The New SWAT Kats - Chapter 1 - The Beginning of a New Era

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The New SWAT Kats - Chapter 1 - The Beginning of a New Era

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The New SWAT Kats
Chapter 1 - The Beginning of a New Era

SWAT Kats © 1993 Hanna-Barbera
Written by: Jared K. Vega Ortega

A young Chance Furlong discovers that his parents house has been burglarized and vandalized. Chance's parents burn hidden documents and delete files from their computer, take Chance to the home of their best friend Wanda who has a son named Jake Clawson, and then mysteriously depart. Tom Furlong writes an email to explain his disappearance and sends it to the enforcers, with the hope that they stop chasing after them and understand they are innocent. Later, he and his wife, Amanda, are aboard a private boat with intentions of going far away from MegaKat City. But then the boat is invaded by an assassin sent to kill them. Tom and Amanda attempt to fight him off, but they fail and in a desperate attempt to save themselves, they jump to the sea to swim back to the city, but they get shot and killed. The assassin leave on the boat while the corpses of Tom and Amanda were floating on the ocean, to be later found by the enforcers. They notify Wanda about the death of Tom and Amanda and she decides to take the custody of Chance.

Years later, Chance and Jake attend MegaKat University and meet Professor Greenbox who has a robotic arm and become friends with Calico Briggs, her lab assistant at Puma-Dyne and at the University. They also get bullied by Burke and Murray. At home, Chance finds an old internet article, and learns his parents worked with his teacher Professor Greenbox at Puma-Dyne were they created weapons for the enforcers as well as several experiments and inventions they did together. Chance steals Greenbox's spare ID card and sneaks into Puma-Dyne. He uses Greenbox's computer to find information about his parents and sees old emails of them and discovers they were being falsely accused of stealing radioactive chemicals and creating unauthorized weapons as well as causing a deathly accident at Puma-Dyne by it's old CEO, Dr. Purvis. Greenbox knew they were innocent, and that Dr. Purvis was the one behind everything, but he was being blackmailed by him in to not saying anything, so he couldn't help them. Chance's parents tell Greenbox that they were going to destroy everything and leave MegaKat City to start a new life somewhere else and order him to transfer their stuff to his secret storage room to prevent anyone from finding out they were the SWAT Kats. Chance didn't knew who the SWAT Kats were until he searches on the internet and sees that the SWAT Kats were vigilantes that protected the city, and had a jet called the TurboKat and an arsenal of unique weapons and tactics. Chance keeps reading the email conversation to discover the location of this storage room and writes it in a piece of paper. He is then caught by his friend Calico Briggs. Chance manages to explain Callie why he was there and reveals to her all of the information he discovered. Callie understands and helps him sneak out, taking Greenbox's spare ID card from Chance.

Callie calls Greenbox and tells him to come to Puma-Dyne, where they talk about Chance's discovery and Greenbox tells Callie to remain silent. At home, Chance tells everything he discovered to Jake and then travel together to the old storage room where the jet and weapons his parents designed were stored. They get surprised by Greenbox and Callie, who already knew they were coming, and open the doors and invite them inside where he shows them the TurboKat and analyze together the complicated structure of the different missiles, devices, gadgets and vehicles Chance's parents designed. After that, Greenbox finally tells Chance, Jake and Callie the full story of Tom and Amanda. He explains that Tom and Amanda were ex-pilots of the enforcers that got off the force after an accident occurred while trying to take down Dark Kat, and after that, they are forced to pay a bill for the damages. Fortunately, Greenbox, who was a good friend of  Tom and Amanda's parents, who worked at Puma-Dyne with him, decided to pay the bill and invited them to work at Puma-Dyne as well. They later on decide to use their ingenuity to build their own jet, and gadgets and become the vigilantes known as the SWAT Kats, who adopted an abandoned underground facility and hangar hidden in a scrapyard outside of the city. The CEO of Puma-Dyne, Dr. Purvis was stealing radioactive chemicals and was forcing Tom and Amanda to build radioactive weapons to attack the city in secret until they decided to disobey him and accuse him. Since Purvis made Tom and Amanda do the dirty job for him, he accused them of his crimes and ordered assassins to kill their parents. They stole their original inventions and vandalized their home to torture them. They decided to leave their SWAT Kats stuff to Greenbox and escape from the city but they got murdered and Purvis kept their inventions and took the credit and kept doing his experiments until one day he simply disappeared after injecting himself with a formula he created to revive plants that caused him to get sick and decide to leave everything behind, as he stated on a goodbye note. After that Chance cries for what happened to his parents and Jake and Callie give him support. Greenbox tells Chance that all that stuff belonged to him and told him he was the one to choose what to do with it. Chance didn't say anything. Greenbox gave him the keys to the storage room and his parents hangar outside of the city and left alongside Callie. Chance and Jake closed the storage room and drove to the abandoned scrapyard outside of the city and saw all of the stuff Chance's parents left behind. Chance keeps an old photo album he found on the floor and later sees it with Wanda and Jake at home.

Later that night, Greenbox and Callie were debating of Dr. Purvis disappearance. After studying one of Dr. Purvis formulas for reviving plants, they take a sample and put in on a plant to see what happened and discover this caused the plant to mutate in to a horrifying monster. They managed to kill off the monster but then started to wonder if Purvis suffered any mutations or strange behavior after putting that formula on himself before disappearing. Then they get interrupted by the current CEO of Puma-Dyne, James Purvis, who was the son of the disappeared Dr. Purvis. He tells them that he wasn't feeling good and starts having a seizure on the lab, Greenbox calls 911 and they bring him to the hospital. There, they find out that he has inherited his father's biological condition, and that if an antidote wasn't made, he would most likely die due to a biological mutation, but they weren't sure of the other side effects because after Dr. Purvis dissapeared, he never fully stated what actually happened to him after injecting himself. Since James was still the CEO, he immediately orders Greenbox to find a cure to his condition. Greenbox and Callie spend the rest of the night investigating on a possible cure, they knew that the process of mutation was slow, or at least on James. His father must've injected himself with the formula before having  him, and later on James would inherit his condition. But the real question is whether James is going to turn in to a monster like the plants do after getting in contact with the formula Purvis created. They were about to find out with James. Later they discover an old diary that belonged to Purvis where they learn that the formula that Purvis put in himself was actually created by Tom's father under Purvis orders. Tom Furlong created this formula to revive plants but it didn't work, but it would turn plants in to monsters instead. However, for some reason the chemical worked as a strong drug. However, there was something that prevented him from mutating, or getting sick. Presumably an antidote he created in secret to use this failed experiment as nothing else than a drug. After Purvis stole from Tom and Amanda, one of the things he stole was this formula, unaware of it's dangerous effects, he added it to a plant and it turned in to a monster and this caused him to fall, and the formula fell on him. He killed the dangerous monster and remained silent and had a son, but then he started to mutate and get extremely sick and decided to live on the sewers. But still, Greenbox and Callie didn't knew if Dr. Purvis was alive, and they weren't sure of  the consequences of this condition that now James was developing.

The next day, Chance and Jake are talking together at campus about what they should do with Chance's parents stuff. Chance proposes Jake to continue what his parents started but Jake completely disagrees. After studying Tom's papers, Greenbox tells Chance about what happened with James, and tells him to accompany him in his investigation, as well as to look for documents of his father lost on his house that could help in any way. Chance leaves the university for a few hours and goes back home and with the help of Wanda they look for any documents containing information that could help Greenbox understand this formula better and make the creation of the cure a lot more easier. However they only find a few photos of Tom and Amanda that Wanda quickly stored safely somewhere else, but nothing that could help James. When Chance came back, he spend the rest of the night with Greenbox at the University studying the documents and samples of Tom's formula they already had on their disposal and Jake stayed at home with Wanda. At home, Wanda haves a heart attack and Jake calls ambulance and they take her to the hospital. Jake calls Chance but he doesn't answer until he leaves the campus and says goodbye to Greenbox. He checks his phone just to se he had 70 missed calls from Jake. Chance calls him and he tells him that Wanda was at the hospital and Chance drives to the hospital to see his mom right away. The doctors tell Chance and Jake they were going to give her medical treatment, but someone needed to pay her medical bill. Chance and Jake promise the doctor that they will pay the bills and leave the hospital. At home, Chance and Jake were struggling to find sleep because they were both worried for their mom and how they were going to pay the medical bills.

The next day, Chance visits Professor Greenbox at his house to talk about what happened to his mother Wanda. Greenbox proposes Chance that him and Jake work at a restaurant, as janitors or any simple job to get some money to help their mother. Greenbox also expresses to Chance that he was in a hurry to finish a project he was working on and asks him if he and his brother Jake can stay on the University that night to help him finish it for the next day. Chance calls Jake to ask him about it and he accepts with no problems, so Chance promises Greenbox that he and Jake will be there to help him. Chance leaves and goes to campus with Jake. Later at Puma-Dyne, Greenbox is being pressed by James on the phone to finish his latest invention, The Micro-Brain Repair Unit, because his corporation needed something new to show as they were going through an economic crisis. Later that night, Greenbox, Chance, Jake and Callie finish together the Micro-Brain Repair Unit in a rush, and without checking for errors as Greenbox needed to showcase this project the next day with absolutely no excuses.

The next day, Greenbox invites Chance, Jake and Callie to see his presentation of his Micro-Brain Repair Unit. He uses the device to break and restore his robotic arm, but the machine was unstable and it started to glitch. The machine started attacking the professor and got embedded in his head. Then, the machine combined the robotic arm of Greenbox with one of the prototype weapons on a shelf and attacked everyone in the place. The professor is stopped after being shot in the stomach by Callie with another prototype weapon in a desperate attempt to stop him. Greenbox is brought to the hospital and in middle of a surgery procedure to remove the Micro-Brain Repair Unit from Greenbox's head, where his skull was completely open, the device activates and attacks everyone in the room. Later, the device absorbs Greenbox's brain information and uses some tools to remove it and replace it with itself. Greenbox escapes the room and brutally murders anyone that gets in his way. He goes through some ventilation vents and ends up in the room where Wanda was. Wanda wakes up and sees him and screams, and Greenbox takes her and throws her through the window. Greenbox gets out of the hospital through the same window and escapes through the sewers as the enforcers were already on their way to capture him. Chance and Jake were outside of the hospital alongside Callie waiting for any mews regarding Greenbox until they saw Wanda getting thrown out of the window and Greenbox getting out from the same window and disappearing as a bunch of Enforcer patrols and helicopters were getting close. Chance, Jake and Callie run just to see Wanda dead on the sidewalk with her skull completely open and with a river of blood coming out of it. Chance and Jake have a complete mental breakdown as Callie and the doctors watch the chaos.

Callie accompanies Chance and Jake to Wanda's funeral and gives them her condolences. Chance and Jake discover that they were going to take over Greenbox's storage room, so one night, they take the jet, vehicles, gadgets in secret to the his parent's abandoned underground facility/hangar at the scrapyard outside of the city to prevent anyone from taking over it. After that, they close the hangar and drive home. Chance turns on the TV and sees all of the crime that is spread across MegaKat City and Jake then brings an old Kat Komandoes comic and shows it to him, reminding him how much he liked that silly character. But Chance tells Jake that he always wanted to be a good guy like Kat Komandoes. He then goes to his room and sees the old album of his parents again and decides that he wanted to be the one to take their place. The next morning, he tells Jake he wanted to become the next SWAT Kat and told him that he would like a partner, but Jake calls him childish for trying to do hero stuff. Chance ignores him and goes to the scrapyard all by himself and to fix the TurboKat, as well as the other devices his parents created. Later on, Jake feels guilty and joins him to support him. Chance and Jake use the tools they had on their disposal and their intelligence and spend an entire week fixing the jet and the different vehicles and devices and create their own uniforms. They discover an abandoned but fully working Reflex Room that could be used for training. Chance finally motivates Jake in to being part of his silly adventure of becoming a hero and they train together at the Reflex Room.

It's been a few days and no news of Greenbox, so Chance and Jake decide to track down some criminals to test their abilities before confronting Greenbox, and for the first time Chance and Jake under the codenames of T-Bone (Chance) and Razor (Jake) fly together as the SWAT Kats and managed to stop criminal attacks against Mayor Manx at the city hall. The enforcers chase the SWAT Kats afterwards but they managed to escape. At home, Chance and Jake turn on the TV and see Ann Gora giving a news report for Kat's Eye News surrounding the SWAT Kats and Commander Feral accuses them of being dangerous vigilantes and promises he will unmask them. Later at dinner Callie has a tense conversation with her mom over the new masked vigilantes motives and speaks in favor of them, but her mother doesn't change her negative mindset surrounding them. Later, Callie receives a call from Chance and Jake and she escapes from the window of her room and meets with Chance and Jake at the park, where they reveal to her that they are the SWAT Kats. Callie promises to keep the secret and to keep them up to date of any criminal activity, specially if it's related to Greenbox. The SWAT Kats give her a device they call the SK Communicator, and tell her to use it when there's trouble. The SK Communicator also ends up being the first original device they've developed outside of Tom and Amanda's design.

The next day at the University, Jake gets in trouble after a basketball challenge with Burke and Murray, where he accidentally hits Murray's girlfriend on the face really hard and breaks a window with the ball. Jake was about to get kicked out of the University, but Callie defends him and he gets to stay as he is given another chance, however, he will have to pay for the chattered glass. Later that night, Chance gives Jake some money he had saved for an emergency to pay up the chattered glass. Jake goes to the university to pay up his bill that same night and he tells Chance to get some eggs to make breakfast for next morning, but Chance forgets as he is distracted after dressing up as T-bone and going to the sewers to look for Greenbox. He finds him and he has a battle with him, he absorbs his Glovatrix and his weapons, leaving T-Bone completely defenseless. T-Bone gets scared and runs to the surface as he gets chased by Greenbox, but he looses him and gets to the surface, gets the eggs and goes home to tell Jake about what happened with Greenbox in the sewers. In that same night, Callie calls them and notifies them that there is a massive robbery at Puma-Dyne by a masked guy in a truck. The SWAT Kats dress up and fly off to kick some tail. They manage to recover the stolen weapons, but the masked thief escapes and promises he will return. While working as a janitor in a Puma-Dyne laboratory, Richard, the masked thief from last night, steals some chemicals and materials that were required for his secret experiment that he called the Surge Coat, a coat to would give him electric powers and the ability to travel through electric lines, which will help him to steal not only weapons from Puma-Dyne, but also any other valuable weaponry from the enforcers to sell them to other criminals. Richard finishes his surge coat and puts it on, and it works, so he travels through the electric line of the building all the way to his room. He takes off the surge coat and hides it in a suitcase under his bed and goes downstairs to have dinner with his parents. His parents were arguing and they got in to a very violent fight and he went upstairs to play video games on his room to ignore what was happening with his parents. While in an online battle, Richard tells his friends over the voice chat that he had a business for them. The next day, Hard Drive shows his friends the Surge Coat at school and tells them that their business will be a lot more easier from now on and then they arrive late to the classroom, as usual. At launch, Richard was being bullied by a group of students from a higher grade. His group of friends defend him and after that, Richard escapes from school and goes to an abandoned park to cry. His friends fallow him and Richard explains that he is tired of being the weak one and being alone. His friends tell him he is not alone, but he refuses to believe it, arguing he has been alone and unnoticed his hole life. His friends manage to cheer him up and they bring him to a party where they drink alcohol and use all sorts of drugs. After that, Richard arrives late to his house and sneaks to his room from the window to make his parents believe he was asleep the entire time. But his parents quickly notice he was not only drunk but also under the influence of drugs. His father beats him up and leaves him crying on his room. He then has a rage attack and starts throwing things on his room and breaks a picture of him and his parents accidentally. He sees the picture, and in his rage attack, he shredders the photo in to little pieces and burns it with fire.

Meanwhile, Chance and Jake are doing experiments on Greenbox's lab at the University and finally create a cure. Chance was very excited and immediately calls James. The doctors bring him to the university and he gets injected with the cure and immediately recovers. After that, James returns to his CEO position at Puma-Dyne and creates a party at Puma-Dyne with electronic music and lots of food and drinks to celebrate his recovery on the highest floor of the Puma-Dyne building. Callie, now without a job after what happened with Greenbox, takes advantage of being at Puma-Dyne to request another job. Chance and Jake, who were also at the party tell her to stay but she doesn't listen and goes to the first floor to request a job as a receptionist to at least get some money to help her parents ans raise money to keep paying her university. She manages to get a simpler job as a receptionist at Puma-Dyne and goes back to the party to tell Chance and Jake she had another job at the building as a receptionist to keep helping her parents. After the party, Callie invites Chance and Jake to her father's restaurant to hangout and release their stress and start talking about Greenbox's demise. But before they can discuss it, they see on the television that Puma-Dyne was being attacked by Greenbox. Chance and Jake go to their hangar and dress up and fly off to stop this menace. But Greenbox absorbs more weapons and other metal materials an gradually becomes stronger, enough to knock out the SWAT Kats. He leaves and the SWAT Kats wake up and are embarrassed after their defeat, but seconds later another problem appears. Richard, now wearing his Surge Coat and calling himself Hard Drive, is attacking the city while being chased by the enforcers. The SWAT Kats go to action once again and chase after Hard Drive. As they talk to Hard Drive they realize that he was the same masked thief from before. Hard Drive accidentally causes a shutdown and escapes and hides on the sewers, where he encounters Greenbox. He tells him that he needed more power and he offers him millions of dollars if he finds Katalist 100, a chemical that would make the bonding process of his biological body and the metal materials he absorbs faster. Hard Drive accepts and goes to MegaKat Biochemical Labs and steals 100 bottles of Katalist 100 and gives them to Greenbox. Greenbox tells him to wait on the sewers as he finds the money. Greenbox robs a bank and the SWAT Kats once again try to stop him but they fail miserably. Greenbox goes back to the sewers and give Hard Drive 90 millions dollars and keeps 90 millions dollars for himself, to continue his experiments. Greenbox immediately tells Hard Drive to leave and Hard Drive travels through the electric lines to his home, where he hides the money on his closet. The SWAT Kats were tracking him and surprise him on his room, he tries to escape but he is apprehended by the SWAT Kats after a battle in his room where his parents find out what he has been doing. Richard is arrested by the enforcers and the money is returned and his surge coat is taken to the Megakat Institute, where it gets studied by Professor Hackle. Richard gets interrogated to reveal where did he get the money and the Surge Coat. After a lot of torture, Richard finally reveals how he made the Surge Coat and reveals that he made an exchange with Greenbox for 90 millions dollars for stealing Katalist 100 from MegaKat Biochemical Labs as well as many many more crimes he did. He is accused for stealing weapons, chemicals, for creating unauthorized experiments and for many other crimes he did on the past and is sentenced to 50 years on the Alkatraz Prison. Richards parents try to apologize for not being present but Richard avoids them and tells them to stay away from him, blaming them for his actions and successfully making them feel completely guilty. After having a conversation with one of his friends at the prison, they quickly create a plan to help him escape. His friend sneaks in to the Megakat Institute and steals the Surge Coat from Professor Hackle to later rescue Richard from the Alkatraz Prison. This time, Hard Drive steals again and succeeds. The next day, Hard Drive meets with Greenbox at the sewers and sells him the weapons he stole by request, and then Greenbox absorbs these devices a lot more faster, becoming crazy powerful in a matter of seconds. His body was gradually becoming more metal than flesh every time, getting closer and closer to becoming a super kat. Greenbox mentors Hard Drive in to becoming more powerful using his knowledge in science. As always, Hard Drive received some money for his labor and Greenbox tells Hard Drive to use it well. He provides Hard Drive with his Puma-Dyne ID card and tells him how to make himself better. After that he disappears in the shadows, promising Hard Drive that they will see each other again.

Meanwhile, the first symptoms of James illness are showing, because it appears that the cure Chance and Jake made didn't actually cure him, it just replaced his illness with something even worse and he goes to University and sees the sample that Chance and Jake created contained something even worse that mixed with the illness he already had. James was loosing control and his brain cells were dying, causing him to become stupid and more crazy and impulse than ever. James, in his desperation to get cured and his ongoing mental instability, looks for Chance with a needle to infect him with his own cure as a revenge. He breaks to Chance's room and discovers he is one of the SWAT Kats. He starts attacking him in tears and Chance tries to apologize for what he and Jake did and proposes him to look for help, but it was already to late, James was definitely going to die, and it was all his and his brother's fault, and James was very aware of that. James attempts to infect Chance with the needle containing his own creation but Jake arrives home and stops him. James was on the floor and was trying to get up, but he was getting really weak, so he runs away to Puma-Dyne an desperately attempts to create another cure by himself. The employees try to stop him but he locks them outside of his lab and finishes the apparent definitive cure. He injects himself with it and it just makes him millions of times worse, turning him in to a green reptilian zombie-like creature and driving him completely crazy, blaming the Chance and Jake for his demise and creating a strong resentment towards them. He steals an armored super suit and creates chaos in Puma-Dyne. Then, he looks for Chance and Jake to infect them. Callie calls Chance and Jake to warn them that James has turned into a monster and that he wants to infect them. Chance and Jake go to the university to try to finally find a cure to James illness alongside Callie, some teachers and Puma-Dyne employees. Unfortunately, they are framed by Puma-Dyne employees as being the ones who caused James demise, and kick them out in fear that they cause another accident. Chance and Jake decide to leave the cure to them and dress up as the SWAT Kats and fly on their TurboKat to find James. Meanwhile, Hard Drive steals from Puma-Dyne again and buys from Mac and Molly some illegal chemicals and materials to upgrade his Surge Coat. He sneaks in to his parents home and goes to the garage where he upgrades his Surge Coat. Now he had even more powers than ever. He now had powers like causing electric thunders, being resistant to water, to disintegrate anything his touches at will, and a more stronger and buffer armor. After finishing his upgrade, he puts his all new Surge Coat on and tries his new powers on the garage alerting his parents. His parents see him and try to guide him on the right path but he was being seduced by all of the power he had and he just couldn't give it up and completely gives in to the dark side and embraces his identity as a villain by attacking his parents and leaving. Later on he is contacted by Greenbox and tells him that he needed a purpose in life, he was powerful, but he needed more... He wanted something bigger, so he told Richard to go and help him find his "purpose". Hard Drive didn't think twice and teams up with Greenbox. Greenbox tells Hard Drive that they needed to dream big, that they needed to combine their power and become one in an effort to fully convince Hard Drive to help him on his plan of world domination, promising him a slice of the pie. Back at the University, Callie and the teachers and Puma-Dyne employees finally discover the cure to James horrifying condition. After seeing success with multiple experiments, the Puma-Dyne employees create several injections and gas bombs containing the antidote. They go back to campus and Callie calls the SWAT Kats and they return to campus and they are provided with the antidote and the SWAT Kats fly off to save James. Commander Feral sees the SWAT Kats and he orders his crew to chase after them. The Enforcers corner the SWAT Kats by taking off their masks and Commander Feral discovers their real identities and prepares to arrest them, but the SWAT Kats escape and get back in the air. By the time they get back in the air the city starts getting attacked by Zed, as Greenbox calls himself now and Hard Drive. The SWAT Kats fight off Hard Drive and he absorbs the power of the entire city and throws it at the TurboKat, seriously damaging the jet and the SWAT Kats. The SWAT Kats fly away to fix it, giving Zed enough time to absorb other machines and build an ever-growing armored body around Greenbox's body, who just wasn't himself anymore after the Micro-Brain Repair Unit's evil artificial intelligence took over him. The SWAT Kats, as they are desperately fixing their jet, talk about how to possibly deactivate that machine and Jake proposes to go inside it and deactivate it from there. By the time the SWAT Kats get back in the air Zed is large enough to dwarf a skyscraper, and starts attacking Puma-Dyne in order to satisfy it's never ending hunger of power and world domination. Hard Drive attacks anyone that gets in Zed's way, leaving him the path completely free of disturbances. The SWAT Kats go near Zed's body and jump off their jet and let him absorb them to get inside in a desperate attempt to deactivate the metal menace from the inside. However, T-Bone is captured and absorbed by Zed and Razor is all alone.

Razor suspects that in order to deactivate the machine he needs to disconnect it from Greenbox's head, however, this will probably kill him. But before he does so, he attempts to rescue T-Bone, but he starts attacking Razor under the influence of Zed. Razor manages to disconnect him from the machine and they both go to the "core" of Zed, where Greenbox was. They have a battle against Greenbox and manage to disconnect him from Zed, but he dies and his corpse is absorbed by Zed, who hasn't deactivated. T-Bone says that the Central Processing Unit chip (CPU) is the brain of any computer or artificial intelligence, so he proposes Razor to find that chip and to destroy it in order to kill Zed. Calico Briggs is in the crowd seeing the enforcers fail at taking down Zed, and after she learns that The SWAT Kats were inside it, she runs to the machine and offers herself to it. After getting absorbed she manages to escape it and runs to look for the SWAT Kats. After the SWAT Kats unsuccessfully confront Zed, Callie rescues them and helps them deactivate Zed by destroying the CPU. After the CPU is destroyed, the machine sets itself to auto destruct and the SWAT Kats and Callie escape together from Zed and after that it explodes. Hard Drive, after seeing the defeat of Zed gets really mad and starts destroying everything that is on his way, accusing the SWAT Kats of being selfish and killing his only real friend and person that completely listened and understood him, making his unstable mental health and childhood traumas more obvious. And The SWAT Kats prepare to take down Hard Drive but then ToxiKat, as James calls himself now, injects the SWAT Kats with the virus. The SWAT Kats immediately inject themselves with the antidote, but then ToxiKat takes the antidotes and manages to inject Razor again with the illness and takes Callie hostage. T-Bone tells Razor to stay put but he goes to rescue Callie, T-Bone trusts Razor and goes on the TurboKat to take down Hard Drive who steals a powerful jet from the enforcers and has an epic air battle with T-Bone.

Razor follows ToxiKat to an abandoned village in ruins and they have a confrontation but Razor looses because the infection was already transforming him. ToxiKat proceeds to throw Callie from a the sky to the ground and she falls and breaks her leg and her neck and starts crying in agony. ToxiKat approaches to Razor and starts telling him to give in to the transformation as Razor tries to resist to save Callie but it was already too late, he was going crazy and his was turning in to a ToxiKat lookalike. ToxiKat tells Razor that he will turn everyone on MegaKat City like him, and he will create an army to help him take over the world. As Razor's transformation concludes, and Razor tries to resist, ToxiKat starts rubbing Razor's legs and penis and he can't help feeling pleasure. ToxiKat slowly gets on top of him and starts making up with him on the ground as Razor slowly relaxes and falls under his arms and completely gives in to his transformation as he gets infected by ToxiKat's seduction. T-Bone was being chased by Hard Drive and he was looking for Razor and he lands on the abandoned village where he finds Callie injured and tried to call the authorities but he gets in a battle between ToxiKat, Razor and Hard Drive. Commander Feral was behind them watching everything and he found the antidotes that ToxiKat took from the SWAR Kats and threw all of the gas bombs at once at the battlefield and it caused a huge explosion that blinded everyone, even Feral. After the green smoke disappeared, ToxiKat and Razor returned to normal. ToxiKat, now back to James, is arrested. T-Bone and Razor thank Feral for helping out and they give him Callie and tell him to help her. Thankfully, there was already an helicopter nearby and they take Callie with them to a hospital. Commander Feral teams up with the SWAT Kats to take down Hard Drive, who destroyed complete buildings and caused hundreds of deaths. Hard Drive causes another massive shut down, but this time it affected every single corner of the city. Hard Drive has literally absorbed the entire power of the city. Using his powers, he gets inside helicopters and takes control of them, causing the death of hundreds of choppers. Then, Hard Drive goes to the Megakat Power Plant, a huge powerplant that powered up the entire city and Hard Drive starts creating electric thunders on the powerplant.

The SWAT Kats head off to battle him. Feral follows, and together, they restore the power of the city by taking all of it's energy. Hard Drive was weak and before he gets caught he absorbs enough power and escapes through the electric line. Commander Feral thanks the SWAT Kats for their service and leaves. The SWAT Kats fly away on their TurboKat to later on see Callie at the hospital as Chance and Jake to thank her for helping them out. The next day, at home, Chance and Jake turn on the TV and see Ann Gora giving a news report surrounding the SWAT Kats again, but this time Commander Feral apologies publicly for his harsh accusations that he made against the them. After that, Chance and Jake go outside of their house and stare at the distance promising that they will forever protect Megakat City and will embrace themselves as The New SWAT Kats. Chance and Jake go to Greenbox's funeral and give their condolences to his family. Some time later, they go to campus and meet with Callie again, but she had a cast on her neck and her left leg. They spend the rest of the day joking around and having fun. Chance amd Jake were now living alone at Wanda's house, so they needed a job to pay up the bills now that she was gone, and because of that Chance and Jake decide to become mechanics at their home garage. They soon become the best mechanics on their neighborhood and start living a normal life as civilians by working as mechanics and paying their bills and university, and going to university in the hopes of becoming technicians at Enforcer Headquarters.

End of Chapter.
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