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[Guide] How to use Discord

Posted: Tue Nov 21, 2017 6:42 am
by Cait
Link to discord server:


[Guide for Desktop APP/browser users]

First of all, be warned that the browser version doesn't have all features available. Some of these options may be unaccesible. To avoid any issues using Discord, I encourage the use of the Desktop APP instead.


1- Here you will see all servers you have joined. Click one icon to enter it. Above it. there is an icon for the friends menu. You can join/create a channel clicking the "+" icon below all servers.
2- Here you will see all channels that compose the server you're on. Click one to enter it. General channels are marked with a hashtag icon, while voice channels are marked with a speaker. Even if you are on a certain channel/server, you will still recieve all messages from the other servers and channels in real time.
3- In this box, you will see all users that has access to that channel. If you right click an user's avatar, a menu will pop up that will let you add them as a friend, block them, PM them...
4- This is the text tab. Write here what you want to say and use Enter to send it. The icon on the left will allow you to attach a file to the message (you don't need to write anything at all). The icon on the right will open the smilie box.
5- This is your options tab. From left to right: your avatar icon and availability (the green dot), name and ID number (your account name is compossed by both of them), microphone on/off (for voice channels only), sound on/off (for voice channels only), account settings.
6- The server's options tab. From left to right: server settings menu (notifications, configuration, management...), name of the channel you are in at the moment, notifications on/off (will only affect that channel), see pinned messages, user list box on/off, search bar, mentions (will show all messages YOU are mentioned in, no matter the server or the channel you are in), help.


Setting your account:
First of all, click the gear icon in your options tab (the 5 in the previous image). A window will open:


It doesn't need much explanation, so I'll jump into the most important settings.
- My Account: click "Edit" to change your avatar image, username, e-mail or password (to change name and e-mail, you will need to input your current password as verification).
- Voice & Video: here are the setting for calls/voice channels. Set your input (microphone) and output (speakers/headphones) if they are "default" to avoid any problems. Also, you can control the volume of both with the bars below (depending of your microphone, you may need to set your mic volume to max). Input mode will let you set how your mic will work. For better accommodation, use "Voice activity" (your mic will be on all times) Just change it to "Push to talk" if you have too much noise on background or if it's better for you (you will need to set a keybind of your choice to turn on your mic with this setting). There are options for webcams as well, but you can only use them on private calls.
- Appearance: there are a few setting here you may want to chance. These controls the text size and font, as well as the general appearance of the discord window.
Log out: this won't turn off the APP, but will let you log in to another account if needed (discord will automaticaly log in with the last account used everytime it's turned on).


Friend window:



Direct messages:
If you click on someone in the friend window, you will open a DM chat (direct messages / private messages). This chat has the same features as any server channel. You can also start a group DM by adding more people to the conversation. Just click on the "add friends to DM" icon (located left to the search bar, above the chat window). There is also an option in your user settings (select "Privacy and Safety") that will allow others to DM you even if they are not in your friend list (use it by your own discrection).


Private calls:
You can call anyone just by right clicking them (you can do this in the member list box of a channel too!).


No matter how you start a call, you can turn on and off your webcam (2 on image) and microphone (3 on image) at any moment. You can also share your screen (1 on image) (if multiple screens, any of your choice, or even share only a selected window). As DMs, you can add more people with the "add friends to DM" button. Also, when you are in a call (or voice channel) there are some useful buttons:


This is located in the down-left corner. These will let you turn on/off quickly your microphone and speakers (turning off the speakers will turn off the mic too), and also leave the call (the phone with a "X"). Also, you can see your conectivity status.


With notifications, we are talking about be alerted of any new message from a friend, or a server's channel. There may be sometimes you want to stop hearing the notification sound (specially in large servers with lots of users). There are multiple ways to shut down notifications:

- Channel side: to turn off the notifications from just one specific server channel, enter it and click the bell icon on top fo the chat window to mark it red. You can click it again to re-enable notifications.
- Server side: right click on a server's avatar image (like if you were to enter it) and select "Notifications". There you will see a serie of options to turn off all or certain notifications from all channels of that server.
- Everything: open your "user settings" and select "Notifications". You will see here a serie of options that will allow you to silence the notification noise ("Enable desktop notifications"), between other options.


On channel message options:
In a chat, if you pass your mouse above a message, some icons will pop:


The smilie icon lets you add a reaction to the selected message. If you click the dots icon, you will be able to edit or delete your own messages. Please remember that editting a message won't notify anyone.


Fixxing microphone issues (desktop APP):
Your microphone should be detected automatically by Discord when you run the APP. If by any case this does not happen, you may activate it manualy:
First, you should enter a voice channel (preferible with someone else) or start a call. The mic icon near the user settings menu (the gear icon) should be marked with a red line indicated it's not working or activated. Try clicking on it to enable it, and talk. When your mic is working and plus sending your voice to the others in the all/channel, your avatar on it will turn green. This means the mic is indeed recognised by discord. If this doesn't happen or clicking on the icon doesn't activate it, open your user settings menu and select "voice and video". The first option you are looking for is "input device". Open the search bar and select your microphone (if it doesn't show there, then the problem resides on the microphone conection or your computer doesn't recognise it). Next, be sure the imput volume is not 0 (on the left) and talk to test if you can already be heard in the channel/call. If still nothing happens, then this may be a problem with the sensibility. In the same menu (voice and video), search for "input sensibility" and unmark "automatically determine input sensibility". This will activate a green and yellow bar. Start talking to see how your microphone react to your voice and move the bar to the left until your voice is almost crossing to the yellow side of the bar. Now your microphone should be working properly (if it doesn't, please send me a message).

Fixxing microphone issues (browser):
These problems are common with browsers and they are ussualy problems with the browser permissions. When you first enter a call, you will probably be asked by your browser if you want to give permission to use the microphone and allow you to select which one. Remember to set it to always remember the choice/always permit it to avoid future problems. If the microphone still doesn't work, recharge the page.

If STILL does not work, then you should try opening the page permissions and setting the microphone permit there. For Firefox users, click the ( ยก ) on the tool bar, then the arrow to show the connection details, and finally on "more information". This will open a new window. Select "Permits" and search for the "Microphone use" setting. Uncheck the "Default" box and set the option to "Allow"( changes will save automatically, so just close the window to apply the changes). Finally, recharge the page and the microphone should be working properly.

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Posted: Tue Nov 21, 2017 6:42 am
by Cait
[Guide for moderators and server owners - Desktop APP/browser users]

Create a server:

To create a server, click on the ( + ) icon on the server scroll bar. If everything works find, a small tutorial will pop guiding you through a few settings and available commands. Anyway, here I'll explain indeep all the options and commands you may have as a server owner, how to set roles (user ranks to give or lock certain chat permissions) and what you can do if you have a moderator role.

Creating roles:

First, you may add the roles your channel will have. Click on the down arrow near your server's name to open a menu and select "Server settings". Then, select "Roles". There should be a "@everyone" role already: this is the basic role that everyone will have the moment they enter your server for the first time. Don't change the setting of this role unless you want to disable chats to new members.
Click the ( + ) icon above the existing roles to create a new one called "new role" and select it. By default, it will be set as the @everyone role. This menu is pretty obvious as all options have a description, so read carefully while you set the new role. When you're finished edditing the permissions, click the "Save changes" button. You can add as many roles as you want. Now that you're done with the roles' user settings, we can continue by adding channels to the server.

Note: it's better to create first the roles since you will need them to set the channels' settings next.

Creating channels:

A server is compossed by Categories and Channels (and these can be "chat" or "voice"). By default you will have a "text channels" and a "voice channels" category. You can edit these or create a new one from zero. For this guide, we will create a new one:
Right click on an empty zone of the channel box and select "Create category". Now, click on the "+" next to the new category to create a channel for it (when giving a name to a channel, be warned you can't use spaces or any kind or simbol. Channel names only accept letters, numbers, dashes and underscores). You can add as many channels as categories as you want.

Now that you have created all channels and categories, you have to set them. First begin with the caegories. Right-click one and select "Permissions". You will see here a list of roles and options. Begin by adding all roles (the ( + ) icon) that will have non default permission and set them one by one (select one role and set all options for it, then save, select another role and so on). When you are done with all roles, press ESC or click the ( X ) icon and begin this again with the next category (I suggest not leaving any option by default and set it to allowed or not allowed.)

After setting all categories, you will need to repeat this with every channel.

Note: even though just by setting the categories should be enough to make all roles work fine, it is wise to do it too with channels. This will also allow you to avoid a rol from entering a certain channel in a category they can access.

Also remember that if you add a new role, you will need to add and edit it on EVERY channel and category.

Creating invitations:

Open the "Server settings" and scroll down to the "invites" option. Creating an invite will enable a link that you can share with everyone, everywhere. When someone clicks the link, they will be send to your server and be able to join it. You can set a link to expire after a certain time or number of uses.

Member settings:

The channel is now running and with users, but everyone has the same permissions. You may want to add a role to some users so they can access some of your channels or have extra permissions, or set them as moderators. For this, right-click an user and mark the last option, "Roles". You will be able to set one or more roles to an user, enabling all their permissions.

Moderation tools:

Depending of the settings of each role, they will have or not these permissions. When right-clicking an user:
- Change username: allows you to edit the display name of that user.
- Mute: mutes the user on all channels.
- Kick: kicks the user from the server, but allows them to rejoin using a new invitation.
- Ban: kicks the user from the server and does not allow them to rejoin even if a new invitation link is used (you can set a time duration for the ban to allow the use of a new invitation after the time expires).

When opening the "server settings" menu:
- Audit Log: this is the log of all moderation actions that have been done. Check this to follow the actions of every moderator.
- Members: The list of all users that have joined the server. You can ban and kick users here too. Also, you can transfer the ownership of the server to someone else if you are the owner.
- Bans: this is the list of all banned users. From here, you can undo any ban if neccessary.

When clicking on the message options:
- Pin: pins the selected message, that can be easely seen by clicking on the "Pin" icon above the chat window.
- Delete: deletes the selected message.

Voice channel options:
If you right-click an user that is on a voice channel, a serie of options will pop allowing you to mute the user, change the to another voice channel and more.

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Posted: Wed Nov 22, 2017 9:29 am
by Felony
Thank you so much for working on this! It is much needed. RazorLoveCait

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Posted: Mon Feb 05, 2018 6:38 am
by Cait
Updated and finished!

If you see something is missing and should be in the guide, please tell.
Any doubts regarding the use of Discord or if you have any problems, feel free to ask!

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Posted: Tue May 22, 2018 9:28 pm
by Cait
Reuploaded the images.

I will use the chance to say it: if you see that anything here is outdated, feel something is missing of just have any questions, just say it! SinianThisCait