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Re: S1E04 - Destructive Nature

Posted: Wed Jul 17, 2019 2:03 pm
by Kooshmeister
Oh, believe me, I agree. ViperLaughCait

And Destructive Nature is slowly becoming probably my favorite episode with him. I like the siege element with the Enforcers and Razor penetrating the building like he's Richard Burton's John Smith breaking into the Schloss Adler in Where Eagles Dare, or Bruce Willis' John McClane in the Nakatomi building in Die Hard, just fighting mutant plant monsters instead of Nazi soldiers or a gang of robbers, and the Plantimals are endearingly goofy.

The Giant Bacteria will always hold a special place in my heart, though. BacteriaDivide

Re: S1E04 - Destructive Nature

Posted: Mon Mar 16, 2020 4:45 pm
by Kooshmeister
104. In the air duct, Razor contacts T-Bone and not the other way around: "T-Bone. Come in." "T-Bone here. What's your status? Over."

105. Callie is described as looking through a vent and seeing an art deco type room overgrown with spiky mushrooms. Nothing like this happens in the episode.

106. Different dialogue from Razor when explaining his plan to get to the roof: "Callie's with me. We should reach the roof anytime." Vs. "I’ve got Ms. Briggs. We’re in the ventilation shaft heading for the roof." T-Bone also reacts happily instead of warning them that the roof is off limits due to the Flyers: "Excellent! Stand by for pick-up." When the issue of what's on the roof does come up, T-Bone is a little glib about it; "One more thing, Razor. I recommend you use best possible speed! I think Viper's about to do... whatever he's planning to do!"

107. The spore pod bursts through the penthouse roof here, not later.

108. Because she wasn't present when Viper revealed his plan, Callie doesn't fill Razor in here; after all, she can't tell him something she doesn't know!

109. Callie says "Is it cold in here?" and not "Am I just scared or is it freezing in here?" Razor also agrees with here, commenting "Freezing!"

110. Three Rovers, not two, burst through the vent. Weirdly, Falk describes them as "the three tenacious Rovers," suggesting we're supposed to have seen them sometime earlier, but we didn't. The only place that would've made sense to establish them would've been when Callie looks through the vent grill to see the room full of mushrooms, but Falk only tells us it's an art deco style office and that there's huge shrooms everywhere; no mention of any Plantimals.

111. It doesn't cut to an act break here. Instead, the scene continues uninterrupted as the Rovers advance towards our heroes. The automated voice system over the P.A. announces that the climate function has been damaged (how? All Razor did was hit the thermostat with his foot). And it seems it really is affecting the entire floor and not just the Katz law office, as the voice announces that the whole floor is "forty degrees and dropping!" Dang, that's some super-cold AC!

112. When hit with the cold air, the Rovers cry out in pain rather than just instantly freezing.

113. Callie says "Blast 'em, Razor!" instead of "Now, Razor! Blast 'em!" Razor says he can't because he has no ammo ("I can't, Callie. I'm out of ammo, but...", not "With what? I've got nothing left but grappling hooks!").

114. Razor doesn't shoot the frozen Plantimals. "I don't think they need blasting!" he says, and they watch as the frozen monsters crumble and shatter entirely on their own.

115. Razor and Callie don't have an exchange about how the cold stopped the Plantimals and how they should freeze the whole building. Instead, Razor immediately contacts T-Bone. His dialogue is pretty different: "I know how we can save the day, partner! You'll have to make a fast pick-up at the space center! We'll meet you on this roof in ten minutes!" Here is where act two ends! What a weird spot for a commercial break!

116. Act III begins with T-Bone arriving at MASA. His dialogue with the guy in the control tower and the back and forth between the two technicians as he leaves is identical to the finished episode.

117. Razor and Callie's dialogue is different when arriving at the vent looking out into the elevator shaft. Instead of Callie asking "How can you be so sure we'll make it in ten minutes?" and Razor responding "'Cause we're gonna take a shortcut!" Razor doesn't actually explain his plan until they're already there, and he says "Aha! There it is!" When Callie asks what he means, he replies, "Our shortcut to the roof. Come on!"

118. Razor kicks a "side panel," not a vent grill, off to gain access into the shaft.

119. Callie doesn't say "You call this a shortcut?"

120. Because of the different arrangement of scenes, the climb up the shaft isn't interrupted by the scene at MASA because that already happened. Rather, the "elevator beastie" appears and attacks pretty much right after Razor and Callie jump in and start climbing.

122. The chase is interrupted by a scene with Dr. Viper and the spore pod. Viper hugs the pod, and his dialogue is more or less the same, except he adds, "I'd sssay about sseven and a half minutess. Ha ha ha!!!"

123. We then get an entire scene that isn't in the finished episode. Ann Gora pesters Commander Feral about why the Enforcers are helpless to gain entry, and Feral orders two commandos to eject her and Jonny from the property. As the Enforcers drag them over to the barricade, Ann insists that "The public has a right to know, Commander!" At this, Feral loses his temper. "Ms. Gora, the public can kiss my tail!" Ann, her camera guys (plural) and the commandos are shocked. Nothing about Talon's reaction. I guess he's too stoic. Feral rants about how unfair the press is to him and how unhelpful it is when he is doing everything he can: "You news hounds are so quick to attack me, like a pack of scavengers! Well let me ask you something, 'Annie.' Where are your precious SWAT Kats?! They ran away! And I'm still here! I'm here doing everything possible! So... back off!" Pointing at the spore pod up above, he also adds, "Because I have to deal with that!"

124. After Feral's rant is over, Ann realizes the SWAT Kats aren't there and asks Jonny where they could be.

I wish this scene had been kept. It's fun to see Feral righteously indignant and in the right for a change. Even if it makes Ann look like an annoying pest.

And on that note, I'll leave it there. Next time, the finale! ViperLaughCait

Re: S1E04 - Destructive Nature

Posted: Wed Mar 18, 2020 8:03 pm
by Kooshmeister
Intent on wrapping this bad boy up. RazorHappyCait

125. T-Bone contacts Razor over the radio while he and Callie are climbing up the shaft. To be honest, I dunno why he didn't do this in the episode. He tells Razor he'll arrive in two minutes. Razor doesn't appreciate the interruption. "It's a date, pal! See you topside. Got my hands full here. Gotta go. Razor out!"

126. T-Bone gives a "battle cry" as he attacks the roof.

127. The pod is described as glowing green, as though irradiated. It doesn't glow in the episode.

128. While Viper is on the roof, T-Bone swoops past so close that the villain is knocked backwards off his feet. Falk's very next line contradicts this (stuff in brackets mine); "He (Viper) stands nonchalantly (despite never being described getting up), brushing the dirt from his lab coat (despite never being described changing out of his gardener disguise)."

129. Because he just got done speaking with Razor over the radio, T-Bone doesn't assume his partner is dead, so he never says he owes it to Razor to do some "real flyin'." Also, Razor never chimes in with, "Don't tell me you're givin' up!" Instead, T-Bone wonders, "Enough of this! Razor, where are you?"

130. Razor has his arms crossed when confronting Viper, instead of having his hands on his hips.

131. Viper is described as being panicked when he attacks Razor, as opposed to simply angry like in the episode. He also pins Razor before smacking him off the roof. In the episode, neither successfully overcomes the other, and after rolling around a bit, they separate, and then Viper hits Razor with his tail.

132. How Callie ends up in the Turbokat is different. Instead of the jet rising up into view like the De Lorean in Back to the Future Part II, and Razor pulling her on, she's grabbed with "safety harness" and yanked up. Consequently, there's no dramatic reveal of Razor's survival. Instead, how Razor survived is conveyed clumsily via dialogue - "Nice flying, T-Bone! First you catch me, then you scoop her up!" ("Just call T-Bone, last minute life saving a specialty!") What happened to show, don't tell, Lance? The three Rovers also leap at her as she's yanked upwards, and fall off the roof that way, instead of waiting until she's already aboard and trying to follow just as the Turbokat lifts up and missing the wing.

133. Because Callie is rescued differently, the rescue is extended slightly as they have to winch her in through open bomb bay in the undercarriage while Flyers attack them. There's some extra dialogue here as a result.

134. In a problem that carried into the final episode, Razor and Callie are somehow "scrunched into his seat" despite this being impossible because his seat was left inside the building. This isn't the last time Falk would forget that Razor's seat isn't supposed to be in the jet.

135. Different dialogue as Razor says his weapons systems aren't working. "Weapons check. Negative! missile." Huh? I think Falk skipped something here. Razor continues; "The attack systems are all gummed up!" "Gotta be that plant goo!" T-Bone opines. "Gotta be," agrees Razor. "I'll have to drop the package manually." "Not this again! That means you'll have to climb down onto our freeze bomb!" Razor says releasing the tank of coolant is "the only way." I definitely prefer the dialogue in the episode. Falk over-explains everything here.

136. When jumping down onto the tank, Razor tells "Gerinimeow!" Ugh.

137. Different dialogue: "Get ready, Viper! The SWAT Kats are back!"

138. Razor refers to the AC unit as a "hutch." So does Falk in descriptions.

139. Extra dialogue: "We can frost the whole tower from there!" and "Detonator activated! T-minus eight seconds!"

140. Viper is explicitly described as getting doused in the coolant explosion, unlike in the episode where he runs offscreen just before the tank hits below where he'd been standing.

141. As the coolant spreads through the building, Falk indicates we're supposed to see all the past rooms getting frozen, unlike what appear to be some random hallways and offices in the finished episode.

142. Some extra dialogue after the building gets frozen and we see the Behemoth freeze and shatter: T-Bone tells Razor he "did it," but Callie says "You both did it!" Razor agrees: "We're a team!" T-Bone laughs and says he "copies." Did I miss something? Did our heroes bicker at some point and need to learn the value of teamwork?

143. T-Bone says they should land and put Callie down, rather than her suggesting it. She does still mention that Manx might "need sedation."

144. Razor doesn't flick a chunk of frozen Plantimal out of the jet when saying he's had enough gardening.

145. There isn't a worker cleaning up the debris when Manx's limo drives up.

146. The ending is different. The limo pulls up and Manx gets out, talking to Mr. Young. They shoot the breeze about nothing particular, and it's actually Young and his two colleagues who notice the wrecked building first. Manx had his back to it as he got out. Noticing the Siamese kats' shocked expressions, he turns around and gapes in horror at his pet skyscraper in total ruin. The episode ends on Manx stammering the litany of excuses he does in the final episode, but Young doesn't pass on his offer and he and his friends don't walk away and Manx chasing after them. I prefer this because I always thought it was weird how they apparently intend to walk to the airport rather than insisting that Manx have them driven, although this version does create the issue that the business deal subplot is unresolved because Young never decides not to sign.

And that's the script version of Destructive Nature! ViperSMile