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Felony’s SK Fan Chara Box

Posted: Thu Nov 30, 2017 7:41 pm
by Felony
Been enjoying seeing everyone’s SWAT Kats fan characters here and on Discord. It has made me nostalgic for the days of old with my own which I played in SK RPGs. Some of mine are older than when I discovered the SK fandom as I created them as the full first season aired or not long after.

So this is a thread of my own SWAT Kats fan characters. I don’t want to spam the forum so I’ll do one of these every few days or so. My box is large XD and the older characters have progressed a lot and have been drawn more. Art of her found below after the info.

To start this off I present to you, Alexandria Felicity Manx, aka Lex Manx. I’ve gone in depth about her before but photobucket is a butt and not showing images. Plus that was an old thread so here we go. REPLAY! She was my first RPG character of my own creation (I first played Ann Gora) and it was for Strike’s #skrpg on IRC. While I didn’t join the RPG until 1999, I created her around 1997. She was also in the #altskrpg/SKR, MBI SKRPG, NSK ArtPG and has made appearances in SK Redemption and one-on-one side SK RPG sessions.

As the name suggests, Lex is related to Mayor Manx. She was his daughter in fact. While there is no mention of wife or kids with Mayor Manx, I'd like to think that he's a family man. Politically, those with families are seen as trustworthy and caring. His wife died of cancer early in his career when their daughter was a kitten. As he had a busy schedule running Megakat City, he sent Alexandria off to a prestigious boarding school outside of Megkat City where she would be safe from the crazy that goes on. Alexandria grew up and she and Manx (who I named William Henry Manx) were estranged but she did look forward to when they could be together and she like her father enjoyed golfing. (Yes she even had matching tacky golf outfit! XD)

She wanted to become an Enforcer while he rather she go into politics. Despite him telling her no, she joined up at the Enforcer Academy anyway and became a detective, ending up in homicide division with a partner. She was a good Enforcer, though had to deal with her fellow Enforcers not liking her. They called her "manor-born" and said she only got her position because her father is the Mayor. This was not true as her marks in the Academy proved she was worthy of the position. She put up with it though wanting to prove them wrong and prove to her father she could help the city better as an Enforcer.

Thing is, the SWAT Kats crossed paths with her on occasion and she was in the same mindset as Commander Feral. Vigilantism is illegal, and Lex being by the book thought they should be arrested and unmasked, because the Enforcers could handle protecting the citizens of Megakat City. In her growing frustration of her partner and other Enforcers admiration of the costumed clowns, she went so far as to open fire at the SWAT Kats in her attempt to arrest them. That stunt got her suspended and made her blame them. She really wanted to know who they were, so with backing from a villain (who Lex was unaware of the identity) benefactor within the Enforcers, she became almost like a vigilante herself for a time. It was part of a supposed elite task force that was being put together, and her mission was to try and gain their trust enough to get close to them and unmask them. She called herself Advocate but never did learn who they were but she did learn that this testing program of elite Enforcers wasn't authorized and the one who ran it was corrupt.

I brought her into other RPGs but without the angst towards the SWAT Kats. She didn't care for the way they went about things, but because they saved her father and the city so many times, she remained neutral. Her more sweet personality returned but I decided to play more on her not being able to advance far within the Enforcer ranks, so had her be one of the dispatchers at Enforcer HQ.

Manx would be overprotective I figure much to Feral's annoyance XD and she'd not get into any field work for a long while. Unlike Manx, his daughter had the bravery of her ancestor, the Blue Manx. So she would serve where she was told, itching to get out there and help take out whatever threat came about in her beloved city. Eventually Lex would get her chance to prove to Feral she can make it on the field and he would place her there despite Manx's wishes.

The artwork here spans from 2000 to 2013:
(Roni belongs to Cindy Ramey. Lex’s Enforcer Academy uniform designed by Laurean Leigh)

Re: Felony’s SK Fan Chara Box

Posted: Tue Dec 05, 2017 8:52 pm
by Felony
Major General Manx

Technically this is still Alexandria Manx, but this version of her took on a whole different character. In a plot in the #skrpg, 25 years into the future, Dark Kat finally achieves his goal of having his Dark Kat City.

Brainwashed into serving Dark Kat as one of his Dark Troopers, Alexandria rose in ranks to eventually become his second in command. She was full of anger, was loyal to Dark Kat, and was responsible for many deaths in aiding his hold over Megakat. At one point, she loses her tail. It was sliced off by a rebel and so she became a true Manx. >_>

Re: Felony’s SK Fan Chara Box

Posted: Sat Dec 09, 2017 6:31 pm
by Felony
Felony Kat aka Renegade

Felony is one of my oldest characters. I was 15 years old when I created her originally after getting into the SWAT Kats, though it wasn't until a year after the original airing that the idea came to me. I shelved the idea when getting involved in other cartoon shows, then pulled the idea out again when rediscovering the series in 1997 and have used her in old long since deleted fic, SK related role play games and for my online alias.

Felony is the daughter of Dark Kat. In most versions of her she grew up in an orphanage, not knowing who her parents were. The idea for her name came from one of the Bunnicula books which there were two cats named Felony and Miss Demeanor. I thought Felony would be a suitable name for the daughter of Dark Kat. Her criminal alias at first was Raven as like the bird she liked to take shiny things. However when the Teen Titans cartoon came out, I kept getting the “oh like Raven from Teen Titans”. I changed the name to Renegade which is what she is really.

She has gone through several looks over the years and her history has changed. I have played many different versions of her due to the various RPG 'verses she's been in according to whatever rules were set. She started out in fan fiction but was played in the #altskrpg, MBI SKRPG, NSK ArtPG, and the SWAT Kats Redemption. She's been in various side RPGs (one on one RPs with various players) and has been a baddie in most of these though she was actually good in the NSK RPG (that explains the SK get up she is in from 2009 XD). Jenna originally was her mother, then later changed to Ebony and she has even been a test tube baby. XD In the SKR, she was actually DK's granddaughter not daughter and Kyle is her uncle not half brother. She has had varying degrees of loyalty to her father Dark Kat, various "love" interests, sometimes in her band 9 Lives & Counting, alias and last name changes and had various changes in physical appearance. Because she has been the character I have drawn and roleplayed the most, I want to bring her story to comic form, save without SK ‘verse stuff and have her be human.
(McGrath belongs to MoDaD)

Re: Felony’s SK Fan Chara Box

Posted: Sun Dec 10, 2017 1:06 pm
by Ty-Chou
It's really fun to see the process of Felony over the years and how she has been changed and updated into the character she is today.

Re: Felony’s SK Fan Chara Box

Posted: Wed Dec 13, 2017 7:52 pm
by Felony
Ty-Chou wrote:It's really fun to see the process of Felony over the years and how she has been changed and updated into the character she is today.
Yeah, it is definitely a trip down memory lane for most of these characters. Time has passed so quickly!

Re: Felony’s SK Fan Chara Box

Posted: Tue Jan 23, 2018 10:38 am
by Felony
Poecat reminded me of this thread. LOL I didn’t realize so much time had gone from the last post.

Jenna Marie Clawson

Jenna is another of my oldest characters. Created not long after I got back into the series in the late 90s, she was Jake's older sister. Like Jake, Jenna was highly intelligent, but where he went into the Enforcers for his career, she continued on earning degrees in engineering. She is a self proclaimed technological genius but can back it up. Growing up, Jenna and Jake were often at odds. Jenna was a bit rebelious and liked to party while Jake was more reserved and calm. She resented him, thinking their parents favored Jake more. It wasn't true, it was just she got in trouble much more than him.

Originally she was good. Jenna worked at Puma-Dyne, though wasn't given her own projects. She worked under Hackle who left not long after. She didn't see his concern for building weapons. She grew tired of not seeing her own ideas receiving funding. Dark Kat took advantage of that when he had her work for him.

The whole fan girling over Dark Kat originally started as a bit of a joke but lol I ended up running with the idea when the creation of Kyle occurred in the #altskrpg. She fell in love with Dark Kat after he hired her to work for him. The idea of siblings on opposite sides of the law seemed interesting. It was Dark Kat’s power, status and ill gotten gains along with his goals of ruling the city that got her romantically interested. She saw him as an intellectual equal. He didn't love her, but tolerated her as she was loyal. In the MBI/SKRPG, she didn't work for Dark Kat but instead worked for various criminals if the money was right. One in particular was a powerful crime boss Antonio Katpone. In the SWAT Kats: Revolution RPG, she was actually one of the SWAT Kats' techs, helping out her brother, Chance and their friends when Feral had discovered who they were and were fugitives. The MBI was the last RPG Jenna was in. She appears in the SWAT Kats: Nova Squadron comic Poecat and I are working on as the wife of Dark Kat and Kyle's mother, similar to how she was in the #altskrpg.

Re: Felony’s SK Fan Chara Box

Posted: Wed Jan 24, 2018 12:03 pm
by Kooshmeister
Somehow your Dark Kat obsession is healthier than my Dr. Viper one. RazLaugh

Re: Felony’s SK Fan Chara Box

Posted: Thu Jan 25, 2018 5:09 am
by Cait
Seems like Jenna had a lot of different lifes till now... Which one you consider the definitive one if you should choose? I'm interested SinianThisCait
Love "idea" Jenna Image

Re: Felony’s SK Fan Chara Box

Posted: Wed Jan 31, 2018 12:21 am
by Felony
Cait wrote:Seems like Jenna had a lot of different lifes till now... Which one you consider the definitive one if you should choose? I'm interested SinianThisCait
Love "idea" Jenna Image
Probably the sibling rivalry going to becoming an arrogant tech genius who develops a crush on Dark Kat for his intellect, power and wealth. He uses her to get what he wants, causing her to fall in love despite his rough treatment of her, and they make powerful weapons of mass destruction together. XD

And thankies! It has taken me years to learn how to properly draw chibi style.

Re: Felony’s SK Fan Chara Box

Posted: Wed Jan 31, 2018 1:05 am
by Felony
Kyle R. Kat aka Onslaught

Another older SK character, he was created in 2002. However, he was co-created with a fellow RPGer in the #altskrpg, Mike the Vile. Kyle R. Kat was Mike’s name for him, a pun name that can be read as ‘killer kat’. I later came up with the middle name Rostislav for the R., a name meaning glory in Russian as I assumed maybe the blurple hue of DK was a play on the Russian Blue cat breed. We had the idea that what if Jenna had Dark Kat’s kids and I tossed in Felony. She was loyal to her father so we thought maybe he had a son who wasn’t so into his father’s evil plans. Little Kyle thus began as a sweet little boy who ran away every so often to his Uncle Jake’s at the salvage yard. Later on he would grow up to try and see to his father’s plans through though was happy when the SWAT Kats showed to stop them. He didn’t want to hurt anyone. He didn’t want control of a half destroyed city.

I played him in various one on one side RPGs where I developed him as being a half demon (as my theory on Dark Kat is he’s a demon banished to the mortal realm without his powers). Mike had given Kyle to me fully to do as I wanted with him. Kyle was put on the shelf until the Neo SWAT Kats ArtPG. Aria removed a load of rules and made some changes after a few years. Players could have characters be related to show characters, so I was able to bring in Kyle. This version he was obedient to Dark Kat but after a major failure was tossed out. He decided he would outdo Dark Kat and formed his own supervillain group called Omegakats and called himself Onslaught.

After the NSKs, I played him in SWAT Kats Redemption created by Aero and I. We wanted something big going on in the background with the villains and decided to give Dark Kat this huge worldwide ancient cult called Amrit. He was the leader in a long succession of leaders since ancient Egyptian times. Kyle was groomed to be next in line and took it seriously.

Now Kyle is in Nova, a slight mix of his various incarnations, though mostly is like the latter. A bit more spoiled and lazy though, wanting to live his own life.
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(Faustine belongs to Lady Stormcrow. Vespula belongs to J. Chouinard. Dream Creeper and Roni belong to Cindy Ramey. Nightshade belongs to GDK.)