
*12. Kyle R Kat aka Onslaught - #altskrpg/MBI/NSK/SKR/sides/Nova - Dark Kat’s son
13. Ebony Kincade - SKR/sides/fic - Dark Kat’s 1st wife, Felony’s mother
14. Doyle Kincade - sides/fic - Dark Kat’s mortal self
15. Emily Kincade - fic - Doyle’s mother
16. Robert Kincade - fic -Doyle’s father
17. Nathan Pawlinger - fic -Doyle’s stepfather
18. Kyle McFurlane - fic -Doyle’s best friend when mortal
19. Suzie Katterson - fic - Doyle’s 1st girlfriend when mortal
20. Antonio - fic - mobster Doyle saved the life of that got him into working for a mob
21. Mr. Katz - fic - kat who approached and hired Doyle in mob
22. Mick Mercedes - fic - head of the mob Doyle worked for
23. Daichi - sides/fic - leader of the Neko Kurai village in Japan where Dark Kat’s ninjakats (kat kommandos) came from
24. Katsuo - sides/fic - leader of the Neko Kurai ninjakats
25. Ichirou - sides - Katsuo’s oldest son
26. Jirou - sides - Katsuo’s youngest son
27. Slick Mercedes - fic - grandson of Mick Mercedes, ran the mob in 60s-80s
28. Sister Melissa - fic - a nun at Southpaw Orphanage where Felony was left
29. Sister Sara - fic - a nun at Southpaw Orphanage where Felony was left
30. Officer Bengal - fic - an Enforcer in charge of tracing calls
31. Sylvia Mikelson aka Blade - #altskrpg - vigilante who used swords, sister of RPer Mike the Vile’s character Evy Mikelson
32. MinaSing - #skrpg/#altskrpg/SKR - alien from a race of intergalactic space hunters, partner to RPer Scoop’s character SineStar. It was Scoop who came up with the race and I helped add in things for these formidable villains. They were hunting SWAT Kats having heard of them from after Mutilor’s death..
*33. Swytch aka Elizabeth Cunningham - #skrpg/#altskrpg/MBI/sides/fic - trouble making, soul stealing, double dealing demoness
34. Roxy Dyne aka Ruby - #skrpg - granddaughter of one of Puma-Dyne’s original founders. In the #skrpg, there were dawgs along with the kats. Roxy, a golden retriever, was part of C.L.A.W. (Canine Leaders and Warriors), a terrorist group who thought dawgs were superior to kats created by RPer Scuzz.
35. Megan Hart - #skrpg - a wolf character in the #skrpg. She and her brother James (played by RPer J. Stonicus) were separated and orphaned after Dark Kat killed their parents.
36. Stan - fic - manager of 9 Lives & Counting
37. Charlotte Treux aka Catch - MBI/sides/fic - base guitar of Felony’s band 9 Lives & Counting
38. Kate O’Malley aka Flame - MBI/sides/fic - drummer of Felony’s band 9 Lives & Counting
39. Mike Rowesoft aka Klystron - sides/Nova - son of Hard Drive
40. Shing - a war demon
41. Snyp - #skrpg/sides - son of demons Swytch and Scuzz
*42. Protocol aka Ana - MBI - A cyberdemon later cyberkat Dark Kat created. Concept created by RPer Kristen Sharpe
*43. Josalyn “Josie” Penelope Lyons aka Fluke aka Jayashri - MBI/NSK/SKR/sides - Enforcer grunt, MBI agent, NSA agent, NSA Director, Enforcer Sergeant, Chief Detective LOL she’s been in many ranks in a few organizations
44. Leon Lyons - sides - Josie’s father, Chief of his Megakat City Fire Fighter precinct
45. Pauline Lyons - sides - Josie’s mother, book author
46. Leon Lyons Jr. - sides - Josie’s oldest brother, plays pro basketball for the San Degato Warriors
47. Marcus Lyons - sides - Josie’s second oldest brother
48. Brandon Lyons - sides - Josie’s younger brother
*49. Ling Xiao - MBI/NSK/sides - Detective with the Enforcers
50. Ning Jing Xiao - MBI/NSK - Ling’s mother
51. Kun Xiao - MBI/NSK - Ling’s father, co-owner of his brother’s Chinese restaurant
52. Fu Xiao - MBI/NSK - Ling’s uncle, co-owner of a Chinese restaurant Uncle Fu’s Fine Chinese
53. Mei Xiao - MBI/NSK - Ling’s aunt
54. Li Xiao - MBI - Ling’s cousin who is involved in a Chinese mafia group the Triad
55. Bao Fang Jin - MBI - Triad leader
56. Hans Lynx aka Crimson - MBI/sides/Nova - Great great grandson of the Red Lynx, a good pilot with great aim
57. Fritz Lynx - MBI - Great grandson of the Red Lynx, Hans’ father. Was head of the Rote Armee, a small militia whose sole purpose was to avenge the Red Lynx’s death by eliminating the Manx family. Was CEO of the family bank Reliable Banking
58. Flora Lynx - MBI - Hans’ deceased mother
59. Tansy Burmilla - MBI - a pixie who, along with her sister Assana, was taken into the present from the Dark Ages. MBI agent McGrath saved the pixies from the Pastmaster when several agents were thrown back in time. The pair called him Great One and served him, whether or not he wanted them to. Tansy actually ends up becoming an agent herself later on
Magic Council - MBI - My version of the named Magic Council (from the episode The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice) dwell in another magic dimension which mortals can sometimes travel if they know how. They represented elements and consisted of:
60. Pyrrhus - his element is Fire
61. Anemone - her element is Air
62. Shyama - her element is Water
63. Kun - his element is Earth
64. Ferrer - his element is Metal and he forged the Dragon Sword
65. Tien - her element is Spirit
- Pastmaster - yes, in my head cannon he was once on the council - his element is Time
66. Enzo Katpone - MBI - One of mobster boss Antonio Katpone’s two sons. Antonio and his other son Tony created by RPer Countrykat
67. Pia Katpone - MBI - Antonio’s late wife
68. Cyrillic aka Lina Fontaine - MBI - Another cyber demon created by Dark Kat.
69. Pixel - MBI - A cyberkat born from two cyberkats, my Protocol and Sage’s Driver
70. Jonathan Furlong - fic - son of Chance and Turmoil in a future setting. He didn’t know his father until running into an old Jake
71. Cole Anderson aka Aegis - MBI/SKR/sides - A guardian angel who was once mortal. He was assigned to investigate Megakat City with all the evil going on XD and ended up helping the good guys... until he became corrupted and he turned into a fallen angel
72. Havana Brown - NSK - Reporter for the Megakat Times newspaper
73. Dick Vitail - NSK - Sports reporter for the Megakat Times newspaper
*74. Serous Retaw aka Sentinel - MBI/NSK/sides - Aqueon prince who believed that Aqueons needed to learn self defense in case any threat like Mutilor attacks again. His father wouldn’t hear of it and so he snuck off on a small ship to the Kat homeworld to find the brave hero warriors the SWAT Kats to see if they would train him
75. Ryver Retaw - MBI/NSK - Serous’ father, king of the nation of Leequid.
76. Raynee Daye - MBI/NSK - Serous’ betrothed, arranged by their parents. She was way into Serous but he did not want to marry her.
77. Mimi Mercier - MBI - A college aged violinist who works to pay tuition as a maid for Antonio Katpone, unaware of his mob
78. Phoebe Chase aka Apex - SKR/sides/Nova - A vigilante who became a SWAT Kat after the city was nearly destroyed and Razor needed help with T-Bone gone
79. Cronus Chase aka Strix - SKR/sides - Phoebe’s younger brother. He started hanging out with Aerokat’s Cage and after he was turned went wild and became a villain working with Cage for Nee Knight’s Bandit
80. Titus Chase - SKR/sides - Phoebe’s father who was very strict and hard on his children especially Cronus. A lawyer and a member of Megakat’s City Council
81. Giana Chase - SKR/sides - Phoebe’s mother
82. Hyperion Chase - SKR/sides - Phoebe’s older brother, a doctor in New Kat City
83. Yun Chase - sides - Hyperion’s wife
84. Rhea Vieuxtemps - sides - Phoebe’s older sister, a violinist in NKC studying at Juliard
85. Johann Vieuxtemps - sides - Rhea’s husband, cellist studying at Juliard
86. Theia Chase-Meowry - sides - Phoebe’s younger sister, Professor at a university
87. Eric Meowry - sides - Theia’s husband, Professor at a university
88. Eric Jr - sides - Theia and Eric’s son
89. Victoria - sides - Theia and Eric’s daughter
90. Castor Navarro aka Viento - NSK/SKR/sides - Luchador wrestler for Megakat Wrestling Association (created by Nee Knight) under the name Jumping Bean. Has power to control wind and natural ability to leap high up. Becomes a SWAT Kat under the name Viento
91. Alejandro Navarro - SKR/sides - Castor’s father
92. Carmelia Navarro - SKR/sides - Castor’s mother
93. Castor Navarro - SKR/sides - Castor’s late grandfather who he was named after and who was a wrestler himself until a leg injury
94. Amelia Kilduff aka Ditto - SKR/sides - A witch who is a loyal member of Dark Kat’s cult the Amrit, her specialty is shapeshifting magic
95. Damayanti aka Abeni Bombay - SKR/sides - Felony’s grandmother, Ebony’s mother. The High Priestess of the Amrit who is a master of voodoo
96. Ryan Frost aka Ganesh - SKR - Callie’s Deputy Mayor who is secretly a member of the Amrit
97. Devon Rex aka Firebrand - NSK/SKR/sides - An Enforcer Inspector, third in command overall. In the SKR was secretly a member of the Amrit
98. Kokoro Miyamoto aka Ghost - SKR/sides - A SWAT Kat with ghost like abilities thanks to a strange pendant her grandmother left her after she passed away
99. Rajani Baines aka Kali Ma - SKR/sides/Nova - A contortionist working for at a dark carnival who assists the ringmaster in stealing souls of patrons
100. Burl Esque aka Madkat - fic - My take on someone new getting ahold of the Madkat spirit (a SWAT Kats villain). A troubled 12 year old boy named Burl Esque who is bullied comes across the kat-in-a-box and gets revenge on his tormentors when merging with Madkat.
101. Scrap Metal - Nova - Chopshop’s niece who is just as crazy destructive as he is
102. Colby Kat - sides - he and his identical twin brother Cerin (played by Aerokat) are Kyle and Aerokat’s character Roni’s future sons
103. Nia Gara - sides - A ruthless Aqueon who revels against the pacifist ways of her race. Exiled from her home planet, she came to the kat world to run experiments on kats
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Re: Felony’s SK Fan Chara Box

Post by Felony » Thu Aug 15, 2019 11:23 am

Ling Xiao aka Gaze

It was 2002 and I was into various martial arts movies. One day I drew up a random Siamese kat character and soon after Ling Xiao was born. She is the daughter of parents who immigrated from Hong Kong. She was five when they moved to Megakat City and with her family became naturalized citizens. They moved because her uncle Fu had a successful restaurant that he wanted his brother Kun to help with.


Ling I decided would be an Enforcer Detective in the #skrpg. However it was nearing its eventual dissolving as many members lost interest or no longer had time for it. After being in the MBI awhile, I decided to bring her in there as I didn’t have an Enforcer character. She was good at her job and if needed was skilled in Kung Fu, which in Megakat City often came in handy.


She got involved in a case involving the cyberkats and eventually became a confidant with the Bureau. Ling assisted the Megs when needed and kept the secret of cyberkats and other unnatural agents working there as well as the fact the Megs worked with the SWAT Kats on occasion.


In 2005, a couple years after the #skrpg ended, Ariakitty came up with the Neo SWAT Kats ArtPG. Originally it was a monthly drawing challenge game but many of its members were role playing on the side in iRC so it was a text RP with a heavy emphasis on art. I decided to try Ling out for this and gave her the code name Gaze. I never had made a SWAT Kat character before so this would be interesting.


Set in the distant future (2060-something), T-Bone and Razor were too old and no longer able to properly protect Megakat City as the SWAT Kats. Thus they brought on a new group they themselves would train. Characters earned points through artwork and later participation. Each character started on a certain level and the higher the level, the more skills, equipment, strength etc. a character could get until they were on par with the original SWAT Kats.


I had to drop out of the NSK ArtPG for a year or so and focused on the MBI. At some point in the MBI, I had her cut her hair.


When I returned to the NSK, I brought back Ling as my main character and with the short hair.


Ling in the NSK wasn’t a detective with the Enforcers. She worked at the family restaurant Uncle Fu’s Fine Chinese since she was a teenager.


There was a plot line in the NSK where the alternate “Dark” Neo SWAT Kats came to the regular ‘verse. The Dark version of Gaze was the complete opposite... a blood thirsty assassin with a harsh personality.


The NSK ArtPG ended around 2010 as Ariakitty was unable to run it. It had a decent run at 5 years.


I enjoyed playing her and decided to bring her into mine and Aerokat’s SWAT Kats comic Nova Squadron and gave her a slight costume change.


For the comic, she is the same character-wise as her NSK version save for one addition - telekinetic powers. There are so many unusual things and characters so when Aero and I were choosing which characters to include, we thought there should be more than one SWAT Kat (Wildstorm) with a power. I thought it would be fitting for Ling and was something I’ve wanted for a character awhile.

(Lineart by Aero, colors by me)

Ling has always been a kind, patient and hardworking she-kat no matter which SWAT Kats setting she’s been in. A favorite of my good guys. ^_^
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Re: Felony’s SK Fan Chara Box

Post by Felony » Wed Aug 21, 2019 2:40 pm

Serous Retaw/Sentinel

Serous is an Aqueon character of mine played in the MBI, NSK and a cameo in the SKR. Had a few sides with him too.

In each, Serous comes from the Aqueon planet I’ve named Aquarius (and in NSK was called Aquagaia). There are several nations on the planet, Serous is from a monarchy called Leequid. In fact he is the eldest child of King Ryver and thus heir to the throne. However Serous doesn’t want to rule a kingdom. He also believes that Aqueons should learn how to properly defend themselves especially after the space pirate Mutilor captured one of their transport ships.

In the MBI, he snuck away to seek out the SWAT Kats after hearing about them from Captain Grimalkin. Serous thought warriors like them could help teach him to defend himself and his kingdom. He ended up coming across the Megs and asked them for help. They did and he learned not only their combat skills but about feline culture as well.


In the NSK, it was the same, though here he was an ambassador to the Aqueon’s world as in the future there was transport to and from both worlds.


However in this version, he was recruited and trained by the Neo SWAT Kats and secretly became one. His cal sign was Sentinel.


As Sentinel, Serous felt free of the destiny his father had made for him. He was what he wanted to be, living life how he wanted.


As I had to break from NSK awhile, I had to write the character out to not leave any holes about with an unused characters. I wrote that he was made to return to his homeworld. So when I returned and wanted to bring him back, I had him become a space pirate! LOL Well not pirate, but part of a crew that helped stop space pirates. Unfortunately his father learned of his activities on the kat planet, and had Serous exiled by law as combat was not the Aqueon way. He was given the mark and sent to the Badlands where he escaped off-world to make his way back and resume being a SWAT Kat.


Finally in the SKR, for fun I brought him in as a one time character. A friendly space pirate exiled from his home, he was looking for love and wanting to add a feline to his space harem. XD


Having an Aqueon allowed me to explore more of their homeworld and was fun as I’m into space and aliens. I’d only seen one other Aqueon character in the fandom at the time of his creation so he was something different to try. Got to do a lot of world building with such limited info. ^_^
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