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Re: Blacksad

Post by Cait » Mon Nov 18, 2019 3:06 pm

So, i have it on my hands and played it for around 4 hours in a PS4, fully in english (subtitles included). All i have to say is: if you get it, don't play it yet and be sure you have internet conection. The game is FULL of game breaking bugs and in the first hours it already had 2 updates for bug fixes. It needs a lot more to be "playable" since:
- Some cutscenes or parts of it (and the game is all about cutscenes) are skipped automaticaly.
- There are interactions where you don't have time to read even one choice before it triggers the default "no answer" one. Even worse: there is one that triggers a game over (you can repeat it, yeah, but i'm sure each attemp alters the stats of your current game run, plus the ending).
- Some subtitles doesn't match the voices and viceversa or have their order altered.
- Some popups glitch the screen.
- Game freezes in certain cutscenes, having to close the game and reload it (at least it has autosave).
- I have encountered a few quick action events where the button displayed doesn't match the one you really have to press, making you fail them and altering your stats.

I hope they doesn't take much time to repair them. The game is really good and i love it so far, but these bugs are just from an untested product, not profesional at all even if they are a noobie company.
As for release dates... i think december 10 is the date for US :3
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