Auxiliary Weapons Panel - Christian Tremblay

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Re: Auxiliary Weapons Panel - Christian Tremblay

Post by Prettyshadowj26 » Mon Oct 02, 2017 7:51 pm

Jiesi wrote:Maybe Jason Demarko is a dog person? Well get the swat kats back on the air one way or another HardDriveIcon
Hopefully :')
Rusakov wrote:
Prettyshadowj26 wrote:I agree with you Warners Bros. Could've at least Change their mind put the Revolution on Adult swim Toonami
Jason DeMarco has stated before that he is not interested in putting it on Toonami (and I hope the fans aren't harassing him over it).

At any rate, wouldn't it work best on a younger channel (i.e. not Toonami/Adult Swim)? I think it would do better on a more kid-oriented block.

I mean yeah the show is good but let's be honest, it has some cheesiness in the dialog too. Not all adults want that but kids probably won't mind.

P.S. I'm not implying kids are tasteless/stupid, but I think they'd be more willing to overlook dialog cheese vs. adults. And I could very well be wrong anyway. RazSilly
Yeah you're right what was I thinking RazDumbfounded I just hope the other Investors that Christian explain during the podcast Will interest of SK revolution if Not back to the Drawing board for Tremblay Bros.;'( and we Don't want that
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Re: Auxiliary Weapons Panel - Christian Tremblay

Post by Mr. Goodkat » Tue Oct 03, 2017 3:05 am

MoDaD wrote:
Mr. Goodkat wrote:Great podcast. It's good to hear more news about the progress on SK Revolution which sound quite promising to me. RazorLoveCait
It would be cool if the Tremblay Bros. would write a short update post on the Kickstarter page about this podcast like they did with MoDaD's and Sage's visit earlier this year. Backers who are not regularly visiting and the social media surrounding it would also get aware of about this status update this way as this triggers Kickstarter to send an email to all backers.

It would also be a nice advertisement for the podcast in return. ;)
That would be pretty cool. But, I doubt that'd ever happen... TurmoilIcon
Well, it happened pretty quickly, didn't it? TboneLaughCait
Kickstarter Update - October 2017
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