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Something for you creative types

Post by Rusakov » Sat Mar 28, 2020 2:37 pm

I've done creative things with SWAT Kats before so I've used/known of some creative software:

Image editing: GIMP has been my standby for a long time now (I used it to make icons for the Skyworks site). But if the learning curve is too much then you can use (Windows only) or Pinta (cross-platform).

Sound editing: when I was a Windows user I did stuff via Wavosaur and some VST plugins. But those of you on other platforms could use Audacity or Ocenaudio (both cross-platform).

Video editing: Kdenlive (cross-platform) was used for most of my recent AMVs. OpenShot (cross-platform) is an option too.

All of the software I listed is free to use.

There's also been lists of alternatives to Adobe software ever since the Creative Cloud fiasco. Here's a few of them: ... ap-5976725 ... ive-cloud/ ... d-3452957/

I apologize in advance if this post is inappropriate. RazEmbarrassed
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