Fur Your Eyes Only

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Fur Your Eyes Only

Post by Echo » Sun Jun 24, 2018 9:59 am

This is my first time making a Swat Kats fanfic, so it might not be as glamorous as the other ones I see on here. A quick description of my character is her height is shorter than Jake and she has light gray fur, red long hair and her tail has a white splotch at the tip.

Alright, time to rock and roll!

~The Beginning~

"This is Ann Gora from Kat's Eye News with a breaking development from our close neighbor the town of Purrsia, the Chief Pilot of The police force Mr. David Postskratch has died this morning. He was attacked just outside his home at 11 pm last night by a creature that no one can describe or has seen, he was pronounced dead from multiple wounds about two hours ago." The news reporter explained, she was inside the studio sitting at her desk with her associate Johnny manning her camera like always. "Mr. Postskratch has left behind his wife Emily and their young daughter Bella, I can't imagine the pain they're going through." She said, then put her hand to her ear. "I'm getting word that the widow Emily sadly took her own life just minutes ago, this is simply heartbreaking. We'll be sure to give you more news as it develops, for now, this has been Ann Gora with Kat's Eye News."

"Such a shame for that little girl, I'm sure she has family close by that can take her in." Mayor Manx of Megakat City said, turning off the tv. He was practicing golf in his office, as usual, his deputy mayor Callie Briggs was at his desk sorting through some papers. "Callie, I'm going to play a round of golf, hold my calls will ya?"

"But sir, we need to talk about all these expenses for repairing the city from Dr. Viper." Callie said, trying to show him the list as he walked to the elevator.

"I'm sure you'll figure something out." Mayor Manx said as the doors closed, Callie grunted angrily.

Many hours later at nightfall, a terrible thunderstorm started to come down over the city and the outskirts. The citizens all ran inside their homes and no one was left on the streets, through the rain there was a small beacon from a flashlight. The flashlight belonged to a young kat running through the rain in a dark blue poncho, she panted heavily running as fast as she could. She stopped at a large chain link fence and climbed over it landing on the other side in a mud puddle, she wiped the mud off her face and continued to run. She noticed she was in a very large salvage yard but was unfortunately lost, she shivered a bit from being cold and looked over to a large area where some metal barrels were kept to find a large broken down car just behind some of the barrels. The car had broken doors but still looked dry enough to stay the night in, she pulled open the door with some force and got in shutting it. The girl took off her poncho and sat in the driver's seat sobbing terribly, what was she supposed to do now? Where could she go? The girl eventually fell asleep on the steering wheel, despite still being cold and wet.

The following morning the sun shone brightly in the sky, she moaned opening her eyes and yawned twitching her ears. "Ugh, what a night. I guess the only thing now is to find something to eat." She told herself, she reached for the door handle when she heard a sliding panel open next to her on the ground and a black and red fighter jet zoomed out heading towards the city. She covered her ears from the loud engine, once it took off she got out and out of curiosity went into the sliding panel on the ground before it closed. She knew this was trespassing, but she was cold and hungry and she wasn't gonna be long. "I better be quick before that jet gets back." She saw all sorts of weapons and two lockers with some letters on them but left them alone. Soon enough she found a ladder and started climbing it, unbeknownst to her there was a sensor right across from the ladder and when she started climbing it the sensor's light started blinking.

She went through a hatch in the floor and came up through what looked like a service garage, the place was nice for a repair shop. The girl eventually found the kitchen on the second floor and opened the fridge, seeing some leftover spaghetti and ate it not caring it was cold. She finished her meal and put the plate in the sink, she flicked her ear and looked out the window seeing the black jet coming back. "Oh crap!" She panicked while some mud fell out of her hair and landed where she stood, going all the way back down to the hangar to try and hide. She found a large table that was covered on one side, she quickly hid under it while she heard the engine come to a complete stop and a hatch open up.

"You sure the sensor detected motion in the hanger?" A very gruff voice said, the girl could see the shadows as they walked and one of them was very tall and big while the other was skinny and short.

"I'm positive, my sensor is never wrong. You don't think the metallikats got in here again, do you?" The smaller shadow asked, looking around suspiciously.

"Those tin cans? I doubt it, check upstairs buddy I'll scan down here for intruders." The gruff voice said, the smaller shadow nodded and headed up the ladder. The girl saw the shadow get bigger as he got closer to the table. "If anyone is in here, show yourselves and we won't turn you into Kat's Eye News' next headline." The girl gulped, seeing his large paw grab the edge of the table and she shivered worried about what would happen to her. He looked to be as large as a gorilla according to his shadow, so really anything could happen.

"I got something T-Bone, looks like someone was here. Nothing but some leftover spaghetti was eaten, though." The smaller kat said, showing his friend the dirty plate.

"Are you kidding me, someone's gonna pay for eating my spaghetti!" The kat named T-Bone said angrily and gripped the table's edge hard enough making the area around his paw break off with ease. The girl yelped in silence hearing it break off. "Oops, guess we need a new table too."

"We'll worry about the table later." The smaller kat said, he cocked a weaponized glove on his hand. "But right now, let's see if this intruder is still around."

"Yeah, let's take him down Razor." T-Bone cocked his glove as well, the two started searching the lower hangar.

"Okay, if I can run to the ladder quick enough I can get to the garage and get out. But I don't know what those weaponized gloves can do, they could kill me." She said to herself, then slapped herself. "No, you got this." She peeked around the corner, seeing neither of them around and quickly but quietly headed to the ladder. She got behind console after console, sighing relief and saw the ladder in her sights. "Almost there."

"Lower level hangar's clear, got anything on the scanner?" T-Bone asked Razor as they walked up the stairs, Razor had his infrared sensor on that was built inside his helmet.

"Negative, there's nothing on this level." Razor looked up, seeing a small red blob on the first level of the hanger. "Wait a minute, looks like the intruder stuck around. He's on the top level of the hangar."

"Let's kick some tail." T-Bone said, heading to the top level looking around. "Alright Razor, just point him out and-." When he looked at the ladder, he saw a girl kat with gray fur and red hair climbing up the ladder. The girl gasped, seeing him looking at her. "There she is!"

The girl yelped, climbing up the ladder. The two kats shot a net missile at her but she was quick enough up the ladder that she missed it and ran out of the garage. "Crud." T-Bone said. "We need to stop her."

"We can't risk going topside looking like this. Someone could spot us." Razor explained, T-Bone angrily punched the wall.

"Then what do we do, wait?" T-Bone said, taking off his helmet.

"That's all we can do, come on we gotta fix up Callie's car." Razor said, taking off his helmet as well and they went to get changed.

The girl quickly got into the car where she had stayed the previous night in, panting heavily. "Th-They could have killed me, what was I thinking?!" She knew she had to be more careful next time, she laid back in the seats finally calming down and started to think about her next move.
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Re: Fur Your Eyes Only

Post by Kooshmeister » Mon Jun 25, 2018 1:52 am

So far so good, and I love the title. It's very in keeping with the kinds of titles the show did sometimes. Keep up the good work. FelinaSalute
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Re: Fur Your Eyes Only

Post by Echo » Mon Jun 25, 2018 9:27 am

Thanks, Koosh. ^^
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Re: Fur Your Eyes Only

Post by Echo » Mon Jun 25, 2018 9:59 am

It looks like a few people are reading this which is cool, I decided I'll put up a new chapter when I can.

~The Observation~

For the next few days, the girl just watched the two kats going about their daily lives. Over time she learned their names were Jake and Chance who were part-time mechanics and full-time heroes, every time they left she would take the opportunity to get inside and grab something to eat. Though there were a few close calls they never caught her, Jake took this as an opportunity to try and see if he can coax her out of hiding but each time failed. The boys sat down on their couch, turning on the tv. "This is Ann Gora for Kat's Eye News on location just outside the town of Purrsia, it has been a week since the disappearance of Bella Postskratch after her parents sadly passed away earlier this week. Last known location was at her residence when an explosion obliterated her home prior to her mother's passing, with no sign of a body police are hoping the girl is still alive. If you see this girl please notify police, there is currently a large reward for her safety." Ann said, Bella's picture came up on the screen. "This has been Ann Gora for Kat's Eye News." Jake turned it off.

"They're seriously putting out a reward? That's just immoral." The girl said to herself, she was listening through the closed door of the garage where the office was.

"She kinda looks like the girl that's been skulking around our junkyard." Chance said, clenching his fist. "Once I catch her, I'm gonna make her pay for eating our food."

"Take it easy Chance, you know as well as I do she's more scared of us than we are of her," Jake said, he twitched his ear hearing some shuffling outside and smiled a little. "And if she was around here, she's welcome to come inside and talk with us." He said loudly, the girl flattened her ears feeling it was a trap.

"Don't waste your breath Jake, she's not coming out." Chance said, getting up and walked around the corner.

"Yeah, what does he think I am an idiot?" She said to herself, then noticed a large shadow behind her and turned around to see Chance and gasped.

"If you kick me in the face again, you're paying for my bill." Chance said, kneeling down to her eye level. "Now talk, why are you hanging around our junkyard and stealing from us?"

The girl gulped, seeing this large kat towering over her and tried to find the words to say. "I....that is....." She stammered, grabbing some dirt underneath her and threw it in his face blinding him.

"Agh!" Chance winced, rubbing his eyes and the girl ran off again.

"Chance?" Jake went out the open garage door quick enough to see the girl go around a salvage pile, then looked over to Chance. "What happened, buddy?"

"Our little intruder was here." He said, going inside. "We need to do something about her before she blows our cover."

"We'll think of something." Jake reassured him.

The rest of the day went on as usual, the girl stayed in her hiding spot while the guys continued their routine. She knew she couldn't stay in one spot so she grabbed her muddy poncho and put the hood on heading towards the city for some fresh air. The city was rather nice, not a whole lot of kats walking around and she saw the mayor was trying to get re-elected in the city square once again. "Vote for me and I'll continue to make this city bright and beautiful." The Mayor said, a few kats clapped and Callie Briggs stood beside him on the stand. The girl sat down in one of the folding chairs in the crowd, rubbing her feet from the long walk.

"Keep trying, Mayor." A voice said, from the shadows came a large purple kat named Dark Kat. His creeplings grabbed the mayor and the audience scattered to find a safe space. The girl got up, trying to think of what to do but started having a flashback at the wrong time.

She was 12 years old and sparring with a punching bag while her dad held the bag, she panted sweating a bit. "Dad, is learning all this really that important? I mean, when am I ever gonna use these moves?"

"You'd be surprised, kitten." Her father smiled, she did a tough roundhouse kick on the bag and the bag came off the chain and landed on her father. He just laughed proudly. "That's my girl, and always remember this. If you have the ability to help, help."

"Help!" A voice said, snapping the girl out of her flashback and she saw an audience member fall on the ground about to be attacked. The girl got up and grabbed her chair folding it, she whacked the creepling off of the kat and they ran off. In the midst of the chaos, Callie ran off to call the Swat Kats.

"Once the bomb I have in the harbor goes off, Megakat city will be leveled and I can create my empire." Dark Kat said as he chuckled, then saw a black and red jet woosh through the sky.

"Wanna bet, Dark Kat?" T-Bone said, the jet flew over them as Razor dropped from the bomb bay on what looked like a motorcycle and shot a missile at Dark Kat catching him in a net.

"Go stop the bomb, I got this." Razor told T-Bone through his helmet and he nodded and flew off, Dark Kat broke through the net with the help of his creeplings.

"You really thought a puny net would stop me?" He said, getting up.

"No, but this might!" The girl said, whacking Dark Kat upside the head with her chair and he fell over.

"Wow, who knew you had it in you." Razor said to her, the girl looked away shyly but then charged at Razor whacking the creeplings that were about to attack him from behind. "Nice shot."

"Thank you." She said shyly, twitching her ear and turned to see Dark Kat getting away in his jet. The girl threw her chair with all her might, jamming it into his back engine and his jet exploded crash landing where he took off and the enforcers arrived along with the news van. The girl gasped, running for the cylclotron and hid behind it.

"I should have known you and your vigilante buddy were behind this, when aren't you the cause of these problems." Feral said, coming out of his car and walked over to Razor.

"The important thing is the Mayor is safe and Dark Kat is once again behind bars, make sure to keep him locked up this time." Razor smiled, walking to his cyclotron and pushed a button on his helmet. "T-Bone, were you able to stop the bomb?"

"Yeah, thanks to your scrambler missile. The backup enforcers got here too, let's head back. There's another Scaredy Kat marathon coming on." T-Bone said as he flew back to the city, Jake groaned.

"Roger, over and out." He walked over to the cyclotron, seeing the girl hiding. "Thanks for your help, would you like a ride?" She saw the news van and nodded quickly getting on, Razor got on in front of her revving the engine. "Hold on, this thing goes pretty fast." She held on tightly, the shield went over the cyclotron and they drove back to the salvage yard.

It was a rather quiet ride back, she felt a little joy after saving the Mayor and at least helping out. "Thank you....for helping me."

"I should be thanking you, the way you threw that chair was awesome." Razor smiled, swerving around some cars.

"I'm.....Bella." She shyly said, she wasn't sure why she told him her name but felt it was the right thing to do.

"Well it's nice to officially meet you Bella, my name is Razor and the pilot in the jet is T-Bone. Listen, we saw you in the news and-." He explained, out of fear Bella extended her claws and pinched his stomach causing him to wince a bit. "Don't worry, we're not gonna turn you in." Bella retracted her claws, smiling a little bit. "But we can't exactly let you off the hook, either."

"I know." Bella said quietly, hanging on a little less tightly. "Sorry for sneaking around your property."

"If you're comfortable with it, the three of us are gonna talk in the garage. Please don't run off and don't attack us again." He said, Bella nodded.

Soon they were at the salvage yard and she was told to sit in the garage and wait for them, she sat on an old bar stool not wearing her poncho and shaking a little bit from fearing the worst. Soon the boys walked over, wearing their jumpsuits and stood in front of her. "First thing's first, I'm Jake and this is Chance. Second, while you're here you can help us with our repair work and towing jobs to help pay off the food you ate. And third, we know that you know our secret. So you must never tell anyone who we really are. Understand?" Jake said, Bella nodded. "Chance, anything you like to add?"

"Yeah, attack me again and see what happens." He snarled, Bella yelped turning away.

"Chance knock it off, it took this long for her to actually come up to us don't ruin it." Jake told him.

Chance sighed, putting his paw on Bella's shoulder. "Sorry about that, Bella." She quickly got up, hiding behind Jake gripping his jumpsuit tightly.

"Give her time buddy, she'll come around." Jake pointed out, Chance shrugged walking off. "You're safe with us, Bella. You can count on it."

(throwing a folding chair hard enough to destroy an engine might be a little OP, but damn it's hilarious XD)
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Re: Fur Your Eyes Only (Chapter 3 released)

Post by Echo » Mon Jun 25, 2018 7:50 pm

Chapter 3 is now here my fellow readers, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it~

~~The Confession~

Later that afternoon, Chance and Jake had no orders so they decided to spar deep within the salvage yard while Bella watched from a safe distance. The boys were wearing their black tank tops and camo pants. It was clear to her that Chance was very muscular but kinda slow, while Jake had a few noticeable muscles on him but was very fast and agile. Chance went to punch Jake, but Jake quickly ducked and grabbed Chance's arm throwing him a distance away. "Oldest trick in the book." Jake said, clapping the dust off his paws while Bella clapped a little bit.

"Two outta three, partner." Chance said, getting back up. "And this time, I'll win."

"That's what you say every time." Jake smiled, adjusting his belt. "And every time, it's me that wins."

"Only because you're like a fly, you're so tiny." Chance said, Bella watched them have their little spat then turned her ear hearing a car come. Bella quickly hid behind a junk pile close by.

Callie Briggs came out of her car and walked over to them. "Hi guys, I hope I wasn't bothering you."

"Not at all Ms. Briggs, we were just working out." Chance said, seeing her and flexed his arms.

"It looks like my door got dinged again, can you fix it?" She asked, showing them the ding.

"No problem, we got you covered." Jake smiled, Bella watched from a distance.

"It was incredible, Dark Kat showed up out of nowhere at the re-election speech and almost kidnapped me and the mayor when this kat wearing a poncho saved us. I don't know who she is or where she came from, but I owe her one." Callie said, Bella perked her ears up hearing that she is being appreciated and smiled a little bit. "And when she saved Razor and stopped that jet, it was like out of a movie."

"I wish we could have been there to see it, I bet it was incredible." Jake said, turning towards the pile Bella was at and winked at her causing her to look away shyly.

"We should have this ding out in an hour, need a ride?" Chance smiled.

"Thanks, but I have the mayor picking me up. Bye, guys." Callie walked off, waving to them and they waved back.

Once the car was completely gone, Bella walked over to the garage sighing relief. "Looks like you already got a fan, Bella." Chance said.

"Thanks." She said quietly, still a little nervous around Chance.

"Let's get some pizza, my treat." Chance said, they got tuna flavored pizza to eat for dinner while Callie's car was being worked on. Bella watched them work while she ate. "Hey Bella, can you get me that buffer off the table right there?" He pointed to it sitting on the work table, she put her slice down and picked it up. It was rather heavy but she didn't let that stop her, she managed to get it over to Chance and plugged it in. "Thanks."

"You're welcome." She said shyly, going back over and ate her slice. She would help them gather the tools they needed and soon enough Callie came and got her car driving off.

Chance watched Scaredy Kat in the living room while Bella sat at the kitchen table drinking some water, Jake sat down across from her with a can of milk. "It's been some day, huh?"

"Yeah..." Bella looked down, running her finger along the rim of the glass.

"I just wanna know Bella, how come you kept hiding from us all this time?" Jake asked.

Bella took a breath, looking at him. "Well.....after my parents....you know, I tried to hide out at my house to avoid the press which was a bad idea on my part. That's when I noticed a bomb right in my living room, I panicked and ran to my room jumping out of my window when it exploded. One of the only things I know that survived was my poncho that was next to me so I put it on and tried to go into hiding, but random kats around the town would find me and try to call me in. That's when I decided to come here, I found the salvage yard and an abandoned car to stay in. When I could, I would sneak in and steal some food as you very well know."

"Well, that would explain why my sensor kept going off every time we left." Jake said.

"After the first encounter, I got extremely nervous and scared. Thinking you would try to turn me in like everyone else, but now seeing that you guys also have to keep a secret I feel a little better. Only a little, Chance still kinda terrifies me." Bella said, lowering her ears.

"I heard that!" Chance retorted, he laughed when Scaredy Kat screamed on the television.

"Don't worry, we would never turn you in. Though to keep suspicion to a minimum, we need to make a disguise for you." Jake said.

"You mean like your Swat Kats uniforms?" She said.

"Close." Jake said, grabbing some paper and drawing. "I was thinking more of a wig and we could paint your fur." She looked at him threateningly, he threw his paws up in defense. "Just kidding."

"Okay." She nodded, walking over and watched him draw over his shoulder. "So...if you're both pilots, why do you work in a salvage yard?"

"It's a long story." He explained, drawing.

"I have a better idea, can I see it?" She said while tapping his shoulder, he offered her the pencil and she crossed the wig out writing down colors of hair dye. "There."

"That would actually make it a lot easier, good job." Jake smiled, she nodded smiling back. They bought some hair dye that night and dyed her hair to a reddish orange color so it wasn't completely red. "I think this color is more your style, Bella."

"Thank you." She said, putting her hair in two low pigtails. "Where would you like me to sleep?"

"Well, you're welcome to the couch if you want it." Chance said, putting down a pillow and a blanket on the couch.

"Thank you." She quietly said, sitting on the couch and covered up.

"Let us know if you need anything, alright? Have a good night." Jake said, he and Chance went to their rooms leaving Bella to herself. She flipped through a few channels on tv until eventually laying on the couch and fell asleep herself.

The following morning the boys woke up early and Jake made some french toast, Chance set the table and was about to head to the office. "Hang on Chance, let me wake her up."

"I got this Jake, she won't hit me." Chance said.

"That's what you said the last five times, buddy." Jake said, Chance carefully walked over to Bella patting her shoulder.

"Hey Bella, rise and shine." He said, Bella groaned waking up to see Chance right next to her. She screamed and out of reflex punched him in the face, running upstairs to the kitchen and found Jake hiding behind him. "Kats alive, she punched me in my nose!"

"I told you to let me wake her up." Jake said, setting down the french toast and Bella sat down at the table. "Chance and I have to work on the turbokat, if you need anything let us know. Enjoy your breakfast." He and Chance grabbed their servings heading to the hangar.

Once they were gone, she winced holding her paw. "Man, did I have to punch him that hard?" The pain in her paw finally subsided and she was able to eat, it was pretty good french toast. It made her think of her mother's french toast and she teared a little bit, for the first time in a while she finally had time to relax and was actually able to vent a little.

"Man that girl's got some punch to her, at least my nose isn't bleeding." Chance said, tightening some bolts on the undercarriage of the turbokat.

"Just be glad she didn't do anything worse." Jake said, doing some wiring.

"I hear you, bud." Chance said, finishing his french toast. "Want me to take your plate?"

"Nah, go ahead. I gotta fix this problem with the connecting currents in the wires going to the wrong houses." Jake said, Chance went up the ladder and dropped the plate into the sink and saw Bella eating quietly.

"Listen I'm uhh sorry for scaring you back there, if it makes you feel any better you really pack a wallop." Chance laughed, Bella stayed quiet and he sighed. "Is there anything I can do to make you feel better, at least?"

Bella looked at him, still a little scared. "I-." Just then the alarm buzzer went off and he ran to the ladder, going into the hangar.

"Bella we gotta go, stay here." Jake said, calling to her.

"Okay....be safe." Bella said, watching them leave the salvage yard in the turbokat. She thought it would be best to stay in the hangar while they were off being heroes, she climbed down the ladder looking around at the different weapons. "Wow, what's this do?" She picked up the extra glove and put it on, pushing a button and it shot off a net hitting the wall. "Oh that's right, this is what they used when they saw me." She saw another button on the glove, pressing it and a grappling hook shot off into the distance. "Neat." The hook grappled something, pulling her along and she yelled until it stopped and she hung on a pipe a few feet off the ground. "This thing is powerful." Bella pressed a button, making it let go and she fell. "Ow." She got up, examining the glove. "This thing could really come in handy, I wonder if they would let me have one."

After a while, the turbokat landed back in the hangar and she quickly put the glove back on the table walking over to them. "Welcome back."

They jumped out of the cockpit, landing next to her. "Thanks, we had to take care of a menace named Madkat. He was trying to turn the city into fun city again." Razor said, taking his helmet off.

"But as usual, we Swat Kats shot him down to size." T-Bone smiled, taking his helmet off. "Thanks to Razor's slicer missiles."

Razor chuckled, turning to Bella. "So, did anything happen while we were gone?"

"Uhhhh, nope." She shook her head, looking away.
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Re: Fur Your Eyes Only

Post by Echo » Sat Jun 30, 2018 7:46 pm

(Yay new chapter, it's nice to know that people are still reading ^^)

~The First Time~

The rest of the day went on as usual, Bella decided she would hang out in the hangar and look at all the different weapons while Jake was in his work uniform fixing a missile. "I had no idea you made all these, Jake. Did you make the turbokat, too?"

"I did with some help from Chance." Jake explained, soldering some wiring together. "You should get to know him, he's rough around the edges but he's an overall nice guy."

"I guess so." She looked away. "It's not that I don't like him, it's just...his approach. I don't like kats getting in my face, my father taught me if anyone surprised me to try and defend myself."

"Well you've definitely proven you can defend yourself, that's for sure." Jake said, looking at her. "How about you and Chance hang out tonight? I can watch over things here."

"I don't know if that's a good idea, to be honest." Bella said. "What if something happens and we get into trouble?"

"Glad you asked, that's why I invented these." Jake walked over and reached into his locker, pulling out an earpiece and a bracelet. "This bracelet has a homing beacon inside when you press this red button, and this earpiece will let you talk to me through our emergency phone."

"You really do plan ahead, don't you." She put the bracelet and earpiece on.

"Well you know, that's how I roll. There's also some extra special gadgets in the bracelet, too." Jake smiled proudly, going to the ladder. "I'll let Chance know of the plans for tonight."

"Okay." She said, looking at the missile. "It's so well designed, like it was meant to be in a monster movie or something." She left it alone, going upstairs.

Night came around and Chance drove to the city in the tow truck with Bella as his passenger, it was rather quiet and the atmosphere felt a bit awkward. "So Bella, seen any good movies lately? I personally like Night Of The Living Ooze."

"You...do?" She perked her ears, but felt a bit sad. "My dad and I watched it all the time..."

"I'm sorry about your father." He said, driving. "At least we got a movie in common."

"True." She said, they stopped in the parking lot of the theatre and got out. "We could see if that movie's playing."

"Good idea." Chance smiled, then noticed there was a Night Of The Living Ooze 2. "Alright, there's a sequel!"

"Oh neat, in that case let's see the sequel." Bella said, they got their tickets and watched the movie. It was rather good, during the middle half of the movie ooze started leaking out of the screen.

"They really broke the budget on these special effects, huh." Chance said, eating some popcorn.

"I don't think those are special effects, Chance." Bella got up, the screen broke and the area started to flood. "Movie's over."

"Looks like Dr. Viper's at it again." Chance grabbed Bella's paw and they ran for the entrance, the structure around them was breaking apart but luckily they made it to the truck in time. "We need to get in contact with Jake and-." He opened his door but before he could get in a piece of debris from the theatre hit his head and knocked him out.

"Chance!" She gasped, running over trying to wake him up. "Of all the times to get knocked out." She pressed the button on her bracelet, making the emergency phone go off in the hangar.

"This is Razor, what's the trouble?" Razor said, answering the phone.

"There's gross green ooze at the movie theatre, Chance said something about a Viper guy possibly behind it." Bella explained, trying to push Chance into the truck.

"Let me talk to him." He said.

"I can't, he's kinda unconscious right now." She scooted Chance over once she got him in, getting into the driver's seat and buckled up driving out of the parking lot at a fast pace.

"I'll be right there." Razor hung up.

"Great, first time seeing a movie here and I'm saving my unconscious date from ooze." She swerved in and out of traffic, drifting a few times to dodge the broccoli looking alien that emerged from the ooze. "You gotta be kidding me! Chance I really need you to wake up right now." Bella continued to drive as fast as she could, but a tentacle grabbed the truck and turned it sideways making Chance's door open and Bella unbuckled herself and dove for him using one paw to grab the collar of his shirt and the other one to hang onto the door handle. "I can't...hold on..." She lost her grip on the door and they both started falling, she remembered what Jake told her and grabbed onto Chance pressing a yellow bar on her bracelet and it sent out a grappling hook to a high building. They swung into an open window and landed on the floor out of the monster's sight. "I gotta remember to thank Jake later, but right now." She rolled Chance onto his back, slapping his face. "Come on, wake up." She saw it had no effect, taking a breath. "RISE AND SHINE!" She slapped him as hard as she could and he jolted forward causing their foreheads to collide and they both recoiled in pain.

"Ow, I guess your head's about as tough as your fists." He winced, holding his forehead in pain. "Where are we?"

"No time to explain, we gotta reach the roof." She said in pain, running with him up the stairs. Once on the roof, the turbokat was in sight and it hovered above them.

"Need a lift, you two?" Razor smiled.

"You know it, buddy." Chance smiled as a loop came down and he stuck his foot through the loop. "Come on, Bella."

"Thanks but no thanks, me and heights don't get along." Bella admitted.

"We'll see you back at the hangar, then." Razor said, the jet shot off and she headed back to the salvage yard and sat on the couch.

"On the bright side, I saved Chance's tail." She said to herself, watching the news as it showed the Swat Kats taking down Dr. Viper. T-Bone was in his disguise while the news segment was going. "At least he changed pretty fast." She checked her forehead in the bathroom's mirror and noticed a large purple bruise. "Man, that kat has a hard noggin." She touched the bruise, wincing terribly. "Owowowowow, that hurts." Bella grabbed some ice from the freezer, putting it in a plastic bag and put it to her forehead sitting back on the couch in the garage.

Soon the jet came back and the boys came up the ladder. "What did he think he was gonna do with old film, anyways?" Chance said, walking with Jake.

"I dunno, but at least it's over." Razor said, seeing Bella with an ice pack. "Does yours look as bad as his?" Chance showed her his bruise.

"Looks to be about the size of mine, is it about as tender?" Bella carefully touched the bruise, Chance winced terribly.

"Why did you have to poke it." Chance winced, getting some ice and sat next to her.

"Look at it this way, at least you two finally spent some time together." Jake smiled.

"He does have a point." Bella admitted. "And your bracelet did save us, Jake."

"Yeah, not to mention Bella actually saved my tail back there. I owe you one." Chance smiled at her.

"As long as you're not in my face when I wake up, I would say we're even." Bella smiled back, they clasped paws as a sign of friendship.

The following day, their bruises finally subsided so this gave Chance and Bella the opportunity to spar. "I dunno if this is a good idea, saving him is one thing but I don't think I can physically take him down." Bella said towards Jake, looking at Chance.

"You can do it, he may be big but he does trip up sometimes." Jake cheered her on.

"You're supposed to be on my side, Jake." Chance said.

"Okay you two, last one standing wins and begin!" Jake said, Bella charged forward to punch Chance but he blocked it pushing her back.

"I'm not gonna go easy on you just because you're a girl." Chance said as he pushed.

"Funny, I was gonna say the same thing to you." She quipped, sliding underneath him and pushed him over onto the dirt but he got up quickly.

"Sorry, but comebacks won't save you here." Chance said, the fight went on for a while until Bella finally got him in a wrestling hold and had him pinned. "You think this will stop me." He grunted, grabbing her ankle and threw her into a salvage pile laughing triumphantly. "Looks like I win, in your face!"

The pile fell over top of her. "Oops." Chance said, they both ran over and dug her out.

"I admit, that was good." Bella winced, getting out of the pile. "I got a few scratches but I don't think anything's broken, good job Chance. Now the winner can take on Jake."

"Wait, when was this decided?" Chance said, backing up.

"Just now." Jake ran at Chance, jumping to kick him. "Hya!" Bella giggled, wincing a little from the pain and watched the match.
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Re: Fur Your Eyes Only (Chapter 5)

Post by Echo » Mon Jul 02, 2018 7:09 pm

(Ready for a new chapter? Here we go!!!)

~The Mission~

Bella tripped on the ground, getting up and was aiming her weaponized glove known as the glovatrix into the shadows. "Okay, now all you gotta do is get past the swing room and you're home free." Jake said over the intercom, him and Chance were observing her while she did a trial run in the underground obstacle course.

"Easy for you to say, you're not afraid of heights." Bella said out loud, going down a dark corridor. "And did you have to make everything so dark?"

"You need to learn to remain calm in any situation that comes your way including darkness, now get ready." Chance said, pressing a button. Bella heard some turrets emerge out of the wall that shot foam tennis balls, she twitched her ears following the sound and dodged the balls quickly and used the cement blaster to destroy the turrets. "Nice shooting, but it's not over yet."

"Of course it's not." She sighed, getting to the edge of the corridor and found the swing room. "Oh geeze." All she had to do was swing on three ropes to get to three platforms and grab the flag on the final platform, luckily the bottom was filled with water but it didn't really help. "Okay Bella, you can do this." She took a few steps back, running forwards and grabbed the rope landing on the first platform. She refused to look down, running and grabbed the second rope swinging onto the next platform. "Got one more platform, just one more." She told herself, running and grabbed the rope but this platform was tricky as it could move. "Huh?" She let go of the rope too soon and dangled on the ledge. "Okay, this isn't fun anymore." She extended her claws, trying to grip the platform but the only problem was it was metal so there was no chance of gripping it. "Oh crud." Bella fell off the platform into the water, she resurfaced and coughed a bit. "Stupid obstacle course."

Bella was taken out of the course and she sat on the couch with a towel wrapped around her. "Look on the bright side, you almost beat my personal best." Jake said, trying to cheer her up.

"I guess that's true." Bella nodded, drying her hair. "I do appreciate you guys training me."

"It's no problem, we're happy to help." Chance smiled, patting her back. "Maybe one day, you can fly with us."

"Absolutely not." She quickly said, looking down. "Heights terrify me, being in that final room terrified me."

Jake and Chance looked at her sadly, but then the buzzer alarm went off. "Duty calls." Jake said, him and Chance went off to save the day again.

A few days later, Jake caught a terrible cold and was laying in his bed. "I knew I shouldn't have tried to create an ice missile inside a freezer without a coat on."

"At least we can get you feeling better in no time." Bella said, serving him some hot chicken noodle soup. "Is the schematics for the missile still by it on the table?"

"It is, are you gonna finish it?" Jake said, coughing harshly.

"I want to at least try, and no more talking okay? I don't want your throat to get worse." She said, finding a winter coat in his closet and put it on. "Huh, just my size. Be sure to get some sleep once you finish your soup." Jake gave a thumbs up, eating his soup.

Bella left the room, going into the large freezer inside the hangar to work on the missile. "Man it's freezing in here, no wonder he got a cold." She found the schematics, reading them as best as she could and started wiring it together. "Schematics, don't let me down."

Chance was polishing the turbokat when the buzzer went off and he answered it, once the call was over he went to get Jake. "Chance, what are you doing?!" Bella said, noticing him about to go topside.

"I'm going to get Jake, duty calls." He got to the ladder, Bella got to the ladder as well grabbing his tail.

"He's too sick, he can't leave his bed." She told him seriously, he climbed down. "If he goes out there in his condition, his sickness could get worse."

"I can't save the city alone." He said, going over to the locker and got changed into his gear.

"Then....I'm going too." Bella opened Razor's locker, putting on his mask and helmet. "I'm terrified to go out there, but the city needs us."

"Are you crazy?! You don't even know how the weapons system works." T-Bone said as she took off the coat and put on Razor's gear.

"I can learn, can't I?" Bella zipped up her zipper, except for the fur color she looked just like Razor.

"If you mess this up, you'll be my lackey for a week." He growled having no choice, getting in the turbokat.

"Duly noted." She climbed onto the wing, jumping into the backseat and buckled in.

"Let's go kick some tail." T-Bone shot the jet off at a blinding speed, Bella kept her eyes closed not wanting to look.

Once in the sky, she peeked and saw a large godzilla like monster and almost screamed. "A t-rex?"

"Looks like the Pastmaster is back, if you couldn't tell he travels through time." T-Bone explained, dodging the dinosaur's swipes.

"Clearly, but how do we take him out T-Bone?" Bella asked, looking at all the buttons and the joystick trying to avoid looking out the window.

"See that joystick in front of you? It controls the direction that you fire the missiles, I'll get in front of the giant fossil and you shoot whatever you can at it okay?" He said, lining up a shot. "Just stay calm and remember, you're doing this for Jake."

"Right, doing this for Jake." She repeated to herself, using the targeting system to lock on. "I got a lock." She pressed a button, on the screen showed a scrambler missile and she flipped up the cover on her joystick. "Scrambler missile, go!" She pressed the button, shooting it and got the beast sending it to the ground. "I got it? I got it!"

"You're almost as good as Razor, just almost." T-Bone grinned.

"That means a lot, thank you." Bella smiled.

"No problem, now let's head back. Looks like the enforcers and the news is here." T-Bone said, they flew off and Commander Feral did his usual banter on saying the Swat Kats messed up the city again.

Once back in the hanger, the cockpit opened and T-Bone jumped out with ease while Bella took her time feeling extremely dizzy. "I don't know how you guys do it, I feel like I'm gonna lose my lunch."

"First timers jet lag, it happens to the best of us." T-Bone helped her down, patting her back. "I could take you out for more flying lessons tomorrow if you want."

"Don't you even thin-." She covered her mouth, running for the bathroom and T-Bone laughed.
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Re: Fur Your Eyes Only (chapter 6)

Post by Echo » Fri Jul 06, 2018 7:50 pm

I've been busy for the past few days, but here's the new chapter

~The Override~

"So there we were, up against the pastmaster's t-rex. With some encouragement, I was able to get this fraidy kat here to shoot it down." Chance said to Jake while referring to Bella, Jake was feeling a little better so the two decided to check up on him. Bella laughed nervously.

"That's amazing, I can't believe you actually went in my place Bella. You my friend have a lot of guts." Jake smiled at her.

"Well you know, I couldn't leave Chance to save the city by himself." She explained, shivering a little from the experience. "I don't plan on flying again anytime soon though, trying not to look at the ground was hard enough."

"But still, it was rather odd." Chance said, Bella and Jake looked at him curiously. "The pastmaster doesn't give up that easily, he must be plotting something."

"You got a point, usually he's trying to turn the city into his utopia." Jake said, scratching his chin. "We better stay on our toes for now."

"Now that I think about it, what villain isn't at this point?" Bella said, leaving the room. "I'm gonna continue working on the missile, be right back."

"That kat sure is something." Jake smiled. "Especially after what she's been through to get here."

"She defenitly is a tough kat, that's for sure." Chance said, Bella continued hooking the wires together in the freezer while wearing the coat.

"Now if I did this correctly, it should shoot off with enough force to freeze a whole block. Now, attach blue A42 to red A45? Well, I have no right to question Jake's intelligence so." She attached the wires, checking the list. "I think it's done, I actually built a missile. Dad would be so proud of me." She got a missile pallet and carefully pushed the missile out on the pallet taking it to the turbokat's undercarriage taking off the coat. "How does this thing open?" She knocked on it a few times.

"If you scratch it, you're painting the whole jet." Chance said, coming up behind her and pressed a button opening the undercarriage. "So this is Jake's new missile, huh."

"Indeed it is, I followed his schematics to the T." She explained, with Chance's help she got it into the turbokat. "I think I'll call it the frost missile."

"I like it, gives it a bit of an edge." Chance smiled, hooking it up. "There we go."

"Thanks for your help, Chance." Bella smiled, giving him a fist bump.

"No prob, my offer for the flying lessons still stand." He said.

"Don't push your luck, tough guy." She said, going back upstairs and turned on the television to a news segment.

"This is Ann Gora from Kat's Eye News live in the sky where the Pastmaster is back with a vengeance, from the looks of it he's headed towards the oil refinery." Ann explained, she was in the news chopper above the action. "Looks like the enforcers just arrived."

"Alright men, fire." Commander Feral said, the men fired but the dinosaur's hides were too tough and took out half of the jets and helicoptors. "Get me back-up, now!"

"Looks like trouble." Jake said, sliding down the banister. "I'll get Chance."

"Are you sure you're alright to fly?" She got up, looking at him concerned.

"I'll be fine." He ran to the hangar and they flew off.

"I hope you're right." Bella sighed, sitting back down and watched the news.

"Looks like he brought an army this time, T-Bone." Razor said, they flew over the refinery.

"Doesn't matter, he's still going down." T-Bone pushed a lever and the jet shot off past some pterodactyls and they followed the jet. "Once we get these winged rats off our tail, we'll get the pastmaster."

"Roger, match-head missiles deploy!" Razor pushed a button, causing several missiles to deploy and blew up the flock chasing them. "Bingo!"

"Your accuracy is as good as ever, sure-shot." T-Bone grinned, barely dodging a mastadon's tusk. "Woah, that thing's huge!"

"You think you can stop me this time, Swat Kats?" The pastmaster smiled, he was riding on the large mastadon.

"What would be powerful enough to stop that thing?" Jake scrolled through his missile inventory, stopping at a particular one. "Frost missile? Wait, did Bella-."

"Talk to her about it later, he's almost to the refinery." T-Bone told him, the pastmaster was a football field's length away.

"Alright then, frost missile deploy!" Razor pressed a button opening the hatch and the missile fell out.

"Come on, please work." Bella crossed her fingers, the missile sprang to life at the last second and headed straight for the mastadon.

"Noooo!" The pastmaster and mastadon were frozen solid when a time portal appeared and whisked them and all the dinosaurs away.

"Yes!" The three cheered.

"Swat Kats, you've done it this time." Feral said, walking over to them as they got out.

"Saved the city yet again, I'm guessing?" Razor said proudly, Feral grunted angrily.

"One day, you'll get what's coming to you." Feral said, walking away.

"And when that day comes, we'll be ready." T-Bone said, they got in the jet and flew off back to the hangar.

"And so there it is, the Swat Kats once again save our fair city from another threat. This has been Ann Gora for Kat's Eye News." Ann said, Bella changed the channel to something random and heard the guys come in.

"Guys that was amazing, the way you dodged those pterodactyls and swooped underneath that mastadon was like out of a movie but in real life." Bella smiled, seeing them.

"Us, what about you? You finished my missile and took out the pastmaster, that alone is incredible." Jake smiled. "I bet your father is smiling down on you."

"I feel he is, too." She sniffled a little. "Anyways, let's celebrate with some tuna casserole."

"Sounds good to me." Chance said.

The next few days, Bella has been hanging out in the hangar with Jake and learning about the different schematics and weapons they have. She even got a few pointers from him, Bella was having a great time with Jake until he had to leave with Chance so they could save the city. "Man, without them around it gets kinda boring." She went to the workout room, trying to pick up a dumbbell but it was way too heavy. "Geez Chance, you sure push your limits don't you." She took a few weights off, doing some reps. She also tried to entertain herself by watching some tv and reading a car manual she found in the office of the garage.

"We're back." Jake called out, coming up the ladder with Chance.

"Hey guys." Bella said, reading the manual. "I'm reading a car manual I found, if it's alright with you."

"It's fine." Chance said, playing a video game.

"Chance come on, we gotta fix something in the hangar." Jake said.

"What needs fixing?" Chance looked at him, Jake winked at him as a signal. "Ohhhh, coming. Stay here, Bella." He followed Jake.

"Sure, no problem." Bella said not looking at him, after a few hours she was upside down on the couch and finished reading the manual closing it and sighed. "Who knew a car was so complicated."

"Hey Bella, can you come to the hangar real quick?" Jake called up to her.

"Sure." She flipped over, wobbling a little and climbed down the ladder.

"We know you don't like flying, so we found out a way you can be part of the action." Jake smiled, showing her the large console that was by the lockers. "I rewired it so you can help from here."

"That's amazing, thank you." Bella smiled, looking at all the buttons. "So, what does it do?"

"Well on the screen there's a radar around the turbokat, and you can talk to us together or separately with these buttons." Jake explained, showing her the ins and outs of the console.

"I owe you guys one." She smiled, the heard the buzzer go off. "Looks like I can test it now, like you guys say go kick some tail."

They nodded and flew off, it looked like Dark Kat was headed towards Pumadine to get a new invention once again. "With that new memory scanner, I can finally reveal the Swat Kats identites and take them down for good." Dark Kat said, he was in his ship taking down the enforcers at every turn.

"Not in your nine lives, Dark Kat." T-Bone said, they swooped in.

"Am I coming in clear, guys?" Bella asked, talking to them through the console.

"Loud and clear, Bella." Razor smiled, she smiled back.

"Alright, looks like this Dark Kat guy has a new toy so be careful. There's also two bogies on your tail." She said, looking at the radar.

"Roger, taking them out now." Razor said, launching a few missiles at the ships.

"You think you can take me down? We'll see about that, Swat Kats." Dark Kat pushed a button on his staff, Bella looked over to see an exclamation point on a smaller screen and saw a large missile being deployed.

"Swat Kats he's launching something, get ready." Bella said, the missile launched and it chased them around the skies.

"I can't shake it, must be another heat-seeking missile." T-Bone said, using all of his manuevers to try and avoid it.

"You got this, T-Bone." Bella said.

T-Bone shook it off as best as he could, climbing up an abandoned building and the missile soon followed. "Only got one shot at this, hang on Razor." T-Bone did all sorts of dangerous manuevers and finally took out the missile.

"You did it, guys. Guys?" Bella said, seeing them both unconscious and plummeting to the ground in a nose dive. "The Gs must have been too much for them, wake up! T-Bone! Razor!" She looked at the console and found a yellow button that said 'manual override' and slammed her fist on it. The console opened up in front of her to show a joystick and three screens, showing the front and sides of the jet. "I hope this works." She grabbed the joystick, pulling as hard as she could. "Come on, come on."

Dark Kat laughed evilly. "So much for the Swat Kats, now to get ahold of that scanner." He blew up the building's roof, lowering a grappling hook to grab it.

"He's at the building, come on guys wake up!" Bella said, pushing a button on the joystick and the engines roared loudly and straightened them up in the knick of time sending them back into the sky. "Yes!"

"Ugh, wha? What happened?" Razor opened his eyes, looking around. "T-Bone, wake up."

"Ugh, my head." T-Bone woke up, rubbing his head.

"Oh thank goodness you're both alright, you passed out when you evaded the missile and went into a nose dive. If it wasn't for the manual override, you two would have been goners." She explained, still flying.

"Manual override?" T-Bone said, seeing the joystick moving and a rock hit the side of the turbokat. "You dinged our jet,you're gonna get it Bella."

Bella sweatdropped, pressing a button. "Disengaging manual override, get Dark Kat."

"Roger." Razor said, they were able to destroy his ship and save the scanner but Dark Kat got away again.

"And once again the Swat Kats defeated Dark Kat, despite almost being wounded the two always make it out in the end. This has been Ann Gora for Kat's Eye News." Ann said, Bella turned off the tv and went to walk outside when Chance grabbed her shoulder.

"Where do you think you're going? There's a ding with your name on it." Chance said, Bella sighed going to take out the ding.
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Re: Fur Your Eyes Only (Chapter 7)

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New chapter up, though does anyone even read these? Ever since I've been here, it's been practically a ghost town.

~The Rescue~

Bella was able to carefully take care of the ding under Chance's supervision, wiping her sweaty brow. "Does it look okay, or should I throw five coats of paint over it and add glitter?" She asked, getting off the wing.

"Heh, funny." Chance said, taking the tools from her. "But I admit, it was pretty cool how you were able to pull out of a nosedive."

"Thanks, my dad taught me everything he knows. Growing up, he wanted to make sure I succeeded no matter what so he trained me in a few things." Bella said, looking down while she walked to the tool bench. "My mother was a karate instructor, she made sure I can protect myself in a fight."

"Her training really paid off." Chance said, putting the tools down and sorted them.

"My father told me that when he felt I was ready, I would become the chief pilot of the police force. But now..." She teared, trying to keep her composure. "Now I just don't think I can carry on his legacy."

"If it's any consolation, I think you're carrying it on just fine." Jake said, walking over.

"You know just what to say to the ladies, huh." Bella wiped her eyes, smiling.

"It comes with the job." Jake smiled, Bella giggled a little.

One night, Bella was walking around the junkyard because she couldn't sleep. "Ugh, so tired." She walked around a large pile, seeing a tire sticking out. "Ah, we could always use a spare tire." She walked over and pulled on it, the tire came with an old broken down motorcycle attached to it. "Wow, it still looks like it works. Needs some fine tuning, though." She drug the motorcycle all the way to the garage and took the bent parts off starting to straighten them out.

Jake snored, waking up to the sound of a drill and went downstairs to the garage to see Bella putting some pieces together. "Bella?"

"Morning, Jake." She yawned, stopping the drill.

"Have you slept at all?" He asked, seeing her eyes a little red.

"Not really, no. I took a walk last night and found this." She asked, showing him the motorcycle. It looked terrible and a muffler fell off the back. "It uhh still needs a lot of work."

"I can tell, but why do you want a motorcycle?" Jake asked, Bella gave him a look as if to say isn't it obvious. "Oh."

"I may need a little help with it, if you couldn't tell." She picked up the muffler, trying to put it back in place.

"We got no orders today, so no problem." Jake nodded, helping her for the next few hours. "Alright Bella, we got some wiring done and all it needs is paint."

"Yeah..." Bella was fast asleep in the office at the computer, leaning over a motorcycle manual. Jake chuckled a little, picking her up and laid her on the couch covering her up.

"Hey Jake, let's get some burritos for lunch I'm starving." Chance said walking over, then saw Bella fast asleep. "She's sleeping in, huh."

"Bella and I have been working on a motorcycle for her, she's really getting better at tuning up." Jake smiled. "If she keeps this up, she can run the shop while we're gone."

"If she did, then we'd be out of paying Feral." Chance pointed out.

"Ain't that the truth." Jake said, he talked to Chance for a bit and they went to the garage to work on something.

Bella slept for many hours, she rolled over the remote on the couch and the tv came on. "The Swat Kats have once again saved Megakat city from the clutches of the Metallikats. This has been Ann Gora for Kat's Eye News." Bella yelped from the sound, falling off the couch.

"Jake? Chance?" She sat up, rubbing her head and yawned. "How long was I out?" She turned off the tv, groaning and got up. Bella looked out the window to see it was almost night. "The rest of the day, it looks like."

"Hey there, Bella. Have a good nap?" Jake asked, walking over.

"I did, a bit upset that I couldn't go on another mission with you guys though." She admitted, stretching.

"Don't worry, there's always next time." Chance smiled.

A few days later, Harddrive made his way into the power grid in megakat tower to control the whole city. "Now that I'm in the power grid, I control the city!" He laughed, the city's power was going out rather quickly and the buzzer went off.

"What's up, Miss Briggs?" Jake said, hitting the button on the wall.

"Swat Kats, Harddrive's in the power grid at megakat tower. If he's not offline soon the whole city will go dark." Callie said, outside the building.

"We're on our way." Chance said, the boys got dressed and Bella went to the console.

"Console online." Bella pressed a button to turn it on. "Knock his lights out, Swat Kats."

"Roger that." Razor smirked, giving her a thumbs up. The boys flew off and got close to the building rather quickly, it was covered in all sorts of tubing and ooze. "Looks like Harddrive's been busy." Razor said as they went into hover mode above the building.

"Stay sharp Razor, we get in stop Harddrive and get out." T-Bone said as they grappled down onto the roof.

"The scanner says that the power grid is in the basement, easiest way looks to be through the air ducts." Bella said, looking at the monitors. "Be careful."

"Since when are we known to not be careful?" T-Bone said, breaking down a vent.

"Do you really want me to answer that?" Bella said as they crawled in.

"So they think they can get the drop on me, huh?" Harddrive smiled.

"The drop on ussss." Dr. Viper said, some mutant goo creatures crawled into the vent. "Once the SSSSwat Katsss are no more, we'll have the city to ourselvessss."

"T-Bone Razor, looks like you-.....com...." Bella said but her voice was distorted, she heard some buzzing and her console went out. "Guys? Guys, can you hear me?" She pressed a few buttons but nothing worked.

"Bella what's going on, Bella?" Razor said, but heard static. "Crud, the console must be out."

"Looks like we're on our own, bud." T-Bone said, the creatures found them and the Swat Kats shot their glovatrix at the creatures.

"Reboot, come on reboot." Bella tried everything, but it didn't work. "Dammit!" She sighed, sitting back in the chair. Bella then noticed something next to the tool bench sitting underneath a sheet. "What's this?" She found a note on it and read it out loud. "I hope you like your new ride, signed the Swat Kats T-Bone and Razor?" She pulled the sheet off, gasping. It was her very own cyclotron, only this one had lightning bolts on the side. "Hang on guys, I'm coming." She opened Razor's locker and put on his gear on getting on the cyclotron. "Let's see." She revved the engine, going forward and wobbling a bit. "To megakat tower." She did a small wheelie, going out a special exit in the forest and was on her way.

"What a mess this turned out to be." T-Bone said to Razor, they were being held captive by a slime monster without their glovatrixes in the basement with Harddrive and Dr. Viper.

"What do you think we sssshould do to them, fry or mutate?" Dr. Viper chuckled, mixing some chemicals.

"I say fry first, if they survive we mutate." Harddrive said, walking over and shocked the Swat Kats until they passed out.

"Enforcers, what's taking so long?" Commander Feral said, he was outside the building on the ground talking to his force.

"Sorry sir, we can't get in or get close." A pilot said, Feral about crushed his phone.

"I wonder why I even have this police force." Feral groaned, putting his paw to his head.

Bella came to a screeching halt at the building, looking up at it. "This is definitely the place."

"Another Swat Kat?" Feral said, seeing her and she looked at her inventory screen.

"Let's see, what did you give me Razor?" She said as she scrolled through and found a match head missile. "Aha."

"Get out of here Swat Kat, the enforcers will handle this." Feral said to her.

"With all due respect sir, my friends are in there." Bella said, shooting the missile at the side of the building and opened up a compartment finding her own glovatrix and ran into the hole sliding down a vent that opened up.

"Looks like they survived, Dr. Viper." Haddrive said, seeing them stirring.

"Then I ssshall mutate." Viper chuckled evilly, then noticed he was out of a certain chemical. "Cursessss, I'll be right back." He left the room.

Bella was crawling over the room in a vent, watching for a moment to strike. "All this power is incredible." Harrdrive laughed evilly, but then the power went out and it was completely dark. "I must have shorted it." He disappeared into the system, Bella took her chance and pulled the cover off the vent dropping into the room.

"Missiles, go." She pressed a button on her glovatrix, blowing up the creatures and the boys woke up once they hit the ground.

"Ugh, one more second and we would have been fried tilapia." Razor said, rubbing his head and turned on his headlamp to see Bella. "Bella?"

"Razor." She smiled, hugging him and hugged T-Bone when he woke up. "I wanted to thank you for the new ride, guys."

"Anytime." T-Bone said, smiling.

Dr. Viper returned, seeing the Swat Kats free and a third member. "Another SSSSwat Kat?!"

"Say your prayers, Viper." T-Bone said, the three of them fought with Viper and Harddrive. They were soon defeated and the enforcers captured them.

"Because of you three, the tower is ruined." Feral said, seeing them.

"Because of us three, the power is back to the city." Bella told him angrily.

"We'll leave you to the rest, commander." Razor said, they all walked off and the boys got in the jet while Bella got on her cyclotron and they headed back to the hangar.

Once back, the guys got out taking their helmets off. "What an adventure, huh Razor?" T-Bone said.

"Yeah no kidding. Bella?" He said, looking around.

"Look out!" Bella came out of the passageway, screeching to a halt and stopped inches before hitting Razor. "Sorry about that, Razor."

"Least you didn't turn me into a pancake." Razor chuckled, stepping out of the way. "How did it handle?"

"Very well actually, I love it." She smiled, putting her glovatrix away.

"That's great." T-Bone smiled.

"We're glad to have you, Bella." Razor smiled, patting her shoulder.

"Thanks, but I think when I'm in disguise I would like to be called...hmm.....Echo. Yeah, Echo." Bella smiled proudly.

"Echo, it is." T-Bone nodded, picking her up and hugged her tightly. "Welcome to the squad."

"Ack, T-Bone! T-Bone, can't breathe!" Bella breathed deeply when he put her down, coughing a bit.

"Welcome to the squad, Echo." Razor hugged her and she smiled hugging back.

"No one can stop the Swat Kats, and they never will." Bella smiled, they did a three-way high five.
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Re: Fur Your Eyes Only

Post by Echo » Mon Jun 29, 2020 12:28 pm

Hey ya'll long time no read, I made this fanfic a super long time ago and thanks to a friend's honest critique of it I did a complete overhaul and it's now better than ever. I'll keep the past chapters up though if you ever want to learn how NOT to type a fanfic. xD

Fur Your Eyes Only (REMASTERED)

~The Beginning~

It was a dark and stormy night in MegaKat City, lightning danced across the sky. The streets were empty of all its citizens. Inside the window display of an old electronics store, the news was playing on the tv.

"This is Ann Gora from Kat's Eye News with a breaking development from our close neighbor the town of Purrsia, the Chief Pilot of The police force Mr. David Postskratch has died this morning. He was attacked just outside his home at 11 pm last night by a creature that no one can describe or has seen, he has been pronounced dead from multiple wounds about two hours ago I have been told." The news reporter explained, she was inside the studio sitting at her desk with her associate Johnny manning her camera like always. "David Postskratch is survived by his wife Emily and their young daughter Bella, I can't imagine the pain they're going through right now." She said, then put her hand to her ear hearing something else and nodded putting it down. "I'm getting word that his beloved wife Emily sadly took her own life just minutes ago, this is simply heartbreaking. We'll be sure to give you more news as it develops, for now, this has been Ann Gora with Kat's Eye News."


"Such a shame for that little she-kat." Mayor Manx of Megakat City said, turning off the tv. He was practicing golf in his office, as usual, his deputy mayor Callie Briggs was at his desk sorting through some papers and put them in a nice pile inside a folder. "Callie, I'm going to head home. I suggest you do the same before this storm gets any worse."

"But sir, we need to talk about all these expenses for repairing the city from Dr. Viper's recent attack," Callie said, trying to show him the folder as he walked to the elevator and pressed a button to take him to the first floor.

"I'm sure you'll figure something out." Mayor Manx said as the doors closed, Callie grunted annoyingly beginning her own work on it.


Through the rain on the outskirts of the city, there was a small beacon from a flickering flashlight. The flashlight belonged to a young she-kat about 25 years old with red long hair, green eyes and gray fur running through the rain in a dark blue poncho, she panted heavily running as fast as she could and kept going. She stopped when she got to a large chain link fence looking up at it, it was probably at least seven feet high and she started climbing it. Little did she know there was a line of razor wire at the top of the fence and she stopped. "Razor wire, huh." She stretched out the sleeves of her poncho to make it act like a cut guard and carefully grabbed the wire trying to vault over it. She swung her hips over the top and made it to the inside of the fence. "Yes!"

As she released the wire, it snagged on her right sleeve. She tugged at it hard, trying to free herself. The result; her sleeve being torn clean off from the middle of her forearm. The force put her off balance. She threw herself at the fence, grabbing on with her might to stabilize. She regained her balance and carefully resumed climbing down. She explored the yard for 10 minutes, as she began to lose hope in her search, she found an area with a bunch of disposed metal barrels; behind them, a large broken down car. She walked over and pulled open the passenger door behind the driver's door and got in. The she-kat took off her poncho and draped it over the driver's seat to try and dry it, once she was finally able to relax she started sobbing terribly leaning on the dashboard, what was she supposed to do now? Where could she even go? The she-kat eventually cried herself to sleep, despite still being cold and wet.

The following morning the sun shone brightly in the sky, she sat up in the seat and rubbed her eyes as her ears cutely twitched. "Ugh, what a night." She noticed it was silent and undisturbed outside and could see the corner of a body shop in the distance, her stomach growled loudly. "I wonder if I'll find something to eat in there." She reached for the door handle when she heard the sound of moving metal as a sliding panel opened up next to her on the ground, she covered her ears hearing a very loud engine, she got a quick look at the jet as it headed towards the city from out of the ground. "I've seen that jet before, it's a....what did dad call it.....an F something tomkat I think. But why would a jet be underneath a salvage yard?" She wanted some answers and her opportunity was closing in front of her, she quickly got out and shut the door proceeding to slide onto the runway as the panel closed over her head locking her inside. The she-kat walked down the long runway and found herself in an open area of sorts and looked up to see a hole, coming to a conclusion. "I must be standing on an elevator platform." Her stomach growled again. "Okay enough sightseeing." She walked through a door, finding some stairs to reach the second floor. "Just how large is this place?!" She looked around the large area, managing to find a ladder on top of some stairs. "This must lead to the surface." She walked over to the ladder and started climbing, she carefully opened the hatch and peeked around first to see no one. She fully opened it, unaware that near the hinge there was a sensor that when pulled apart would set off a silent alarm.

She noticed what seemed to look like a service garage, a little dirty but what garage isn't. She found some stairs leading to the second floor which looked like the living quarters, she eventually found the kitchen and opened the fridge, seeing some leftover spaghetti and ate it. She felt a bit guilty for eating someone else's food but she was desperate. She put the plate and in the sink and rinsed it off, after wiping her mouth with a paper towel and throwing it away she headed back to the hangar to try and find a way out back the way she came. She decided she's been here long enough and head back to the lowest floor, seeing the runway but heard it sliding open and was starting to panic a little bit. "That jet's back!" She hid behind the console next to her as the engines wound down and the jet came to a complete stop as it ascended to the top floor, she took a quick glance to see the coast was clear and ran up the runway.

"According to my radar, the sensor that went off was on our hatch." A small brown tomkat said, he was donned in red and blue with a black mask and pupil-less eyes. He climbed up the ladder and saw the sensor blinking. "Bingo." He reset it and checked the garage and upstairs. "No sign of forced entry up here, you got anything down there, bud?" He said through a comlink on his helmet.

A much larger yellow tomkat was patrolling the hangar, looking around. "I'm not finding anything either, and I doubt a raccoon could lift a closed hatch."

"Let's take another look around to see if the intruder's still in here." The smaller tomkat said, they began their search.

The she-kat ran to the end of the runway, trying to open the lid. "Come on, open." She tried pulling as hard as she could, after a bit of tugging she finally pulled it open but it made a loud creaking sound that reverberated through the hangar alerting the two tomkats. She could hear their footsteps and quickly shimmied through the opening letting the panel slam shut almost on her tail and she lost a few hairs, she ran for the car hiding inside.

They stopped at the opening, seeing a few gray and white hairs. "Looks like we just missed them, but they'll no doubt be back." The small tomkat said, examining a hair.

"And once they do, they'll have us to answer to." The larger one said, he she-kat was laying on the floor, trying to make herself as small and unnoticeable as possible. So many panicked thoughts were running through her head, as she made an effort to clear her mind she realized she had been hyperventilating from the anxiety. Although she didn't see the two tomkats, she had a feeling they would be trouble. What was gonna be her next move, should she stay in the salvage yard or attempt to go into the city? She was completely unsure, trying to think.
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