Funny someone else asked why they're special

Tell us about yourself and how SWAT Kats is special to you!
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Funny someone else asked why they're special

Post by Jiesi » Fri Aug 04, 2017 10:18 pm

I think Swat Kats is special to me cuz they're the right show at the right time kinda thing. Growing up kinda sucked but who really has the perfect childhood so really no big deal and it did make me who I am today. My parents were separated and when they finally got back together I thought it would be great but I quickly found out how wrong I was. My mom for whatever reason would drag me into their argument looking for sympathy or a ref i don't know but when I tired to get out of it or say they both had their points I ended up in the dog house along with my dad. As a day dreamer and not being old enough to go out on my own I fantasized about my current favorite show TboneSmile.

Now somehow they came back into my life when I'm in chaos. I lost my dad, and my dog, kiddo, both who I thankfully had for a very long time. longer then anyone could of placed bets on. His siblings didn't help with the funeral, didn't ask if I needed help, my mom reluctantly only paid 1/2. Thankfully I'm one tough cookie, and also that my dad is supposed to have shares in a family business however it's run by my uncle who is either a really stupid bad business man or he's a thief. Either way I don't like him. So for a while I was getting something which wasn't what my dad was suppose to get but anything helped. Then one day without warning and no explanation my uncle or his daughter stopped the checks. My cousin was reluctantly telling me the checks wont be coming for a while. So with drastic cutbacks on food and things FeralBullhornIcon Que Swat Kats to make me feel better.

Spring break, when I started to feel worn down by being jerked around, I was youtubing Swat Kats and came across the revolution which sparked a lot of things in me. Tried writing a script, did a scrtachboard of Mac and Molly, dabbling with animation to make something for the swat kats and also thinking of making candy with trading cards as inspired by wonderball. But mostly with the scratchboard and drawing the animation I've become a workaholic and stopped thinking of how ticked off I am at my uncle and his daughter. And at one point it sounded like she was talking down to me about the whole thing. at least i believe in karma and that everything happens for a reason so lets hope I can figure out a decent path with animation after my little experiments. I just got an awesome drawing tablet and now I can see how bad my animation is even though I know it needs a lot of work to begin with but lack of skill and a good program. I can go back and work on the buildings but I did something weird with the frames for dr.viper. Theres a lot more to be added
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Re: Funny someone else asked why they're special

Post by Cait » Sat Aug 05, 2017 2:06 am

First of all, welcome to! RazorHappyCait

Life is tough for some (I'm across a difficult situation at this moment too), but you need to stay strong and never surrender. As you say, things can change, but if you can make them happen, don't wait and take the step.

It is wonderful you also choose SWAT Kats to escape reality and find some joy every now and then. And don't worry about your drawing skills, as myself, just keep drawing and you'll get better eventually RazHappy

See ya around!
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