Conversations with Television's Lance Falk

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Conversations with Television's Lance Falk

Post by MoDaD » Thu Aug 02, 2018 4:55 pm

I invited a few select people to do some chats with Television's Lance Falk this past Saturday. It wasn't an open to the public event, more of a test to see if it would work so that hopefully in the future a more public kind of thing could be done. If you weren't invited, please accept my apologies KittyEyesChanceIcon

I'll probably edit a number of those interactions fans had into a rough series of either videos or podcasts. I was able to quickly put one together with The MEGA SWAT Kast's NeeKnight:

Others should be available within the next month or so. In the meantime, if you were part of that, feel free to relate any of your interactions with the Swiss Army Knife of Animation here.
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Re: Conversations with Television's Lance Falk

Post by Mikazo » Thu Aug 02, 2018 11:58 pm

That was a really good interview. Kudos to Nee for asking some great questions!

Writing for a show like that must be loads of fun, but I imagine it's very challenging when you have to meet lots of expectations and deadlines.

Lance talked about the importance of knowing the right people to get in the door to write professionally. With all the different streaming platforms we have now, maybe that would bring more opportunities since smaller animation companies can now get a platform they never could before?

I would be interested to know how much the industry has changed since the show aired. Previously, the show ran on a schedule on a particular channel. Many if not most people probably caught it because it was running close to another show they wanted to watch, or it was at a time when they just watched TV in general. Now with Netflix and all these other streaming services, you decide what you want to watch when you want to watch it. I would imagine it's a totally different playing field than before, one that could make it more challenging to gain viewers.
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Re: Conversations with Television's Lance Falk

Post by Agracite » Sat Aug 04, 2018 12:06 pm

I really enjoyed this interview. Lance’s analogy for art and writing is really helpful. I’m wanting to find my best works but it may take getting out a few thousand bad ones first. Practice!
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