Missing Inventory

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Missing Inventory

Post by Agracite » Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:07 pm

So this fic was something I was working on before the writing challenge. I decided to not submit it as it has a character of mine featured prominently alongside a canon character. Also, it is quite short as it is unfinished. A “ficlet” I guess. I am still working on Expecting Better. The script for Turmoil II kinda threw me a bit and I’m uncertain if I want to incorporate that into my story.

As for this, it takes place after Katastrophe and gives a bit of where Dark Kat gets his creeplings. A work in progress.

Missing Inventory

The old manor floor creaks under the weight of its owner who has returned from an unsuccessful night. Slowly he makes his way to a large room with an ornate fireplace. Antique furniture decorates the room, fine artwork in frames just as fine adorn the walls. It is a room meant for hosting small gatherings or soirees. Tonight it serves as a retreat.

The large kat sits on one of the sofas. It sinks a bit underneath his massive form. He groans at removing his heavy hooded Kevlar cape, dropping it to the floor. The motion causes him to wince as his left arm is injured, possibly even broken. Dark Kat had a bad night.

His plans to ransom Mayor Manx and his Deputy Mayor Briggs to give him control over Megakat City had been a disaster. He knew he shouldn’t have entrusted such a brilliant plan with the likes of Doctor Viper and the Metallikats. An alliance with them was doomed to fail despite the precautions taken.

“Another plan ruined by incompetence,” Dark Kat growls. He pulls with his good hand at the top of his head. Removing his full head mask, his gray tabby face is revealed. Dark Kat runs his fingers through his thick black hair, damp with sweat, and sighs. A trio of small pinkish creatures enter the room carrying a variety of first aid materials with them. Dark Kat unbuttons the top part of his robe, pulling partially out of it. He then takes hold of a zipper at his neck and pulls it down past his chest to his abdomen. Gingerly he slides his non-injured arm out of the violet furred thick skin suit. The creeplings speak in a strange gibberish sounding language as they begin to assist their master by helping remove his injured arm and begin making a splint for his forearm.

The drop from the warehouse floor down to an underground cavern was executed flawlessly. The explosion above didn’t affect the chamber due to the thick rock. However Mac Metallikat had landed partially on him, breaking his arm. The other villains of the short lived Alliance of Evil were at least disoriented enough to allow Dark Kat to escape.

The logs of the fireplace suddenly burst into flame. A woman emerges from it. “Amund Rex,” she says, looking directly at Dark Kat. She walks from the fireplace to stand before him, pulling the hood down of her long black cloak. Her entire body free of burning, untouched by the flames.

Her fur is a dark gray, save a few specks of black along her cheeks and the tops of her ears. In contrast, her hair is a light pink, long past her shoulders. She has a black tight catsuit on, black boots which point up some at the toes and a silver chain like belt at her hips. He looks into her eyes, eyes that are in similar color to the skin of the creeplings.

“Bette Noire...” Dark Kat replies in an annoyed tone. “What brings you here?”

“Where are the rest of your allotted creeplings?” She asks in return.

“They’ve long since expired. Only these three have remained.”

“How long ago did they expire?”

“Weeks ago.”

“Then where did you obtain those that accompanied you this evening?”

“I had only but the three.”

Her eyes narrow at him in disbelief. “Is that so?” She kneels down and motions for one of the creeplings to approach. Speaking in the chittering gibberish as they do, she asks it a question. It replies. She looks up from it to Dark Kat as she pets its head. “You lie.”

Dark Kat scowls at that. “So I lied.”

“You were given the agreed upon 30. How quickly you’ve gone through my creeplings’ numbers. They are not meant to be of short term expendable use.” She glares at him.

“That is not nearly enough for my work.”

Bette stands, picking up the creepling she spoke to. It lets her hold it in her arms. “Your work? You have failed to achieve your goal time and again. I could give you a thousand creeplings and it would not be enough.”

He lowly growls at that insult. “Taking Megakat City isn’t as simple, Bette. There are two vigilante kats who somehow manage to-“

“I do not care about your troubles with other mortals!” Bette interrupts. The creepling in her arms winces. “Stop stealing from the forge. Did you really think I would not notice the missing inventory?”

Dark Kat turns his head, looking away from her.

“How is it you are even able to gain access to it?”

Dark Kat remains silent.

“I am growing impatient with you, Amund. You made a deal and you have yet to fulfill your end. You want further access to my creeplings, you better prove you are worthy enough for it.” She kisses the top of the creeping’s head and sets it down. Turning, Bette walks back to the fireplace.

“Of course, Bette.” he says glowering, watching as she disappears into the fire. The flames die and extinguish.
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Re: Missing Inventory

Post by MintySage » Tue Feb 13, 2018 9:16 am

Okay, you need to continue this because I am intrigued by Dark Kat/Amund Rex’s relationship with Bette Noire and how he came across getting these kreeplings. This is a really good start!
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Re: Missing Inventory

Post by Poecat » Tue Feb 13, 2018 4:25 pm

This is a fun take on Dark Kat! I'm with Sage. More please DarkKatIcon
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