Fur Your Eyes Only

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Re: Fur Your Eyes Only

Post by Echo » Mon Jun 29, 2020 1:14 pm

I'm in a posting mood right now, so here's chapter 2

~The Observation~

The following day, the she-kat watched the two tomkats going about their job while staying inside the car. She pretty much guessed that the guys owned the jet and would take it out every once in a while to do who knows what in the city, she was having a pretty boring time just waiting for them to leave so she can eat. "Ugh, so bored. Do these guys ever take a break."

She noticed the smaller tomkat was walking around the yard while he looked for some replacement parts for an engine that was being worked on in the garage, stopped and started moving towards the fence to notice a torn sleeve on the wire and climbed up getting it and jumped down. "Well, this explains how he got in." He said to himself, seeing some gray hairs inside the sleeve and put it in his pocket to examine later. She grumbled a bit, then hid when she saw him walking towards the car and opened the hood. "Let's see if I can find anything useful in this old beat up car." He leaned into the engine, the she-kat watched a bit when he wasn't looking. She was kind of having fun just watching him without having to worry about being noticed. "Perfect." He grabbed something and shut the hood, she hid again and he walked right past her without noticing her but noticed the poncho draped on the seat.

"Crap." She whispered to herself, getting as far underneath the back seat as she could as he opened the passenger door and took the poncho out.

"Looks like a match." He compared the torn sleeve to the poncho, confirming it and looked at the car. The poncho was warm, meaning it was being used as a blanket to cover up at night. "If you're in here, come out now." He warned as he put his paw on the floorboard and she gasped shivering and trying to keep herself as small as possible, he started leaning down to look underneath the seat when.

"Hey Jake, let's head in for a break Scaredy Kat's on." The bigger tomkat called out to him, the one called Jake lifted his head and got out of the car. Shutting the door, holding the poncho and walked over. "Where'd you get that?" He asked, noticing his smaller companion carrying a poncho.

"From that car over there, it looks to be his hideout," Jake explained, nodding towards it.

"We'll take care of it later, I'm not missing Scaredy Kat." The bigger tomkat shrugged, going inside the garage with him and watched Scaredy Kat until a news bulletin started flashing across the screen.

"That was way too close." She pulled herself out from under the seat, leaving the car. "I gotta get my poncho back." She snuck over to the garage, peeking in to see them sitting on the couch and saw her poncho on the chair right next to them. "Dammit." She cursed under her breath, hiding and listening to the news.

"This is Ann Gora for Kat's Eye News on location at the Postskratch residence in the town of Purrsia, it has been twenty-four hours since the disappearance of Bella Postskratch after her parents sadly passed away yesterday. Last known location was at her residence where an explosion obliterated her home prior to her mother's passing as you can see behind me, with no sign of a body police are hoping the she-kat is still alive. If you see her please notify police, there is currently a large reward for her safety." Ann said as Bella's picture came up on the screen. "This has been Ann Gora for Kat's Eye News." Jake turned down the tv a bit as Scaredy Kat came back on.

'Someone put out a reward?' She thought to herself, she didn't have any other family in Purrsia and her closest relatives lived in another country. Although they did have international news it wouldn't have gotten to them right away, and she didn't have many friends due to her father's work position. Every few years he would get a job offer in another state that would pay him a better salary, so they would end up moving often which ended her up where she was today.

"The poor she-kat loses her parents and they put out a reward for her? That just doesn't seem right Chance." Jake said, looking at him.

"No it doesn't, but what are we supposed to do exactly?" Chance shrugged, getting up to stretch then thought about something. "Wait, are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Jake looked at him, raising an eyebrow. "It's a stretch, but do you think that she-kat was able to escape the explosion and made her way here?"

She gasped, getting up. "Only one way to find out," Jake said, leaving the garage with Chance and she hid out of their sight sighing relief when they didn't see her. Jake examined the car seeing grooves in the back seat. "She was definitely here." The she-kat ran into the garage and grabbed her poncho and left as quick as she could. Hiding behind a junk pile, the two split up and started searching the yard. "Come on out, we're not gonna hurt you!" He called out, walking in the opposite direction of her position.

"I doubt that very much." She whispered, peeking around the pile finding the exit just beyond the garage. But was it worth it? Can she risk being seen in the city? She could not, she had to get out the way she came and be quick about it. She circled a junk pile, dodging Jake while keeping an eye on him but didn't see Chance anywhere. "Wait, where's that big guy?" She watched Jake as she moved around another pile, bumping into Chance's chest and looked up at him flattening her ears.

She gasped backing up looking terrified, Chance didn't move as to not want to frighten her any more than she already was. "It's alright, I won't hurt you."

She backed up into a junk pile, looking at him as tears ran down her cheeks. "Stay away, please."

"Chance, did you find her?" Jake called out and Chance looked at him, giving her the opportunity to run away and when he looked back she was gone.

Chance looked around curiously, then looked at Jake as he walked over. "I did. She had the most terrified look on her face, Jake."

Jake couldn't help but feel bad for her, running away from home after losing both parents really took a toll on her. He perked his right ear up, hearing crying and followed with Chance to the source of the sound and she was sobbing inside the broken down car. Jake looked at Chance, then slowly approached the car. He gently knocked on the door, she sniffled looking at him. "Can I come in?"

She wiped her eyes, looking away. She didn't exactly have anywhere else to go, so she just sat in her seat. "It's a free country."

Jake slowly opened the door, sitting inside as Chance stood outside watching. "This seat's comfy, I can understand why you chose this car as a hiding place." He was trying to lighten the mood, but it wasn't working and he looked down thinking of another topic. "So, what's your name?"

"You saw it on the news report." She was a little snippy, wiping her nose with the inside of her shirt. "And don't think you're going to get me to tell you anything, I am not someone that wants to be called in the middle of the night just to be interviewed about my dying father and the last thing I want to talk about is my mom that got so depressed she ended her life!" She started sobbing again, the night of her father's attack, different news stations would constantly call and invade their privacy trying to get the latest scoop on his condition. "She couldn't take the calls and constant harassment from the news..."

Jake reached over, putting his hand on her shoulder. "I'm sorry."

Chance looked up to see some dark clouds, hearing thunder and rain started to fall. "Come on, Jake. Let's get out of the rain."

Jake looked at her as she sniffled wiping her eyes, removing his hand and left the vehicle shutting the door to give her some space. He started walking back to the garage with Chance, a few seconds later they heard a car door open and shut, some footsteps behind them and she ran over holding the end of Jake's left sleeve in her right hand and walked next to him. Although she still didn't really trust them, it was the first time she was ever able to vent since the incident. She sat on the couch in the office part of the garage as Jake brought her down a bag of tuna chips, Chance sat in the computer chair across from her. "It's not much, but I'm sure you're hungry." She looked at the chips warily, looking at Jake. "It's alright, they're safe to eat." He took a chip and ate it. "See?"

She slowly took the bag, taking a small bite of a chip. "Thank you, but why are you-."

"You needed our help. And besides, if we wanted to turn you in, we could have easily done it by now and you wouldn't have noticed." Chance interrupted, knowing what she was gonna ask. "Now we want to ask you something, how long have you been here?" He didn't wanna ask her out front about the hangar or he would blow their cover.

She ate the chips, looking at Chance. "Just a day, and I....may have stumbled upon something while I was here. It kinda looked like a basement and it had this large black red and blue jet in it." Bella said, then noticed the guys looking at her seriously and worriedly. "What's with the faces?"

"Well Chance, looks like we have no choice," Jake said to him then looked at Bella, giving her a wrench. "Do you know how to fix cars?"

She took the wrench, holding it and was confused. "Well, my dad taught me a few things-. Wait, what?"

"We can't have you staying here for free." Chance told her. "And we can't have you telling anyone about our basement, neither."

"But first thing's first, my name is Jake Clawson and this is my associate Chance Furlong." Jake introduced himself and Chance, who gave a mock salute.

"Bella Postskratch." She said, even though they already knew. She was pretty much stuck in a salvage yard with two mechanics since she didn't exactly have a home to go back to, this was gonna be tough.
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Re: Fur Your Eyes Only

Post by Echo » Mon Jun 29, 2020 2:10 pm

Another chapter down!

~The Confession~

Later that same afternoon, Chance and Jake had finished the car they were previously working on so they decided to spar in the underground hangar so as not to get soaked in the rain. The boys wore their usual sparring gear which consisted of tan pants tucked into black army boots, Jake had on a tucked in black tank top while Chance sported an off-white tucked in tank top. Bella was sitting on the couch in the office and flipping through the channels on the tv with the remote, her eyes were a little red from crying but they would clear up eventually. "I leave the nest for one night and I immediately get a job as a mechanic, could be worse." She said to herself, trying to make light of her dire situation.


Chance had a lot of muscles on him and was very strong but also kinda slow, while Jake had a few noticeable muscles on him but was very fast and agile. Chance went to punch Jake, but Jake quickly ducked and grabbed Chance's extended arm throwing him a distance away and onto his back. "Oldest trick in the book," Jake said, clapping the dust off his paws and smiled proudly with his hands on his hips. "Give up yet?"

"Not by a long shot. Two outta three, partner." Chance said, getting back up. "And this time, I'll win."

"I'll believe it when I see it." Jake smiled, adjusting his belt.

Chance charged at him to attack, but they both heard an alarm going off on the monitor next to a pair of lockers. The monitor turned on automatically, revealing a green sedan coming onto the lot. "Looks like Miss Briggs is here for her monthly tune-up." He walked over to the ladder and started climbing up it after changing into his light blue jumpsuit and tan shoes. "And this match isn't over."

"Whatever you say, Chance." Jake chuckled, following as well after he got changed.

The rain was finally coming to a stop as Bella noticed a pair of headlights pull up, she quickly got off the couch to hide behind the finished car inside the garage while the guys came into the office from the hatch before the car got turned off. Her first initial thought was thinking the guys had called someone about her, at least she would be quick enough to get out of the garage if that were the case. "Hey guys." A blonde she-kat got out of the car in a pink business suit and walked into the garage, carrying her set of car keys. "Thank goodness the rain finally stopped when I got here."

"Hey there Callie, how's it going?" Chance walked over.

Callie smiled at him. "Oh the usual, Manx wanted me to go over the repairs from Dr. Viper's attack a few days ago. I was able to get it completed, but it took a lot out of me."

"Viper attacked the city again huh," Jake said, walking over.

Callie nodded, looking at Jake. She gave him the car keys. "He did, he was trying to turn it into a swamp and almost succeeded. But not before the Swat Kats came and took him out."

Bella was listening in on the conversation, thinking to herself. 'Swat Kats? Why is that name so familiar?' After a bit of thinking, she remembered when she would be at home flipping through the tv channels and they would get some news from MegaKat City about two anti-heroes that flew around in a jet calling themselves the Swat Kats. 'Wait.' She looked at Jake and Chance as they were talking to Callie, gasping. Bella went through a whirlwind of emotions, it was mostly shock. 'That would explain the hangar and the jet.'

"You're welcome to stay here while we work on your car for you, how about some milk?" Chance smiled at her.

"Sorry I can't, got a taxi coming to take me back to the office," Callie explained. "It was nice talking to you guys, though." The taxi pulled up a few minutes later and she opened the back passenger door, getting inside and shut it as the taxi left the lot.

Bella came out of hiding, walking over to them as they waved to Callie as she left. "I'm guessing you two have known her for a while?"

"A few years, give or take." Chance explained, opening the hood to Callie's vehicle. "She's Callie Briggs, the deputy mayor to MegaKat City."

"Once every month, she comes here for a tune-up on her car and we only provide her the best." Jake smiled.

Bella nodded, looking at them. "So most of your business comes through her."

"And random kats that get stuck on the road." Chance added, looking at the engine. He then looked at Bella, she was wondering why he was looking at her. "Come over and check this out, let's see how good you are."

"Well, I guess I can try. Like I said before, my dad taught me a few things about cars. He was going to teach me more when he felt I was ready, of course, this was all before he..." She cleared her throat, trying not to think about it. "Let's just get to working on this engine." Bella helped them out with what she could, getting a few tips from both Jake and Chance. She felt really excited to actually be getting lessons from the one and only Swat Kats. An hour later the job was completed and Callie came to reclaim her vehicle, Bella had stayed upstairs during the retrieval as Callie left for the night a few minutes afterward.

Chance had made a run for some pizza after Callie left, leaving her and Jake alone upstairs. Bella sat at the kitchen table silently drinking her can of milk, not really sure what to talk about as Jake sat across from her drinking his own can. He decided he would be the one to speak up. "I heard what the news said about you, but I want to hear it from your perspective."

"My perspective?" Bella looked at him, then took a breath and exhaled starting to explain herself. "I don't really know much of what exactly happened, I was already asleep when my father was attacked. It was only until the following morning that I noticed something was wrong when the police were walking around the house and asking the neighbors questions outside, one of them escorted me to the hospital where my mom was...she explained what happened to dad but then..." She teared up a bit, but wiped her eyes continuing the story. "After that, the media kept swarming us like vultures and my mom had enough of it. I hated seeing her so depressed so I left the house wearing my poncho and went through the back to give her some space and to calm down, but that's when she..."

"That's when she took her life." Jake finished, looking at her sadly.

"Yeah." Bella nodded, doing her best to compose herself but she was slowly losing the battle. "When I came back, an ambulance had left my house and there was a blood stain on the carpet in the dining room. That's when I heard a ticking noise and looked into the living room to see this odd shaped thing that looked like a metal water jug with a timer on it, it's when I realized it was actually a bomb and ran for the nearest window jumping out of it. My house exploded right behind me as it started storming, everyone outside saw the explosion but didn't see me. So the second I got up, I just started running. Halfway out of town I saw the news report on mom, after that, I just didn't stop running. I wanted to get as far away from that town as possible, not wanting to look back." She was now crying after finishing her story.

Jake looked at her sadly, close to crying himself but kept it together. "I wouldn't want to look back, either." He gave her a tissue.

"Thank you." She wiped her eyes and nose with the tissue, throwing it away. "But seeing that bomb made me realize someone wanted my dad dead and got his wish, the only thing is I don't know who. We moved around so much when I was young, his position as a pilot helped him keep the city safe from all sorts of bad kats. Mobs, drug lords you name it."

"So it very well could have been an assassination," Jake said, looking at her. "Is there anything else you can tell me?"

"Nothing I think that can help no, but I do have a question for you." Bella looked at him.

"Alright, what is your question?" Jake said, chugging his milk.

Bella took a breath, coming out and asking. "What's it like to be a Swat Kat?"

Jake spat out some of his milk, almost choking on it and coughed a bit. "Why would you ask something like that?"

"Because of the jet in the basement, and it looks exactly like the one I saw on the news. So it's not that hard to figure out. " Bella shrugged but smiled. "So what's it like?"

Jake sighed, looking out the window. "It's not something you should be getting yourself into, we're lawbreakers."

"I know you are," Bella said as Jake looked over at her. "I've seen a few news stories about you guys, you risk your lives protecting those that can't protect themselves. Collateral damage is just part of the job and you still get it done. You may be anti-heroes to others, but I see you as my heroes."

Jake smiled at her, that was the second time anyone has said that about them. The first being Callie, of course. "Thank you, Bella."

"You're welcome, Jake." She smiled back, drinking her milk.

Chance came up the stairs behind her, carrying a box of pizza with him. "I hope you two are hungry, I got tuna topping pizza."

"Starving." Bella said, he sat the box down opening it and Jake took a slice taking a bite. She took a slice out of the box and took a bite as well, it was very cheesy but also crunchy from the crust. The tuna on top added a nice flavor to it, she sighed happily. "This is really good, thank you Chance."

"Don't mention it." Chance smiled as he sat down and started eating as well, despite all she's been through Bella can see this all slowly starting to work out. Learning all of the tips and tricks of being a mechanic will take some time, but at least she has the best teachers around to help her.
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Re: Fur Your Eyes Only

Post by Echo » Wed Jul 01, 2020 12:18 am

New chapter is out, forgot to mention there's 20 of these things

~The Connection~

After dinner, Bella sat on the couch watching tv with Jake sitting to her left and Chance to her right. Despite it being a rather old couch it was still pretty comfortable, Chance flipped through the channels looking bored because his favorite show Scaredy Kat wasn't on. "I can't believe Scaredy Kat took a hiatus." He groaned, flipping.

"If you look at it another way Chance, it lets you find something else to watch that you'll grow to like," Bella said, looking at him. "A lot of shows I watch are on hiatus too, so at night I decide to watch David Litterbin."

Jake looked at her, smiling a bit. "You watch David Litterbin, too?"

"Yeah, I was always a fan of late night comedy growing up." She smiled.

Chance put his arm behind his head, still flipping. "Litterbin's good and all, but nothing will beat a Scaredy Kat toon."

"If you say so, Chance." Bella giggled, for once she was actually relaxed and didn't feel at all threatened by the two tomkats sitting to each side to her. Chance finally settled on an old-fashioned horror movie about a vampire, the three watched it all night. Once the credits rolled around Bella was already asleep, Chance turned off the tv and got up going upstairs. He came back down with a blanket and pillow setting the pillow on one end of the couch. Jake got up and grabbed her shoulders carefully setting her down to not wake her up and Chance draped the blanket over her.

"It's not much, but at least she's not sleeping in an old car." Jake whispered, walking away with Chance.

"We'll have to find something for her tomorrow." Chance said and went upstairs, the following morning the guys woke up early and started cooking in the kitchen. Jake set the table while Chance was at the stove cooking up something delicious.

Bella rolled over on the couch sleeping comfortably, she slowly opened her eyes and sat up arching her back and stretching her arms. "So much better than a car cushion." She noticed the blanket draped over her and smiled to herself, folding it up and laid it across the back of the couch while setting the pillow in the computer chair. She sniffed the air, smelling something that was like a combination of fried eggs, milk and cinnamon. "French toast?"

"Hey there Bella, I was about to come and wake you." Jake smiled, standing at the bottom of the stairs. "Did you sleep well?"

"I did actually, thank you very much." She smiled, walking over to him. "Chance is cooking, I take it?"

Jake nodded, walking upstairs with her. "Yeah, usually we eat cereal for breakfast but you're our guest so we wanted to make it special."

"Morning, Bella." Chance smiled, seeing her sit down at the table with Jake. "You're just in time for the Furlong famous french toast." He spun the spatula in his hand like an expert, showing off a bit.

"I can't wait." Bella smiled sitting in her chair, Jake set out the syrup and butter as Chance put the finished french toast on a plated and they all picked out their servings. Bella took two slices while the guys each took four. She spread butter on her pieces and poured syrup on them, taking a bite and was surprised. "Wow, this is incredible."

Chance smiled proudly, eating after he poured syrup on his. "Thanks, it's a secret recipe passed down through generations." Jake smiled, eating as well. "And no, I won't tell you the secret."

Bella noticed Jake also spread butter on his french toast just like her, giggling to herself a bit. "Looks like we both like our french toast the same way, Jake."

"You spread your butter, too?" Jake asked, she nodded and they both laughed a bit.

Bella took another bite, then looked down sadly thinking about her mother. "This reminds me of when my mom would make french toast for me when she wasn't busy with teaching karate classes, she would make it just how I like it with the butter on both slices and syrup everywhere." Bella teared up a little but rubbed her eyes, clearing her throat trying to keep her composure.

"Did you mother teach you how to do karate when she was free?" Jake asked her, eating.

Bella shrugged. "Somewhat, but I didn't get far. The only moves I actually know are the armbar, a roundhouse kick, and how to disarm someone. And before that, all she put me through was stretching and endurance. That's how I was able to run all the way here and not feel winded."

"That definitely would explain it." Chance took another bite.


Far away in a large building called Pumadyne, Callie was there to do some business in the facility. It was mostly just a routine safety check since Manx was busy with some other things, most likely being golf. The check went off without a hitch, she smiled. "Thank you for allowing me entrance into your facility Dr. Green, I would say the building gets an A."

Dr. Green was a tan tomkat with black hair, smiling. "Thank you very much, Miss Briggs, I was happy to show you around."

Just then, there was a sudden power outage that spread throughout the building. "You thought you could keep me out of your precious building, did you?" A voice laughed. "I just picked up a little present I found in here, and with it, I will rule MegaKat City once and for all." The lights then came back on after flickering a bit, kats were panicking as a large tank was suddenly crashing through the walls of the facility. The kat inside was none other than the techno-terrorist Hard Drive.

"Not again." Dr. Green said, running for the phone and pressed the emergency call button for the enforcers. "I need Commander Feral, tell him to bring all the best enforcers he's got," Green said into the intercom on the phone. "And hurry."

The tank broke through all the walls until it was finally outside, Hard Drive laughed maniacally. He stopped when he saw the enforcers coming onto the scene. "You think you can stop me? Just try." He pressed a large button which shot a rocket, destroying three of the enforcer's tanks in the process. "Ooo, this will do nicely."

Feral stepped out of his cruiser, seeing Dr. Green running over. "Dr. Green, mind telling me what a giant tank is doing destroying my men?"

"It's an experimental super tank sir, able to withstand any kind of explosions and has a hyper cannon attached to it." Dr. Green explained. "If that cannon is shot off, the blast would reach MegaKat City and destroy it."

"Then we'll need to stop it first," Feral grabbed his walkie-talkie. "This is Feral. Bring me chopper backup, I want all weapons loose on this thing."

Callie was watching the battle from inside the building, she went around the corner of a hallway digging into her purse. "If Feral can't stop that thing, I know someone that can." She pulled out a triangular device, pressing the middle button.


Bella rinsed her plate off in the sink while the guys were still eating, she perked her ear up hearing a beeping sound. "What's that noise?"

Chance quickly finished eating and swallowed, taking a device out of his pocket. "What's the problem, Miss Briggs?"

"I'm down here at Pumadyne, Hard Drive hijacked a tank and from the looks of it is taking out Feral's army rather quickly. Feral can't seem to stop him no matter what." Callie said, continuing to watch the battle from her hiding spot. "I sure hope you can, Swat Kats."

"We're on our way." Chance got up and turned off the device, running downstairs.

Jake finished his food and followed. "Bella stay here and watch the garage, help any kats that come by." He ran down the stairs.

"Got it." Bella nodded, she went over to the window to see the jet take off once again. "Good luck."
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Re: Fur Your Eyes Only

Post by Echo » Thu Jul 02, 2020 12:15 pm

Here we are with chapter 5, I hope everyone's still enjoying the series~

~The Training~

Hard Drive cackled evilly as he was able to easily plow through Feral's defenses, the rockets that shot from the choppers didn't help much either as they didn't cause any damage to the tank at all. Feral growled. "He's gone through my best men, can anyone even stop this menace?"

"If you needed help Feral, all you had to do was ask," TBone smirked, zooming over to Pumadyne with his buddy Razor behind him.

"If I can't stop this techno kat, I highly doubt you can," Feral said. "And for the last time, this is a private band."

"Yeah, we know." Razor rolled his eyes, then noticed the tank. "This tank must be made of super grade steel if Feral can't even dent it, I'll just have to do something about that."


Bella was sitting on the couch and watching a comedy show she found, laughing a little. "It's not Litterbin or Scaredy Kat, but it has its' charm."

"We interrupt this program for a special news bulletin." The news reporter Ann Gora said, Bella smiled and watched knowing what it was probably going to be about. "This is Ann Gora for Kat's Eye News on the scene at Pumadyne where Hard Drive has hijacked their powerful super tank and is now headed towards MegaKat City, the enforcers are unable to stop it, however."

Bella watched worriedly. "If they can't, I just hope Jake and Chance can."


Razor sorted through his missile inventory, finding one and pressed a button. "Here we go, scrambler missile deploy!" It shot out of the bomb bay and made a direct hit on the tank shocking it. "Bingo!"

"You thought it was that easy?" Hard Drive laughed, the cannon aimed upwards at them. Hard Drive pulled a lever to his left and the hyper cannon charged up and then released a great amount of blue energy.

"Crud, that tank must be insulated," TBone said, quickly dodging the beam. "Got any other bright ideas?"

"Just one, cement launchers deploy!" Razor pressed a button, gumming up the cannon. "Let's hope this works."

Hard Drive pulled the lever again, smirking. "Nice try Swat Kats, you can't stop me that-." An alarm went off in the tank. "What?" He looked at the cannon to see it gummed up and the tank was starting to break apart. "No!" He found a closeby telephone pole and ARCed to it, escaping just in time for the tank to blow up.

Everyone took cover while it exploded, when the smoke cleared the enforcers moved in to see that Hard Drive was gone. "Looks like Hard Drive got away, Commander." A soldier called out to him.

Feral growled. "Those meddling Swat Kats let him get away."

"The Swat Kats saved the city from being destroyed, Feral." Callie said, walking over to him. Feral couldn't help but murmur angrily to himself.

"And there you have it, MegaKat City is saved once again by the Swat Kats. But with Hard Drive on the run, there's no telling where he'll strike next, this is Ann Gora for Kat's Eye News." Ann said, going back to her van after getting her story.


Bella smiled, the tv was turned back to its' normal programming. "Those guys are so awesome."

A while later, Jake and Chance climbed up from the hatch to see her reading a car manual. "Hey Bella, what are you reading?" Chance smiled, walking over.

"Hey guys, I didn't hear you come back. I was reading a car manual I found in the garage," She explained, showing the cover. "It's a really good read, I can see why you guys bought it."

Jake smiled. "Hey we're gonna go out for a bit, do you need anything?"

"Actually, I do. Some hair dye, please," She said, the guys looked at her. "As nice as this place is I can't spend all day here, and I can't exactly go into the city without someone spotting me."

"Makes sense." Chance shrugged. "Alright, we'll be back."

The guys left and Bella got a little bored, she looked at the area where the hatch was and was debating whether or not to go into the hangar. "Well, they'll be gone for a while. I guess it wouldn't hurt." She opened the hatch and carefully climbed down shutting it above her, she noticed a small work table and went over to it looking at all the different tools and gadgets that were spread all over it. She avoided touching them for fear of breaking something, she noticed the two lockers to her right beside a large monitor and walked over to them to see some letters etched into them. "TB and R, huh. Must be their code names, but I don't even think I know their code names." The news reports she watched would always call them Swat Kats and not their individual names.

She opened the locker on the right, seeing a pair of helmets on the top shelf and suits hanging up on the bottom by a wire hangar. "Oh, so this is what they look like up close." She picked up the helmet, smiling. "That's so cool." Bella put it back carefully and picked up the suit, looking over it. "The detail on this is amazing, and it's so soft." She put the suit back and shut the locker, walking over to the runway to see the turbokat sitting there. "Wow, this thing is huge."

Jake and Chance had gotten back with a few bags, Jake had taken the bags upstairs. "Bella, we're back." Chance called out, not seeing her around. "Bella?"

"She's not up here," Jake called out, figuring where she would be and sighed. "I think I know where she is, come on."

Bella walked around the jet and found the panel for the engine near the front, opening it above her head and looked inside at all the different parts. "Wow, this thing has three engines?! It must be fast enough to achieve Mach three at this rate."

"Mach five, actually." Chance said, Bella yelped hitting her head on the panel and saw Chance and Jake quickly putting the panel down and closing it. "What are you doing down here, Bella."

She rubbed her head, walking over to them. "Jake Chance, I didn't realize you guys were back already." She laughed nervously, Chance folded his arms across his chest while Jake put his hands on his hips. She looked down sighing, feeling she was in trouble. "I'm sorry for coming into the hangar without you, I guess I just got kind of excited and wanted to see everything up close and personal. I'll be in the office, watching tv." She walked past them, avoiding their gaze. 'Great, now they probably think I can't be trusted down here. I guess it's understandable, I am a stranger after all.'

She walked towards the ladder, about to walk up the stairs when Chance grabbed her by the back of her shirt and lifted her up a little so she couldn't run off. "You're not gonna get off that easy." Bella gulped.

"We get that you're curious, we just have so many dangerous weapons down here that we don't want you to get hurt." Chance explained, setting her down in front of Jake.

Jake took her hand. "So please don't come down here without one of us with you until you know what's what, alright?" Bella nodded, looking at Jake. "Okay then, while we were out I got to thinking about how you said you didn't know that much karate. So I'm going to train you so you can defend yourself whenever you decide to go out."

"Training? Me? By a Swat Kat?" Bella stammered a little, following him to a workout room. "This is probably the most exciting thing that has hap-." She noticed Jake looking at her strangely, she cleared her throat. "Sorry."

Jake let her hand go, standing by her. "Stand like me and do what I do, okay?"

"Alright." Bella took her stance, he corrected her feet a bit and she started doing the movements he was doing. He would have to correct her a few times, but she was doing well for the most part. It continued on for the rest of the day until night came around.

"We're done for the day you can rest," Jake said, Bella collapsed to her knees exhausted. She was sore all over, Jake smiled and took her hand helping her up. "You did pretty well for your first day, let's get something to eat."

Bella smiled walking with him to the ladder, but couldn't help but feel bad about something. "Thanks again for not yelling at me earlier, I didn't mean to impede on your privacy like that."

"Well, you did already break into our lot you know." Jake pointed out, she sighed.

"I know." She groaned as hey climbed up the ladder, going all the way to the top floor and into the kitchen where some lasagna was already made and being served by Chance. "This looks really good, another Furlong recipe?" She smiled, sitting down.

"Not this time, just plain lasagna." Chance smiled, everyone dug in. After dinner, Bella helped clean the dishes. "Thanks for the help, Bella."

"It's the least I can do." She smiled, soon the dishes were done and they sat on a drying rack next to the sink to dry.

Jake and Chance looked at each other, smiling and Chance covered her eyes. "We gotta show you something, but you gotta keep your eyes closed alright?"

"Umm, okay?" Bella said as Jake took her hand to lead her down the hall and into a room, she was confused and worried at the same time.

Soon enough Chance stopped which made her stop, she wanted to look around but couldn't. "Bella, we welcome you to your new room," Jake said as Chance removed his hands from her eyes and she looked around, she had a queen size air mattress in the corner with light blue sheets on it. The comforter had a white background with butterflies on it and two matching pillow shams, it was in the room they used as the arcade room. "We know it's not much and we weren't exactly sure what you liked, but we hope you-."

"I love it," Bella said, tearing happily and wiped her eyes. "Thank you, both of you." She couldn't help it and gave them a hug, they smiled hugging back.

"Let us know if you need anything," Jake said as he and Chance left the room, Bella smiled and walked over to the bed pulling back the covers and carefully laid down in it covering up.

It was extremely comfortable, she smiled to herself laying her head on the pillow. "I'll dye my hair in the morning, but for now I'm ready to sleep. Goodnight mom, goodnight dad. Goodnight Jake and Chance." She closed her eyes, falling asleep.
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Re: Fur Your Eyes Only

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Next chapter will be out in a few days, just gotta edit a few things so stay tuned~
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