S2E07 - Caverns of Horror

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Re: S2E07 - Caverns of Horror

Post by MoDaD » Fri Jan 29, 2016 2:10 pm

Ocelot wrote:Thats why there is something called Criminal Negligence. Getting people killed by being careless or reckless is a criminal offense.
Very true, and from the viewer's perspective I think there's little doubt that Tiger Conklin is culpable.

Kooshmeister wrote:True, but he can argue that he can't micro-manage everything everyone does, and, besides, burden of proof goes both ways; Conklin may have to prove it wasn't him doing the dumping, but the prosecutor will have to prove it was him.
...from the character's perspective, there's definitely some room for legal arguments, and if Tiger Conklin has enough money and a competent attorney, there's a very real possibility (especially in this kind of fictional setting) of him only getting a slap on the wrist at best. One only has to look at contemporary examples of mining accidents involving deaths. A lot of times the company can reach some kind of civil settlement for undisclosed amounts of money.

An interesting follow-up story could maybe involve one of the miners/miner's family members seeking some kind of outside the law revenge attempt on Conklin.
Kooshmeister wrote:She leaped to a conclusion. The alternate explanation that it was being done without Conklin's knowledge never occurred to her. Simply being in charge doesn't make him omniscient. Plenty of things could've been done on-site without his knowing about it, even if he micro-managed everything he couldn't be everywhere at once. Now, as it turned out, she was right, but still, she leaped to a conclusion and pointed an accusing finger with very scant evidence.
Now, this is where I may disagree a little bit. I personally think Felina had enough probable cause and evidence that justified her making an arrest. Now, whether it will hold up in court as you've mentioned is another matter (particularly when you factor in Ann Gora's media involvement which throws another set of problems for a prosecutor).
Ocelot wrote:Whose he going to blame it on? Unless he can find a way to pin it on his employees. Its Conklins operation so he will pay the price for it.
I recall one of my professors from a news writing course always say your suspicions should be increased when there's an industrial accident and the company levels responsibility on one of the workers who died in said accident - I'd say it wouldn't be surprising if that ploy was taken by the Megakat Metallurgical Company :lol:
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