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Re: Writing Good SWAT Kats Fanfiction: Staying In Character

Posted: Fri Feb 03, 2017 12:47 am
by EricoBard

Lieutenant Felina Feral- There are some Enforcers who outright despise the SWAT Kats. There are those who tolerate them, to a degree. And finally there is Lieutenant Feral...who openly works alongside of them, and praises their efforts.

Until Felina, the only stated ranks within the Enforcers were Commander Feral, the only twice seen and thankfully ignored thereafter Lieutenant Commander Steele, and Feral's ubiquitous aide-de-camp sergeant. Her rank, examined by typical police organizational charts, would imply that she is in charge of at least a squad of Enforcers and officers, who would hold the ranks of sergeant, deputy, or trooper beneath her. This alone would imply that while she was going through the Academy, Felina performed admirably enough to be seen as a candidate for further advancement. In spite of this, Felina is not seen in the field commanding other Enforcers and issuing orders, save for when she is in the air at the head of a flight. Perhaps due to the limitations of a 23 minute episode, Felina is usually seen doing her own thing, separate from the rest of the Enforcers.

Felina is a highly capable, though young, pilot, and was able to not only dogfight effectively against Mutilor's alien forces, but later flew the ship she downed with a shoulder-fired bazooka up into high atmosphere to attack the mothership. She is also an excellent helicopter pilot, and rescued Deputy Mayor Briggs in the initial minutes of "Mutation City", even proving able to hold the craft steady as she leveled her laser pistol at a threat that tried to worm its way through the side door of the airframe. Her brash and impetuous approach carries over when she's participating in ground operations as well. The same level of daring which makes her such an effective officer also unfortunately carries an equivalent cost; She ends up in hot water more often than those who might be more cautious in their approach.

In "Mutation City", she forces herself into the ill-fated helicopter mission, and in spite of her best efforts, ends up being taken down by the swamp's defenses, forcing the SWAT Kats to rescue both herself and her uncle before they resume the job themselves. In "A Bright and Shiny Future", she tries to sneak up on the Pastmaster to net and capture him against direct orders, and again has to be rescued by the SWAT Kats. Felina has talent and a fair amount of skill, but lacks the seasoning and experience that would help her to develop a sense of restraint.

Her most notable quality overall is a desire to put results over methods; Thus, she and her uncle routinely butt heads in matters involving the SWAT Kats. Just as Feral reflects the static and staid methods of the Enforcers, Felina represents a new generation of soldier, one willing to employ flexibility in their tactics. When not in the heat of combat, Felina Feral does have a remarkable analytical mind that aids in her work as a sometimes-detective; During "Razor's Edge", she investigated the collapsed warehouse reportedly destroyed by the SWAT Kats' Octopus Missile, found traces of foul play, and shared the information with T-Bone. Whereas the rest of the Enforcers' command structure was willing to do only a cursory examination, Felina was willing to spend the extra overtime to lay her doubts to rest. Few in the Enforcers know the SWAT Kats better than she does; nobody else ever worked beside them. For their part, the SWAT Kats' willingness to let her come along on so many of their missions is less a surrender to Enforcers authority, and more an acknowledgement of her abilities. Even when she gets into scrapes, they never tell her that she should 'stay back' and out of harm's way. They merely rescue her and move on, seeing it as a risk that comes with the job...not a mark that reflects poorly on her demeanor. And it's also likely that they prefer to keep her around as long as possible, as her presence during events stands as something of a validation. Keeping her around enables them to deal with matters in their own fashion and act with temporary approval.

Felina likely has ambitions of higher leadership, given how focused she is on the job, and dedicated to getting results. Every success she has in the field is a chance to prove her uncle wrong and win the confidence and support of not only her fellow Enforcers, but those in city government as well. Together, she and Deputy Mayor Briggs form a dynamic of young power and authority on the rise; the more public face of what the SWAT Kats do in the shadows. They are all to a one dedicated to the protection, defense, and stewardship of their city.

Lieutenant Feral is another character seen only through the lens of whatever problem has reared its head in a particular week. There are many open and unanswered questions regarding what she, and other members of the cast do when not dealing with more vital problems. She seemingly carries no romantic attachments, preferring to see the SWAT Kats, in the course of the show, as ready assistants in the cause of justice and peace in the city. It is possible, though unlikely, that she's married to her job in a similar fashion to her uncle. Especially if promotions are in her perceived future.

In the overall, Lieutenant Feral's psych profile indicates that she has a similar level of stubbornness as her uncle, but not the prejudices he carries. It is likely Felina wishes to rise even higher in the ranks, perhaps one day even taking over the post of Commander when, or if, her uncle ever decides to step down. Seen through that lens, her ambitious style of dealing with problems can be more readily understood. She understands the SWAT Kats are a useful tool to keep around, and so long as they avoid harming innocent civilians, and minimizing property damage, she will make sure that they can continue their work in relative peace.

What to Avoid with Lieutenant Feral: While Felina shows a willingness to work with the SWAT Kats, she herself always wears her uniform proudly. Thus, it is highly unlikely she would quit the force to join them as a vigilante. It is more possible that some day her uncle might actually bring her up on charges and have her sent away if her bond of camaraderie with the SWAT Kats ever resulted in more significant problems than it solved. Nor does her gender ever factor in to a lack of advancement or career talents. Like Callie, Felina is representative of the post-feminist cultural shift; She, and her fellow Enforcers, care little about her gender. Those who serve alongside them are far more concerned with their others. In Megakat City, at least, gender plays no role in determining the limits of ones' ability. Only a kat's talent, achievements, and stubborn attitude matter.

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Re: Writing Good SWAT Kats Fanfiction: Staying In Character

Posted: Fri Feb 03, 2017 11:57 pm
by EricoBard

Elrod "Dr. Viper" Purvis- There are many different sorts of villains that the SWAT Kats go up against, and Dr. Viper is certainly one of the more memorable ones. It has less to do with his methods (Because in methodology, all of the SWAT Kats' rogues gallery prefer to go for monstrous actions) and more to do with the purpose behind them. Viper is unlike any of the other villains, in that his purpose is more ideologically pure...and thus, perhaps the most frightening of all.

Born Elrod Purvis, he started out as a brilliant but self-serving kat who worked at Megakat Biochemical as a biochemist under Dr. N. Zyme. In seeking to create a restorative formula to rejuvenate damaged plants and crops, with possible medical uses in the future, the two had developed a particular cocktail. Dr. Zyme meant to use it for the good of katkind, but Purvis wanted only to sell it and become rich. In the process of trying to steal it, he was exposed to it, and the shock of that exposure presumably killed him. At least, that was what everyone believed until he revived hours later in the morgue and began to transform into something else. Something beyond katkind.

Taking on reptilian characteristics, including a hissing sibilance and eyes that could glow at will, Purvis renamed himself Dr. Viper and swore vengeance on those who had wronged him, as detailed in the episode "Origins of Dr. Viper." The SWAT Kats intervened, saving Zyme, the mayor and deputy mayor, and forcing Viper into retreat. Denied his revenge, Viper slipped into Megakat City's sewer system and began a process of rebuilding himself.

From then on, every time that Viper crawls up to the surface to threaten the city, it was with grander ambitions, more overwhelming odds. From turning a terrorist fighter pilot named Morbulus into a replicating giant purple foam-structured bacteria monster, to placing a spore bomb at the top of Megakat Tower, to successfully mutating all of Megakat City into an enormous swamp full of deadly creatures for a short time, he has never been short on means and motivation. Through it all, there is a purity in what he does. There is no bank to rob, no government to overthrow and replace. With callous disregard for the kats that live there, Viper tries to mutate, to recreate, to return the sprawling metropolis to nature...a form of nature put into overdrive through his machinations, true, but nature nonetheless. He does not work well with others, because his goals are always at odds with what everyone else has in mind as their endgame. Viper has only tried to team up once, and then it was at the behest of Dark Kat.

Dr. Viper possesses a mixture of intelligence and animal brutality that makes him an absolute terror to fight against. A skilled biochemist and bio-engineer, his work with various catalysts is not to be underestimated. Insects became rampaging sentries, his Plantimals were capable of flight, self-regeneration, and acid vomit projectiles. When he has the time, he can mutate creatures into monstrous abominations, bent to his will and his bidding. In addition, he has been shown to have some technical skill as well, putting together the restraining collars that Dark Kat used in "Katastrophe" to keep the Metallikats bent to his will...until Viper removed them, at least. He is able, through his ability to lurk about, to always be in the know of new chemical compounds being produced at the various laboratories throughout the city, the better to continue his own work. In a fight, he lashes out with his snakelike tail which is strong enough to deadlift kats without limiting his mobility, and given the nature of his reincarnation, he likely has a regeneration and healing factor of his own. Viper prefers conjuring minions to fight his battles for him, preferring to continue sharpening his intellect over his brawn.

Viper hasn't been seen since he went full on Godzilla at the end of "Mutation City" in the beginning of Season 2, but chances are high he's still around. Like the reptile he takes his characteristics from, he has a very high durability.

While never specifically stated, his actions and spoken dialogue following his origin story paint the picture of an individual with lofty and hard to understand goals. His callous disregard for the lives of other sentient beings, even his own life, says something about his worldview and perspective. In everything he does, there is an element of survival of the fittest, the established Darwinian model of evolution at work.

While this next part is conjecture on my part, it is by far the most rational explanation for what drives Dr. Viper's actions. He does not seek to disrupt society, but to remove it completely. The creatures who endure and thrive in the hellish vision of a resurgent natural world he constantly attempts to force onto Megakat City are worth the air they breathe (Or produce?), and the ones who are not will be food for the stronger. It is likely that after surviving his failed revenge attempt on N. Zyme and the other captives, Viper underwent a period of intense soul searching and self-reflection. No longer the kat he was, his mind underwent a similar metamorphosis to what his body had. Already altered by the mutagen, there was still a little of Dr. Purvis left inside of him. That part perished, and made room for who he would become. He was a creature of evolution, of mutation. He was a new form of life, and he knew how to make more. And if he could become stronger...then others could as well. Behind the monster everyone sees and the mad cackles they hear is the mind of a highly intelligent being twisted sharply in an aberrant direction.

His actions are driven by the principles of survival and evolution. Those who wish to survive must evolve, and those who do not will perish and become part of the fossil record. The modern world, with its conveniences, stands against the natural order. The SWAT Kats are the most irritating threat he faces in his quest to 'purify' his small corner of the world, the starkest examples of a betrayal of the code he operates by. They continually interfere and stop him through their use of technology. Just as Viper personifies the natural world, the SWAT Kats stand as the avatars of the modern world Viper wishes to replace, and they have chosen to defend the target his mission hinges on. Megakat City must truly be grand in comparison to the rest of the planet; Viper is obsessed with changing it first, as though it were a symbol to be torn down, or a trumpet to be sounded. He cares nothing for the cost in lives, or sanity, or ruined buildings and homes. His lofty ambitions set him, in his mind, on a higher plane of existence. Life always finds a way to survive. He is but its servant...pushing things along. Anyone else who deals with him for more than a few minutes cannot help but feel unnerved. He is too far beyond the norm of what is typically evil in Megakat City for most to even comprehend.

What to Avoid With Dr. Viper: In truth, there is no limit to what Viper might achieve or attempt, given enough time and planning. Three times he brought the city to its knees with his mad schemes; each time, only the interference of the SWAT Kats denied him victory. His altered mindset, his obsession gives him the freedom to do whatever is necessary to make it reality. Dr. Viper is a loner, however, and one failed supervillain team-up was clearly enough for him. Having seen that the other rogues who go up against the SWAT Kats have no taste for his quest and pursue their own, he will elect to operate independently, utilizing only himself and his mutated minions, whom he has control over, either through the mutagens he makes themselves, or some more subtle means of control made possible by his altered physiology. Thus, any stories featuring Viper should be kept as a solo act; him and his monstrous minions against everyone else.

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Re: Writing Good SWAT Kats Fanfiction: Staying In Character

Posted: Sat Feb 04, 2017 8:56 am
by Mr. Goodkat
These character analyses are quite detailed and are interesting to read. I'm sure they can be of help when writing an SK fanfiction and I'm gonna stay tuned for the upcoming biographies.

Since I finally had some time to read them throughly there are a few things that came into my mind which I would like to share/add:
EricoBard wrote:Chance "T-Bone" Furlong
[...] His fighting style, that of unstoppable blunt force, is reflected in his name: "T-Bone", a reference not to the steak, but the act of crashing one car into the side of another so hard that it curls the chassis around the impact point. [...]
I sometimes wondered why Chance's codename is actually T-Bone as I wasn't aware that this originates from a certain act of crashing one car into another. Guess I've learned something new today... RazLaugh
EricoBard wrote:Jacob/Jake "Razor" Clawson
How comes that you are calling him Jacob sometimes?
I can't remember that he was ever called by that name in the show. I know that the name Jake is sometimes used as short form of Jacob, but as far as I know this name can also stand for itself.
EricoBard wrote:Commander Ulysses Feral
[...] Every damaged and ruined vehicle ends up in the Megakat City Salvage Yard, which also doubles as the Enforcers "Boneyard", a dumping ground for wrecked and outdated jets and other equipment. [...]
Although this might be obvious to some of you I didn't realize until now that the wreckages "produced" under Feral's command actually give T-Bone and Razor a steady supply of raw material which they can use to produce their own weapons and gadgets. RazLaugh
EricoBard wrote:[...]Feral has no obvious romantic affiliations, nor does his character lend itself to fostering such attachments. Feral's personality and life are too closely tied to the Enforcers; He stands as the epitome of someone who is 'married to his work.' He is never seen off-duty or in civilian clothing, and the most undressed he has ever been was a moment when he was sitting at his desk out of his coat, filling out paperwork.[...]
The only exception of this so far would have been the Succubus-episode where Feral falls in love with Katrina Moorkroft and wears a tuxedo at some point. But due to the cancelation of the show this never happened in the canon. RazSad
EricoBard wrote:Lieutenant Felina Feral
[...] Even when she gets into scrapes, they never tell her that she should 'stay back' and out of harm's way. [...]
T-Bone actually once tried that in the episode Caverns of Horror, but without success ;):
T-Bone: I can hardly wait to see what’s at the end of THIS tunnel. Crud!
Razor: T-Bone, this bridge will never hold the Turbo-Mole!
T-Bone: Better stay here, Lieutenant.
Felina: I don’t take "no" for an answer, remember?
T-Bone: Now that you mention it, yeah.
EricoBard wrote:Elrod "Dr. Viper" Purvis
[...] He does not work well with others, because his goals are always at odds with what everyone else has in mind as their endgame. Viper has only tried to team up once, and then it was at the behest of Dark Kat. [...]
Thinking of it this is the only episode where Dr. Viper's plan isn't to get rid of all this disgusting metal and plastic. Instead, he expects his share on Megakat City which Dark Kat denies him:
Dark Kat: I want a big ceremony, where these two personally turn Megakat City over to me!
Viper: Don’t you mean us? I thought we were dividing the city equally!
Dark Kat: Just a slip of the tongue, Viper.
Viper: Don’t make me sorry I trusted you, Dark Kat!
But who knows what he would have had in mind if Dark Kat had kept his word and once he got his share on Megakat City... ViperSMile

Re: Writing Good SWAT Kats Fanfiction: Staying In Character

Posted: Sat Feb 04, 2017 11:10 am
by Kooshmeister
Mr. Goodkat wrote: The only exception of this so far would have been the Succubus-episode where Feral falls in love with Katrina Moorkroft and wears a tuxedo at some point. But due to the cancelation of the show this never happened in the canon.
It was also implied that he was mainly interested in her because she had some supernatural sway over him.

As for Viper, I did my own little breakdown of him for the villain wiki a few years ago:
Villains Wikia wrote: Dr. Purvis was shown to be both opportunistic and greedy. When Dr. Zyme revealed he intended to donate the Viper Mutagen to the city, Purvis considered him an idealistic fool who was throwing money away. The scientific research Purvis conducted was not undertaken for the betterment of catkind; his end goal was solely to get wealthy.

He was also shown to be quite vicious if provoked and uncaring about whether anyone got hurt in his schemes - when Zyme tried to stop him from stealing the mutagen, Purvis punched him in the face and knocked him down a flight of stairs. His readiness to violate the rights of others in furtherance of his plans marks him as a sociopath.

As Dr. Viper, Purvis was no longer motivated by money, and his sociopathic tendencies were amplified a hundredfold. He was sadistic and cruel to others. He seemed to take sick pleasure in Morbulus' slow and painful transformation, and didn't care how many people died in all his attempts to conquer the city. He even seemed to delight in the thought of the citizens dying, and he referred to his monsters eating innocent victims in sarcastic food terms - "Now that you've had your breakast/Dinner" etc.

Through his monsters, Viper is indirectly responsible for the deaths of at least twenty to thirty people throughout his various appearances, and directly responsible for one - when a farmer attempts to attack his bacteria monster, Viper, enraged, grabs the farmer with his tail and puts him into the monster's mouth to be eaten, directly murdering him.

Viper was insane and his sense of aesthetics was warped and twisted. He considered his hideous monsters "beautiful" and considered modern architecture "ugly" and his single driving goal was to turn the modern metropolis into a festering mutation-filled swampland, over which he personally would rule. His home in the swamp, a giant, twisted tree, is a good representation of his warped sense of taste.
I may have misused/overused "sociopath," but oh well. I'm reasonably certain I got most of his personality breakdown correct. :lol:

And, what, no Manx? ManxSmile

Re: Writing Good SWAT Kats Fanfiction: Staying In Character

Posted: Sat Feb 04, 2017 12:27 pm
by EricoBard
Your take on Viper's a good one, Koosh; The only thing different in my interpretation is his role as an emotionally separated Eco-Warrior hellbent on letting the system of evolution reign supreme, in place of a modern society that he views as breeding weakness. Kind of like a combination of Ra's Al Ghul and Vandal Savage; that if katkind is destined to survive, it has to suffer and prove itself worthy of Life, and that they must be punished for their abuses of the green world they live on. To be honest, I'm surprised that this didn't provoke a lot of public outcry.

It's kind of like what happened in my Starfox 'Fic. The main character, a prisoner of war, makes a subtle reference that may or may not be taken as forced rape on the part of her captors (I never said it happened, nor did I intend to, leaving it up to interpretation) and people are up in arms. A secondary character, one of the enemy troops going through a crisis of personality, faith and character, takes a civilian turned pleasure slave and forcibly turns her fur white in a tub of burning bleach to match the main character to fulfill some sick fantasy of being able to argue with her and have her around, nobody bats an eye. In that instance, a what-if was more controversial than an actual event. There's no accounting for what will set people off, it seems.

When possible, I am trying to ignore character aspects taken from sources that were not in the show as produced and viewed...only making reference to them when they would have some particular bearing of importance. Feral being seduced by a kat Succubus isn't quite the same as Feral pondering whether or not to sell Megakat City down the river by helping Turmoil when he gets fed up with constantly being dumped on and blamed. Both are hypotheticals; only one of them would have indicated a major shift in his personality, had it happened, and thus was worthy of noting (With the disclaimer that since it DIDN'T happen, it has to be struck from the record.)

As for why I haven't done Manx: He's a tertiary character, and I'm currently working on the main villains. I'll get around to him, don't worry.

Re: Writing Good SWAT Kats Fanfiction: Staying In Character

Posted: Sat Feb 04, 2017 6:43 pm
by Kooshmeister
The idea of Viper as some kind of eco-warrior out to punish katkind for its sins against nature is an unusual notion - and one I once toyed with myself, before realizing there was nothing to support it. It isn't an invalid theory. It just seems to be at odds with fact he takes such sadistic glee in his work, and his stated intentions have always been selfish in nature (power for himself, control of the city for himself, etc.). Even before he got mutated, he committed theft for a very selfish reason, money.

Also, keep in mind, he doesn't want to return Megakat City to its natural state; he wants to turn it into a parody of its natural state. ViperSMile

Re: Writing Good SWAT Kats Fanfiction: Staying In Character

Posted: Sun Feb 05, 2017 12:25 am
by EricoBard
You have a point there, Koosh. I went back and re-read all the transcripts of the episodes featuring Viper, and there is a clear bend in the direction of Viper wanting to rule Megakat City after it's transformed, and him favoring a warped sense of nature reclamation, rather than an honest version. That being said, there IS evidence that indicates, once, that his goal, while self-serving, has a root in a different philosophy. That is, during the Megakat Towers takeover in Season 1, he refers to Megakat City as a "Rotten city." This might just be a circumstantial adjective, one could argue...

But I suspect that, on reflection, the truth of Viper's motivations lies somewhere between your interpretation of him being a self-serving individual, and my interpretation of him trying to accelerate biological progression by striking the symbol of the modern world down and then setting out. Later, after I've gotten through the rest of the villain and tertiary character biographies, you and I should find some time to sit down and hash it out. It would be a fun conversation at least. :)

Next post: The Metallikats, who are a lot easier to figure out.


Re: Writing Good SWAT Kats Fanfiction: Staying In Character

Posted: Sun Feb 05, 2017 12:34 am
by Kooshmeister
EricoBard wrote:That is, during the Megakat Towers takeover in Season 1, he refers to Megakat City as a "Rotten city."
Foul, specifically. And ugly. ViperSMile
EricoBard wrote:Later, after I've gotten through the rest of the villain and tertiary character biographies, you and I should find some time to sit down and hash it out. It would be a fun conversation at least. :)
I'd like that. Do you have Skype or anything along those lines?

Re: Writing Good SWAT Kats Fanfiction: Staying In Character

Posted: Sun Feb 05, 2017 11:47 am
by EricoBard

Mac and Molly Metallikat: Mac and Molly Mange were a husband and wife team who oversaw a significant portion of mob activity in Megakat City, especially katnip dealing. Arrested and imprisoned at Alkatraz, they were denied an early parole by the authority of the mayor's office, and in desperation, succeeded in a daring prison break one foggy evening. Rowing away from the island prison in a dilapidated rowboat, they found their bickering interrupted by the sudden appearance of a looming ship out of the fog that broke their boat and threw them to the mercy of the sea. It was here that their life ended, for as their bodies washed up on shore the next day by the laboratory of a retired weapons engineer known as Professor Hackle, a new future awaited the Metallikats.

The Metallikats are made of high grade steel, which poses a problem to the Enforcers, as most of their trooper-carried weapons are ineffective against them. As beings of metal, wiring, and hydraulics, they are incredibly strong and durable, being able to lift and throw heavy objects and other kats with ease. On foot, they are both equipped with add-on weapons gauntlets stolen from Hackle's laboratory, and they drove a heavily armored hovercar Molly affectionately nicknamed the 'Metallikat Express', also stolen, which was equipped with forward and rear mounted weapons systems, as well as a SAM battery. However, their favored vehicle was assimilated by the entity known as Zed during "Unlikely Alloys", and it is unlikely that they would be able to recover the broken pieces, much less put their hovercar back together. The Metallikats are not invulnerable; they can take damage from tremendous pressure and blunt force impacts, as they have been crushed under the Turbokat's hydraulic lift, broken apart by a fall of at least fifteen stories to the city pavement, and Mac has lost an arm in a coin press. In "Metal Urgency", Professor Hackle created a neural neutralizer ray to put them offline. In addition, severe electrical shocks can disrupt their systems and cripple them, as evidenced by the shock collars designed by Dark Kat and installed by Viper in "Katastrophe", as well as the severe damage suffered by Molly Metallikat in the beginning of "Unlikely Alloys." Molly shows a slight edge in intelligence over her husband, or at least bossiness, throughout every episode, and often states that she is the better driver, while Mac tends towards a more thuggish and direct approach.

The Metallikats have many vendettas, but rarely make them a primary focus in their lives of crime. Mac and Molly began their reign of criminal terror by trying to murder their entire old gang, and then later moved on to kill the mayor in City Hall for his refusal to grant them parole from Alkatraz. Their hatred was then transferred to Deputy Mayor Briggs when she revealed, in an attempt to save her boss' life, that she was the one responsible for signing the order, as Manx thought the paperwork beneath him. They later tried to attack her again in a later episode, but that was due only to her proximity, and was more of an afterthought on their part, and not the main goal. Similarly, they have a hatred for the SWAT Kats, who are even worse than the Enforcers, because they aren't real cops and still get in the way. Only once did they try to out the SWAT Kats after learning their secret identities, and after Feral refused to make a plea bargain with them, they made no further efforts to employ it. In spite of knowing the real identities of their greatest foes, they've not once tried to siege the salvage yard or attack the SWAT Kats in their mild-mannered 'grease monkey' personas. One concession is that in "A Bright and Shiny Future", one of the concentration work camps erected by them was placed in the Salvage Yard they oversee, but this could have just as easily been afterthought on their part, with the enormous amount of metal for use in making MetallAttack drones being the primary reason for the site's location.

Mac and Molly Metallikat have many advantages on their side; they don't require sleep or system hibernation (We haven't seen them go off-line once), they are incredibly strong and durable, and they have a host of high grade weapons at their disposal. However, evidence points strongly to the conclusion that they created none of these, having scavenged their first weapons and vehicle, and even when trying out a new missile system, Mac never clearly declares that he invented or made it. Their mindset and goals typically gravitate towards the sort of criminal activity that they pursued in their former lives as the Manges, robbing banks and causing havoc and destruction, and they show no signs of personal evolution. Even when they moved on Puma-Dyme to hijack the two Macrobots twisted for wartime use, the Metallikats declared no greater ambition than to "Tear up the town." While they ruled over the future Megakat City with a (literal) iron fist, subjugating non-metallic life forms, this was possible only due to the interference of The Pastmaster, who had no greater ambitions than to remove the SWAT Kats from out of their time and put them in the most horrific and impossible future possible. Their rule was most likely the time sorceror's idea, impossible for them to achieve without his help and advice. This is not to say that it would be impossible for them to try a similar Skynet-like scenario if they put their minds to it; it is merely improbable, given their dialogue and psych profile. Even when Mac and Molly had Zed somewhat in their thrall, they saw him as a means to achieving a bigger score and take. They are Iron Thieves, gangsters no longer confined to the sort of life that they once led, but still operating under the mental framework tied to it.

It would be easy to overlook Mac and Molly as credible threats, given how often the two bicker with one another. Yet both before and after their transformation into the Metallikats, they were husband and wife, a dynamic duo of larceny and worse. It might simply be a case of 'misery loves company' taken to its natural extreme, but the two have stuck together through the high times, through prison, and even in their new lives. "Unlikely Alloys" made clear how important they are to one another, with Mac becoming desperate and begging Molly to insult him just so he would know she was fine, and Molly even pairing up with their hated enemies the SWAT Kats, and risking her own life, to try and get her husband back from Zed's clutches. When they have nothing else, they have each other, even if just so there is someone they can insult and argue with. Their marriage vows must have been serious; 'for richer, or for poorer, in sickness and in health, 'til death do you part.' Mac and Molly Mange stayed together in death. They are still together in whatever strange version of 'after death' they now exist in.

What to Avoid with the Metallikats: Given that their perspective hasn't changed all that drastically throughout their appearances in the show, it is unlikely that there would be a dramatic and sudden shift. They continue to act in ways more consistent with gangsterism and hoodlum activities, lacking the will or ability to plan and carry out the more broad and dangerous schemes for Megakat City that Dark Kat and Dr. Viper typically go for. Similarly, the show never shows them 'logging in' or otherwise hacking into electronic systems, even if just to bust open an ATM, which implies either they lack the ability to become fully fledged digital 'ghosts in the machine' or that they have no interest or idea to. Even the control matrix that they used in the future to program and control the metal city in "A Bright and Shiny Future" was disabled by the use of slicer blades that cut the connecting wires to the headset; they could not access the system remotely. In the world of Megakat City as presented, the Metallikats are merely stronger, hardier versions of the mobsters we typically think of; concerned more with money and control of the underground than attempting to rule the city completely.

It is important to note, however, that while it is still non-canonical, the Tremblays indicated that their vision of Megakat City in "SWAT Kats Revolution" would have advanced along a similar degree and direction to our own world, becoming more digitized and interconnected, outpacing the SWAT Kats' ability to adjust and adapt. As currently written, the Metallikats are incapable of the sort of digital robbery and hijinks that this shift might allow; that may change as more details appear when/if Revolution ever becomes more than a Kickstarter fever dream. Keeping in character with the information we have right now, this possibility must be ignored.

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Posted: Tue Feb 07, 2017 6:50 pm
by Kooshmeister
I guess not. :lol: