10 Years Later: My Starfox Finally Got some Fanart

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10 Years Later: My Starfox Finally Got some Fanart

Post by EricoBard » Wed Sep 27, 2017 11:00 pm

Self-explanatory titles. Love 'em.

https://www.fanfiction.net/s/3780019/1/ ... Over-Lylat

Back in 2007, even as I was buried deep in my Mega Man "Legacy of Metal" fanon, I was also getting started on a side project. That was Starfox: Sunrise Over Lylat. Everything about it would have been earmarked for failure from a fanfic reader's basic perspective.

-I ignored Starfox Command, and treated Starfox 64 and Starfox Assault as the only canon video games.
-I set the story 75 years after Starfox 64; the only time you ever saw anyone from the original cast was in flashbacks, and only when it was relevant.
-While there was, and is, plenty of action scenes, I was beginning to hit my stride in moving beyond the action genre; as a result, I spent as much time with the cast outside of fights as they were in them.

10 years and 700,000 words later, the story is 41 chapters long and still going strong. It's been mentioned on TV Tropes, the ff.net subforums, and Starfox fan websites. But until last week, there had been one achievement that it hadn't yet gotten.

Nobody had done any fanart of it. The fact that I created an all new main cast and more secondary/supporting/tertiary characters than you could shake a stick at certainly didn't help either.

But now there is fanart of it.

https://ericosuperbard.deviantart.com/a ... -705764383

It may not be SWAT Kats, but it's Starfox; I tend to look at the two as second cousins, neither of which really got the care and respect they deserved. (Starfox Zero was an abomination. There. I said it.)

So, what do you all think of how Burden portrayed the main cast? With his permission, I even clipped Terrany McCloud's portrait and started using it as the story's "Book Cover." A good piece of art can pull you into reading a story.

And a good story inspires more art.

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Re: 10 Years Later: My Starfox Finally Got some Fanart

Post by MoDaD » Wed Sep 27, 2017 11:55 pm

The art style seems very in-line with what I remember from my own Star Fox experience (which admittedly is probably pretty limited - last game I played was Star Fox Assault...though Starfox 64 was the one I remember really enjoying the most).

It's always really cool when a talented artist takes something you think up and makes it all the more real in a visual form TboneSmile
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