2018 To-Do List

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2018 To-Do List

Post by MoDaD » Sat Jan 20, 2018 8:04 am

Regarding last year's to-do list...

From that, still need to do the following:
  • Restore Strike's SWAT Kat Zone.
  • Upgrade the SK Art Archive
2018 New items:
  • Prepare next live stream event / giveaway (Probably April)
  • Organize / process production materials archive and centralize it (ongoing...)
  • Edit podcast backlog + start new recording schedule (Probably mid-February)
  • Edit/restore live stream pieces (Probably by first quarter)
  • Complete swatkats.info upgrade (Probably by mid-year)
  • MegakatCity.com update (Probably by mid-year)
  • Do something more permanent and accessible/visible for Erico's Show Bible
If there's something I'm missing let me know. Also, feel free to share any of your 2018 SWAT Kats items you'd like to accomplish. Any authors out there looking to write up sequels or continuations to earlier works, for instance?
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Re: 2018 To-Do List

Post by MintySage » Sat Jan 20, 2018 4:03 pm

My 2018 To-Do List:

* Tackle the "25 Radical Years" posters (one down, several to go. The second one is slowly coming along as I wait for the artist to finish it before I can do the layout)
* Revamp the "20 Radical Years" posters so they can actually print right/not print dark. Having a poorly calibrated computer was the cause of that
* Eventually create that miniscule SK page so I can post the print/downloadable versions
* Write, period.

Aside that, engage in the fandom more, which I've been horrible at doing. Last year was me slowly integrating myself back in and aside the podcasts and occasional SK related post, I haven't really been around much. RazEmbarrassed
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Re: 2018 To-Do List

Post by Poecat » Sat Jan 20, 2018 4:23 pm

For myself...

• Draw more Nova SWAT Kats character art.
• Finish a fanfic script that I had been planning on and started on in 2017.
• Work on and complete pages to issue 3 of Nova SWAT Kats with FelonyKat.
• Be more involved with SK stuff.
• I'd like to do something special for Hard Drive.

2017 was kinda hard for me. 2018 isn't looking any different so far... so lets just see how this year goes. I wish to cheer the rest of you on to complete your lists!!!
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Re: 2018 To-Do List

Post by Jiesi » Sun Jan 21, 2018 12:39 pm

Oh I wonder how much I'll stick to my to do list.
1- I'd like to get my life back in order. I know that's very vague I guess the best way to put it is it's like Madkat ambushed my apartment and turned my life into a sock puppet show; it's a mess, cheap, annoying, with some comical breaks lol
2- finish 2 boxing scratchboards for my trainer
3- get back to practicing animation
A) animate a push up challenge between Chance and Jake.
B) try to make an extended version to born to be free.
4- figure out what to do with more Swat Kat scratchboard ideas.
A) Callie calling the swat kats as she looking out the window watching a gigantic Dr Viper
B) The Pastmaster somoning a dragon from the top of his tower.
C) and I'd like to put F Mullers idea of the swat kats in their jet on scratchboard too. But he hasn't updated his sight with a current email so these two are on the bottom of the list. I would change a few things but not a lot. Just flip razor. His position is probably better for composition but I would change it in terms that it would feel natural to sit on the top of his chair instead of T-bones.
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Re: 2018 To-Do List

Post by Kooshmeister » Sun Jan 28, 2018 3:36 pm

1. Finish my Giant Bacteria novelization.
2. Finish the prose version of The End of the SWAT Kats!
3. Finish my Doctors of Doom fan rewrite.
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