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Auxiliary Weapons Panel – Nova Squadron

Posted: Wed May 23, 2018 2:12 pm
by MoDaD

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Welcome to the Auxiliary Weapons Panel, a part of The MEGA SWAT Kast where we break format for a little while to talk to fellow SWAT Kats fans about whatever’s on their minds. Make sure your safety harness is strapped on tight, because we didn’t file our flight plan in advance.

We are joined by special guests Poecat and Felony, creators of SWAT Kats: Nova Squadron, a fan comic originally made to celebrate the 20th anniversary of SWAT Kats, which introduces a colorful cast of new heroes and villains.

The Comic:

Auxiliary Weapons Panelists:

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Re: Auxiliary Weapons Panel – Nova Squadron

Posted: Sat May 26, 2018 2:20 pm
by Cait
Nice! I need to listen to this one when i have the time BroFistIcon

Re: Auxiliary Weapons Panel – Nova Squadron

Posted: Mon Jun 18, 2018 1:10 pm
by marklungo
It took me a while to get around to listening to this episode (and I apologize profusely!), but I enjoyed it. Both host and guests are perfectly charming, and Nova Squadron has a lot to recommend it.