06-19-14 Weekly Kaption Competition

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06-19-14 Weekly Kaption Competition

Post by NeeKnight » Thu Jun 19, 2014 12:37 pm

HA! I remebered this week! I am back on track baby! With my memory, I am lucky I remember my name witout wearing my work name tag >_>
The rules! Know them! Love them!:

§ Post a humourous caption for the picture below and/or keep coming back to read the rest.
§ Post often if you can, the more we get, the more fun we have.
§ Parody's allowed. Use existing subjects, quotes, song lyrics if you find they fit. If it's funny, we all win.
§ RP rules and rating are also in effect. It goes without saying ^_~

Here from The SWAT Kats Encyclopedia is the every lovely Deputy Mayor Briggs and the stand-in of our favourite male politician and descendant of the Blue Manx himself, Mayor Manx in the episode "The GhostPilot". First non-villian pic I think...


"Hello, Megakat Stand-Ins?... Deputy Mayor Briggs here... just calling to say thank you. This cut out is gonna be the perfect new dartboard for the breakroom."
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Re: 06-19-14 Weekly Kaption Competition

Post by Felony » Fri Jun 20, 2014 10:04 am

"Better call the animation studio, they shaded my hair wrong again..."
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