Darkness with a Thousand Eyes

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Darkness with a Thousand Eyes

Post by ZachHanson » Mon Feb 26, 2018 8:51 pm

Darkness with a Thousand Eyes
(A sequel to Darkness Has No Origin)

Mmmmmmm... In any case of events...

... I've always taken the pleasure of watching the sun set over this city.
It's mere image strengthens me in ways I will never explain to you, my creepling. As you should know now, the city has eyes and ears still open.

... However, the break of night silences the ears and darkens the eyes of all... except you and I. Our eyes and ears have heard and seen many things at this time. We made many plans over this scape and, although not all successful, have never been trapped in by the stupidity of the Enforces... nor those Swat Kats...


Oh what a thousand eyes can see through the night...

To think, the Swat Kats were really two grease rats in a salvage pit... and unaware of my presents...

Hehe... Oh, what Commander Ferral would do to have the knowledge of this... but that would end everything.

You see, my little creepling, there are some questions that must never be answered, secrets to never be discovered, truths to never be told... it is this thin thread of knowledge that keeps everything perfectly to my plan... my real plan...



Come now... the moon rises, as should we. And use once again our eyes and ears for what more knowledge we may gain... in the darkness...
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