S1E03 - The Wrath of Dark Kat

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Re: S1E03 - The Wrath of Dark Kat

Post by Prettyshadowj26 » Sun Oct 15, 2017 7:20 pm

SwatKatsFan1 wrote:I think I might know why Feral wanted to take on Dark Kat personally and not allow the SWAT Kats or his ex-Enforcers or his Enforcers to get in the way. It's because Dark Kat might have killed someone close to him probably to gain powers from an evil god or demon. In my fanfic world, Dark Kat murdered Feral's partner Lieutenant Will Weston and Feral felt guilty since he wasn't there that night to save his comrade back when he was a sergeant. Feral ended up having to adopt Will's infant son Jerome who works at the Enforcers Detective division who he doesn't get along with very well which is hilarious. :lol:
I'll tell Why ? Feral wants to show everyone that he can Handle super villains by himself

After all he is indeed The most Power-Hungry chief of the Enforcers guess that explain why he knocked Chance & Jake's jet during their enforcers days
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Re: S1E03 - The Wrath of Dark Kat

Post by Kooshmeister » Sun Oct 15, 2017 7:53 pm

I disagree with Feral being power hungry. Yes, he's described that way in the promotional material and there's some evidence of this in the early episodes, but this aspect of his character was dropped pretty quickly and most of Feral's negative traits (outside of the flashback in this episode) were transferred over to Steel. SteeleSweatDropIcon
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