On My Way Back!

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Cody Furlong
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On My Way Back!

Post by Cody Furlong » Tue Jul 09, 2019 12:11 pm

I am finally starting to become active online again. I am officially out on my own now, in my own little apartment. I don't have any net at my place yet, I barely have enough second hand furnature to get by. I'm still going to dialysis three times a week, so I can use the wifi there, or walk down to the library. I have been getting out and walking more, getting some sun and losing some weight.
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Re: On My Way Back!

Post by MoDaD » Tue Jul 09, 2019 2:47 pm

Good to hear. Living on your own can be an intimidating experience, but the benefits of personal freedom can be very uplifting, too. Hopefully your new living arrangements don't interfere with your treatments. Good luck!
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Re: On My Way Back!

Post by Kooshmeister » Tue Jul 09, 2019 7:15 pm

Looking forward to seeing you around some more again, Cody!
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Re: On My Way Back!

Post by Cait » Thu Jul 11, 2019 10:12 am

Glad to hear you're doing good :3 And congrats for your new home! RazorHappyCait
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