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Re: The Doctors of Doom: Regular Story Version

Posted: Sat Jan 26, 2019 3:50 am
by marklungo
Thanks as always!

Re: The Doctors of Doom: Regular Story Version

Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2019 8:47 am
by Kooshmeister
"Attention! Attention!" the female voice announced over the plant P.A., audible over the rush of water flooding in from the broken pipe as the two SWAT Kats re-entered the cooling tower. "Radiation levels lowering. Cleanup crew to Sector 6. Initiate emergency decontamination procedures."

"Bingo!" said Razor. He consulted the wrist-mounted dosimeter of his radiation suit and was relieved to see that the color was still blue. Just to be safe, though, he also turned and consulted a radiation detector mounted on the wall underneath a sign that read "Safety Is Our #1 Priority!" With a relieved sign, he noted that the radiation levels inside the power plant were indeed returning to normal. On the downside, water rushing in from Megakat Bay via the broken pipe was threatening to flood the entire building. Already, he and T-Bone were ankle-deep in it, and wearing their heavy, lead-lined suits. The alarms continued blaring. Even though the threat of radiation leakage was gone or at least minimized, it seemed flooding was something the Megakat Nuclear Plant's computer system considered an emergency. So did Razor. "I think it's safe to take these things off," Razor said after giving the radiation detector another glance just to be sure. He pulled off his visored hood. "And we better get 'em off quick. This place is filling up with water fast and these suits weigh a ton!"

"Fine by me!" agreed T-Bone, pulling his suit's hood off, too, grateful for the comparatively sweet and fresh air of the cooling tower's interior after spending so long in the suit. The downdraft from the Enforcer chopper's rotor blades did wonders to help cool him and Razor down, as well. The downward-rushing gush of air whipping through the interior of the tower felt good against his sweaty fur. He began struggling out of the heavy suit. "As for the water, maybe we oughta fix what we, or rather Lieutenant Feral, broke." So saying, he worked one arm free from the suit and held up his Glovatrix for emphasis. "I figure a few cement slugs'll plug that leak long enough for the repair crews to do a prop fix-up."

Razor was getting ready to agree when there was a roar which shook the entire structure. Halfway out of their radiation suits, the SWAT Kats turned. The glistening black form of the mutated Harley Street was visible through the doors leading back into the plant proper, barrelling down the flooded hallway, murder in his glowing compouned eyes. He was far too big for the doorframe, but it didn't matter; he destroyed it and a good portion of the surrounding wall shouldering through. The cooling tower provided him with the headroom he required to rise to his full, monstrous height, arms spread, clawed fingers splayed, ready to slash through his enemies.

"SWAT Kats!" he snarled. "You'll die for this!"

"I think plugging the leak might have to be someone else's problem!" Razor said.

As the duo struggled to finish removing their suits, Street stomped towards them, wading through the water, which was now waist-deep for the two vigilantes, and knee-deep for enormous mutated scarab. Above them, in the Enforcer chopper, while Gray kept the aircraft steady, Felina unfurled the rescue ladder. It dangled down. "SWAT Kats!" she yelled down. However, she couldn't be heard over the combined noise of the roaring Street, the rushing water, and the noise of the whupping helicopter rotors. She yelled up to Gray. "Corporal! Get on the loudspeaker!"

"Roger!" Flicking a switching which activated the aircraft's P.A. system, Gray yelled into his helmet mic, "SWAT Kats! Grab the ladder!"

At that, the SWAT Kats looked up and saw the ladder. "Rescued by the Enforcers!" grumbled T-Bone. Even so, as he finally kicked free of his suit, he was sloshing through the rising water towards the ladder. "I'm never gonna live this down!"

"Beggars can't be choosers!" said Razor, following him, still half in, half out of the suit. "Besides, at least it's Lieutenant Feral and not her grouchy uncle! He'd never let us hear the end of it!" With a growl, the giant Street slashed at him, but even with the leaded suit, Razor was able to dodge, and the scarab's claws did the rest of the work in removing the suit for Razor, slashing it, as well as a goodly portion of his G-suit underneath, to ribbons, exposing the thin SWAT Kat's midriff and leaving deep scratches. "Aaaghhh!" Razor yelled.

"Buddy!" T-Bone cried, looking back with one hand on the bottom rung of the ladder.

The water continued to rise. The two vigilantes were up to their armpits in it, whilst the black scarab was now waist deep. He was moving sluggishly, as they had when they had their lead-lined suits on, something which didn't escape Razor's attention. Street must weigh a ton in this form, he thought.

As Razor staggered towards him, T-Bone grabbed Razor's wrist with his free hand. "Come on!"

"I am, I am!" With his free hand, Razor aimed at Street's face and fired mini cement slugs. "Eat cement, bugface!" Splat!

"Blaaaghhhhh!" growled Street, staggering back, flailing, swiping at the swiftly-hardening gray glop which covered his face.

Getting one arm around Razor and yanking him up so that they were both on the ladder, T-Bone nodded to Felina, who was sticking her head out the open side door. She nodded. Whirling, she yelled up front. "Get us out of here!" Gray pulled up on the control yoke, and the chopper began to rise. At the same time, Felina activated the winch which began reeling the rescue ladder in.

But Street wasn't finished. Managed to scrape most of the dried cement off of his face, enough to allow him to see, he noticed the escaping vigilantes and howled with rage. No! He couldn't allow the pitiful Earth pests who'd ruined all his plans and taken his queen from him - twice! - to escape! Sloshing through the water, he reached the slightly inclined wall of the cooling tower and began to climb up it, scuttling madly up after the retreating chopper and his prey.

Re: The Doctors of Doom: Regular Story Version

Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2019 12:43 pm
by marklungo
Uh oh, Razor took a hit! Hope he'll be okay.