Movie ticket sales are declining

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Re: Movie ticket sales are declining

Post by Kooshmeister » Fri Aug 18, 2017 7:09 am

Jacob1290 wrote:I thought Spider-Man homecoming was really good.

Probably one of the rare cases of a reboot being better than what came before, but then again. It's not hard to top the Amazing Spider-Trash

But, I'm a Spider-Man Fanboy, I'll eat up anything good or bad.
I thought the first Amazing Spider-Man was passable, but that's probably because, as a Lizard fan, I've been waiting for a live-action version of him (as opposed to just Curt Connors) for literally years. Then again, it may simply be that I'm really easy to please; typically if it's something I've waited for for a long time, I'll take "good enough" any day of the week.
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