Anyone playing Warframe on PC?

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Anyone playing Warframe on PC?

Post by Cait » Wed Jan 06, 2016 4:34 pm

I've been playing this online game a year and a half and it's turning great with the last updates! It's like a shooter game with some other features (you have powers and melee weapons). The game takes place in a far away future, where all the space has been taken by two opossed faction. The player is one of a third faction who aparently tries to make balance between the other ones.

The graphics of the game are just awesome, but requires a very good computer to play with full capacity. The main languaje is english, and I highly recommend to play with it since some traductions are just awful or don't have any sense (at least in spanish). As for the gameplay, it has the whole solar system to play different missions in, LOTS of weapons, characters with different powers and even companions (robots, dogs and even cats in a coming soon update <*_*>).

This is a 4 player cooperative game (8 in some cases), so if anyone is playing it or is interested in play together, just share the ingame nickname! Mine's Caitsith567.
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