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Ty's Fanfic Projects and teasers

Posted: Sat Dec 08, 2018 4:13 pm
by Ty-Chou
A while back, MoDaD asked me if I had any Swat Kats fanfic projects in the works. I didn't. And I hated telling him that. It's a rare and humbling question to be asked and I wished I could say yes. At that time, the direct sequel for "Masks", "Darker Half" was on the back burner due to some plot problems. It still is. And I had nothing else.

(And are YOU going to write anything in the near future, MoDaD? Because I will be there with bells on.)

"Masks", my first visit to Megakat City since I was a teenager barely learning to write, was finished six years ago. I was pulled back in for the short story contest that happened last year, just enough to get my toes wet. I think my brain decided I had been away long enough.

I had a plot bunny hit me only a little while back and I loved the idea so much, I started developing it immediately. Partway through, I stumbled. I usually sit on story ideas for a while to make sure I have it all figured out. I didn't do that this time. I was stuck again and it seemed the back burner needed to make room for another one.

Then I was hit with inspiration a few days ago: a companion piece to fill in what the first story could not. And I am back to working on it again.

Long story short: I have ideas. I am working on a new Swat Kats fanfiction project. I am going to use this thread to talk about it and release teasers in the hopes that it will keep me motivated to see this through to the end.

The original story is going to be darker, grittier and more serious than what you usually see from me. The companion piece... I am going to attempt to release it in a very different format. I don't recall seeing any other fan stories done this way. (I may not be the first person ever to do it this way, but it will certainly be something that doesn't happen often.)

At this point, I'm still in the early stages and I'm not sure which one will be released first. I don't know if the order matters. But I will try to add updates and little tidbits here as the project develops.

Re: Ty's Fanfic Projects and teasers

Posted: Wed Dec 12, 2018 12:17 am
by Ty-Chou
A preliminary concept sketch of Callie for the companion piece. I know I want her in slacks for this, but I'm not happy with the top quite yet. But this is close to how she'll be dressed in the story.