Guess Who's Back! And with Juicy Stuff

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Re: Guess Who's Back! And with Juicy Stuff

Post by marklungo » Sun Dec 10, 2017 1:05 pm

Thanks, Cait! BroFistIcon CallieIcon1
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Re: Guess Who's Back! And with Juicy Stuff

Post by Xanatos4 » Tue Dec 12, 2017 2:22 am

You make it sound easy with that song... TboneLaughCait
Hah, When I became able to achieve that rig setup on the necklace I actually started listening to that song precisely because of how the lyrics sing about overcoming the Impossible ;P

But believe me, it was F"#$& HARD to achieve that setup, most people that have seen it Im sure just think like, oh yea, nice necklace but whatever, but making that "whatever" was not any easy for the setup it has, and seeking for information on how to do it didnt exist, I had to combine a lot of information I gathered from different sources to have a base to start with and then figure out a LOT of stuff on my own until I was able to get that result, I was even about to give up in many moments among the process, but well, I hardly ever give up, hence, the song :P

And about the song, Cait and marklungo, make no mistake, that guy "Adrian Barba" IS the official singer for the latin theme version of DragonBall Super, as well as many other DragonBall Intro's and Endings, he's just sooo into DragonBall and Anime in general that he has his youtube channel full of "Covers" singing the songs with different musicians, and in different versions and stuff, and also does covers for other animes.

That might be the reason why to you it sounded like an official theme, because, It kinda actually IS the official for latin america hahah, just a different "incomplete" recording the one you posted, with a little less quality, but here is the official long version with high quality:

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Re: Guess Who's Back! And with Juicy Stuff

Post by YeOldeGorilla » Sun Jan 28, 2018 1:49 am

Hey Xanitos.

I sent you a message on DA a while back and figure I'd like to try here too. We're working on a game thats in direct correlation with Revolutions.

We'd like to have a chance to talk with you if and when you're able. What youre showing that you can do here is amazing to say the very least and we'd like to see if either you of if you know of someone that would like to be part of a SwatKats project.

Hope to hear back from you soon,

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