how many languages do you know?

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Re: how many languages do you know?

Post by Lord_Tennyson's_Pipe » Fri Mar 27, 2020 3:34 pm

Because I'm American, my native language is English, but I also studied French for four years in high school, and I'm currently taking Latin in college.

Parce que je suis américain, ma langue natale est Anglais, mais aussi j'ai appris le français quand j'étais à lycée, et maintenant j'étudie le latin à l'université.

Quod Americanus sum, lingua materna Anglicum est, sed per quatuor annos linguam Francogallicam studui ad lyceum, et iam studeo linguam Latinam ad universitatem.

(Some of that Latin was a little rough. It doesn't have a lot of cognates for modern words, so I had to improvise.)
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