A more faithful SWAT Kats Movie Plot Idea

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A more faithful SWAT Kats Movie Plot Idea

Post by Drink Holy Milk » Sun Jan 12, 2020 8:21 pm

I decided to preserve my previous plot idea for something else. So I made the SWAT Kats Movie Plot Idea all over again, but I decided to make it more faithful to the source material. There isn't too much stuff going on, so that it could actually fit a movie.

Feel free to share your opinions! CallieKissIcon2


SWAT Kats Movie Plot Concept #1

Written by Jared Vega

SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron © 1993-1995 Hanna-Barbera

SWAT Kats: New Order

Tom Furlong abandons his son Chance Furlong and his wife Emily Watson without any explanation. Chance is sad because his father left, so he escaped from the house to go to Pop’s Newstand, where he talks to Pop Perkins, who he views as a father figure. After finding consolation with Pop, he finds a comic book of Kat Kommandoes on the floor which Pop decided to gift him. When he read the comic book at home, he was inspired by the character to be one of the good guys someday. However, he was sad because he didn’t have any superpowers and his biggest dream was to be a superhero like Kat Kommandoes to help katkind. His mother told him that he didn’t need to have superpowers to help people, just heart.

Years later, Chance Furlong graduates from high school. After the graduation ceremony, Chance told his mother Emily that he was going to join the Enforcers so that he could protect his city, just like Kat Kommandoes does with his own city in the comic books. This made Emily very proud of Chance. Meanwhile, Jake Clawson, also a young adult who just recently graduated from high school in his small town, moved to the house of his father Emmett Clawson at MegaKat City. Shortly after, he started assisting to the Enforcer Academy, where he befriended Chance. Chance and Jake eventually graduated from the Enforcer Academy and become part of the Enforcer Air Force Squadron.

Dark Kat an evil overlord that has small winged devil minions called Creeplings arrived to MegaKat City in his Fear Ship to terrorize its citizens while he was heading towards Enforcer Headquarters to drop a bomb. While in pursuit of Dark Kat, Chance and Jake rebelled against Enforcer Commander Feral’s orders to fall back and leave Dark Kat to him. When they objected, citing their already-acquired target lock, Commander Feral used his jet to slap their wing, sending Chance and Jake’s jet crashing into Enforcer headquarters and allowing Dark Kat to get away. In his anger, Feral discharged Chance and Jake from the Enforcers and reassigned them to do long-term community service at the MegaKat City Military Salvage Yard to pay their debt for the damages caused, which considering their salary, was very unlikely.

Chance told his mother Emily about his discharge and she replied by telling him that even if he was discharged she still was very proud of him and that he could still continue being one of the good guys by using what he had in his disposal to help those in need. Jake told his mother on the phone, and just like Chanc’'s mother, she was still very supportive. But when Jake told his father, he wasn’t very happy about Jake’s discharge because he believed that having a son that had it all and then suddenly becomes a junk man was a total embarrassment. This caused an argument between the two, and Jake ended leaving the house. He walked to Chance’s house, where both Chance and Emily gave him support.

The next day, Chance and Jake arrived to the Salvage Yard and waited for their supervisors Burke and Murray to arrive, as Commander Feral instructed them to do. When Burke and Murray arrived, they made fun of Chance and Jake for their discharge from the Enforcers before giving them they keys to run the place and leaving. Chance and Jake enter the Salvage Yard and have the idea of opening a garage to have extra revenue. Their arduous teamwork helped them have “Jake and Chance's Garage” open for business in no time. The first car they fixed as mechanics in their garage was from a grumpy old lady that got stuck nearby.

At her house, Deputy Mayor Calico “Callie” Briggs was writing a speech for Mayor Manx for the inauguration of the Manx Municipal Park the following day. When she was ready to drive to city hall to give the speech to the mayor, the car refused to turn on. The old lady from earlier (who happens to be Callie's neighbor) noticed that Callie was struggling with her sedan and contacted Chance and Jake, who brought her car to their garage and fixed it really quick. Before leaving, Callie invited them to go to the inauguration of the Manx Municipal Park, invite that Chance and Jake kindly accepted. The next day, after the inauguration, Chance, Jake and Callie walk around the park while they talk about each other. In this moment, Chance and Jake tell Callie about their discharge from the Enforcers.

When they arrive to the garage at the Salvage Yard, they accidentally discover a hidden underground hangar. Jake has the idea of using the scrap from the Salvage Yard to build their own jet and weapons and use this hangar as their HQ and get back in the air to defend their city. Chance immediately thought of his favorite superhero, Kat Kommandoes. The idea of being a superhero and defending the city along his best friend was an idea that he absolutely adored. He started daydreaming of him and his friend standing on top of a rooftop wearing some cool uniforms and masks while looking very serious, strong and powerful with their jet on the background. Jake woke him up from his dream and asked him what did he think about his idea. Chance replied “Radical!”.

Using discarded military parts and weapons from the salvage yard, Chance and Jake built themselves a three-engine jet fighter called the Turbokat, along with a handful of missiles and gadgets during the course of three years. Becoming vigilantes the two enforce their own brand of justice as the SWAT Kats and adopt codenames. Chance was “T-Bone”, the pilot, and Jake was “Razor”, the Radar Intercept Officer.

When the night arrived, the SWAT Kats went on patrol for the first time and saved Callie from being robbed by a group of four masked men in an alleyway. Unfortunately, the thieves run away and the Enforcers arrive and tell the SWAT Kats to freeze. The SWAT Kats attack the Enforcers and escape through the rooftops, where they remotely summon the TurboKat and fly away. Commander Feral is notified about the vigilantes and starts a manhunt against them. The next day, Chance and Jake call Callie to tell her to come to their garage. At the garage, Chance and Jake reveal their identities to her and take her to their secret hangar to show her the TurboKat, their weapons, their gadgets, etc. Chance and Jake suit up and before flying away for a ride on the TurboKat around the city, the SWAT Kats gave Callie a communicator to contact them if she ever needed their help.

On another night, Callie sees Dark Kat’s soldiers transferring core material from cargo containers to Dark Kat’s Doomsday Express outside of the MegaKat Nuclear Plant. She summons the SWAT Kats, who attack the thieves before the Enforcers arrived. Frustrated by the vigilantes, Dark Kat has his Soldiers take hostages at the MegaKat Tower, where a press conference was taking place. Callie summoned the SWAT Kats before becoming a hostage herself. The SWAT Kats arrive, take out the soldiers, free the hostages and escape from the Enforcers, who were attempting to capture them under Feral’s orders. While the SWAT Kats were busy saving the hostages at the MegaKat Tower, another group of Dark Ka’'s soldiers have successfully robbed both the Nuclear Plant and Puma-Dyne.

In a public announcement through Kat’s Eye News, Commander Feral exposes the SWAT Kats as criminals and ensures that the they’ll be arrested at first sight. A customer was watching the report while Chance and Jake fixed his car. After the man made some negative comments against the SWAT Kats, Jake started arguing with him on the matter. They ended having a very tense conversation regarding the new masked vigilantes motives. The man gets angry and leaves in his car without paying them. Chance and Jake contiene watching Kat’s Eye News, where Ann Gora says that the Nuclear Plant and Puma-Dyne have both been robbed by soldiers sent by Dark Kat.

Burke and Murray arrive to the Salvage Yard on their truck which was full of scrap metal and unloaded it in front of Jake and Chance's Garage. This infuriated Chance, who he went outside and started a violent fight with Burke and Murray. Jake separated them, helped Chance to calm down and told Burke and Murray to leave.

Later, Chance visits Pop Perkins at his Newstand at night. There weren’t any other customers, just him and Pop. Chance talked with him about his discharge from the Enforcers and the difficult situation he and his friend Jake were having at the Salvage Yard. Burke and Murray wouldn’t stop harassing them, their garage wasn’t generating enough profits to keep it open for long, and they just weren’t happy paying a life sentence for an accident they didn’t caused. Pop motivated him by telling him a story of his own life experiences. Chance walked away from Pop’s Newstand full of energy and with a big smile on his face.

Later, at Chance’s house, Jake talks to his mother on the phone to tell her how things are going for him at MegaKat City, including the complicated situation between him and his father. Jake’s mother advices him to talk to his father and reconcile. So while Emily and Callie were setting up a surprise birthday party for Chance, Jake and Emmett went outside to talk. Emmett apologized for being so harsh on Jake and then hugged his son as a way to symbolize their reconciliation. After that, Jake and Emmett get back inside the house and help Callie and Emily to finish setting up the surprise birthday party for Chance, who hasn’t arrived yet. When Chance entered his house, he was surprised by Callie, Emily, Jake and Emmett, who threw him a surprise birthday party. While Callie was cutting the cake, Dark Kaat’s soldiers invaded the house, incapacitated Chance and Jake and captured Emily, Emmett and Callie.

The SWAT Kats track the location of Callie’s communicator to locate Dark Katt’s volcano lair outside of the city. After they arrive to the lair, they find Emily, Emmett and Callie and attempt to save them, but some pipes hidden behind the walls release a cloud of green gas that makes them fall asleep. When the SWAT Kats woke up, they were chained and their helmets were missing. Dark Kat explains that he is going to drop a bomb that will eradicate all life in MegaKat City. Afterwards, the SWAT Kats watch how Dark Kat’s soldiers killed Emily and Emmett. When it was Callie’s turn, she managed to escape and Dark Kat’s soldiers failed to capture her back, but Dark Kat didn’t give too much importance to Callie’s escape because he has already accomplished what he wanted, to torture the SWAT Kats. He orders his creeplings to place T-Bone and Razor’s helmets back on their heads. These helmets were modified by Dark Kat’s soldiers while the SWAT Kats were asleep. Upon pressing a button on his remote controller, Dark Kat activated a visor on the helmets that completely covered T-Bone and Razor’s eyes and put them under a deep hypnosis, allowing Dark Kat to make them do whatever he desired.

Callie went to Enforcer Headquarters to alert Commander Feral about Dark Kat’s plan to destroy the city, about having the SWAT Kats captured and murdering two civilians. The SWAT Kats arrive to the city in the TurboKat under the mind control of Dark Kat and terrorized the city. Ann Gora, the stellar reporter for Kat’s Eye News, is making a report on the attacks of the SWAT Kats, drastically changing the way that the citizens of MegaKat City saw the SWAT Kats. Commander Feral saw this as an opportunity to express through Kat’s Eye News that the citizens of MegaKat City were fools to trust the SWAT Kats and that he was always right about them. Callie was the only who couldn’t believe that the SWAT Kats were evil, so she called them with her communicator to get some answers from them. The SWAT Kats tell her that they were working for Dark Kat since the beginning and that they were just trying to gain the trust of the city to have enough time to get their revenge against the city. Callie refused to believe them and dared them to continue destroying the city and killing more people, which they did. They destroyed City Hall, Enforcer Headquarters, and hundreds of other buildings, causing mass destruction and the death of millions. Upon seeing all of this, Callie was finally convinced that the SWAT Kats were evil after all.

The SWAT Kats got the entire city on their knees and told them that they were going to destroy the city and build upon its ashes a brand new city where lawlessness is the law of the land, a city called Dark Kat City. After that, the SWAT Kats dropped the bomb. Commander Feral suddenly arrives and jumps from his jet and gets on the bomb and deactivates it before it landed. The SWAT Kats attack Commander Feral, but he has his entire squadron against the SWAT Kats and defeats them. The Turbokat crashes and the helmets break, making the SWAT Kats awake from Dark Kat’s mind control. Unaware of what happened, the SWAT Kats are confused after being cornered by the Enforcers. The SWAT Kats attack the Enforcers and escape in a couple of cyclotrons. The Enforcers appropriate of the TurboKat and go to Dark Kat’s lair and find that the place was completely empty, except for the corpses of Emily and Emmett, which were wrapped like Christmas presents along a message that said “Y’all are so fu***ng screwed” that was accompanied by the drawing of a winking smiling face in purple ink.

The next day, Commander Feral visits Chance and Jake to tell them to come to the morgue to recognize Emily’s and Emmett’s bodies. Later that day, Callie visits them to know the reasons behind their attack on city. Chance and Jake told her that they were under Dark Kat’s mind control because he modified their helmets. They also showed her their helmets so that she could see the modifications herself. Callie believed them and proceeded to show them footage captured by Kat’s Eye News of the destruction they caused while under Dark Kat’s mind control. Chance and Jake are shocked after seeing theemselves doing something so evil. Callie advised them to be careful because the Enforcers were now on their tails. She also said that she felt sorry for their lost at the lair. Later, Chance, Jake and Callie assist to Emily’s and Emmett's funeral.

Sometime later, the SWAT Kats retrieved their jet (which was now fixed and restored) from the Enforcers and fly to Dark Kat’s lair to explore it and make sure that it was truly empty. Apparently, Dark Kat and his followers have moved to another hideout. Once outside of the abandoned volcano lair, T-Bone and Razor yelled at the distance as if Dark Kat could hear them and promised that they’ll get their revenge. When the SWAT Kats went back to the air to leave, they were caught by the Enforcers who were patrolling the area. The SWAT Kats flied away while the Enforcers chased after them.

End of Movie Plot 1
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